Submissions from 2018

When the ground of being encounters emptiness: Tillich and Buddhism, Ellen Ying Zhang

Submissions from 2017


Cross-cultural validity and measurement invariance of the Organizational Stressor Indicator for Sport Performers (OSI-SP) across three countries, R. Arnold, V. Ponnusamy, C-Q. Zhang, and D. F. Gucciardi


Dyadic characteristics of guanxi and their consequences, Jack Michael BARBALET

Tanzania-China all-weather friendship in the era of multipolarity, Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Jean-Raphaël Chaponnière

Effects of pushed production of single words and multiword patterns on L2 oral fluency: Some evidence from temporal measurements, Hang Chan


The process by which perceived autonomy support predicts motivation, intention, and behavior for seasonal influenza prevention in Hong Kong older adults, Pak Kwong Chung, Chunqing Zhang, Jingdong Liu, Derwin King-Chung Chan, Gangyan Si, and Martin S. Hagger

Impact of historical conflict on FDI location and performance: Japanese investment in China, Gerald Yong Gao, Danny Tan Wang, and Yi Che

Efficient semisynthesis of (−)-pseudoirroratin A from (−)-flexicaulin A and assessment of their antitumor activities, Lei Guo, Siu Wai Tsang, Tong-Xin Zhang, Kang-Lun Liu, Yi-Fu Guan, Bo Wang, Han-Dong Sun, Hong-Jie Zhang, and Man Shing Wong

Boosting Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the BEPS era, Daniel Ho

Gauss-Bonnet-Chern theorem and differential characters, Man Ho Ho

Can we say Hong Kong?, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Contemporary faces of the River Merchant’s Wife, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

English-language poetry in Hong Kong, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Foreword: Not yet born and again: A community, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Not Written Words 不是文字By Xi Xi 西西, translated by Jennifer Feeley, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Pages, sages and rages, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Something sets us looking for a place: The representation of contemporary Hong Kong in select fiction and poetry by female writers published after 2010, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

We now, now now: On writing political poems, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Writing the Hong Kong ethos, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho


Are cockroaches an important source of indoor endotoxins?, Ka Man Lai

Viable airborne microbial counts from air-cooling units with and without complaints of urine and body odors, Ka Man Lai, Yik Hei Sung, and Kowk Keung Ma


Highly sensitive near infrared organic phototransistors based on conjugated polymer nanowire networks, Yanlian Lei, Ning Li, Wing-Kin Edward Chan, Beng S. Ong, and Furong Zhu

Mechanisms for PACAP-induced prolactin gene expression in grass carp pituitary cells, Chengyuan Lin, Xue Jiang, Mulan He, Ling Zhao, Tao Huang, Zhaoxiang Bian, and Anderson O. L. Wong

Stochastic second-order-cone complementarity problems: Expected residual minimization formulation and its applications, Gui-Hua Lin, Mei-Ju Luo, Dali Zhang, and Jin Zhang


What does comparative philosophy mean to the social existence of a female Chinese scholar?, Eva Kit Wah Man

Indirectness in literary translation: Methodological possibilities, Maialen Marin-Lacarta


A survey and measurement study of GPU DVFS on energy conservation, Xinxin Mei, Qiang Wang, and Xiaowen Chu


Importance of stress-response genes to the survival of airborne Escherichia coli under different levels of relative humidity, Tsz Wai Ng, Wing Lam Chan, and Ka Man Lai

论干针疗法是针灸学的一部分 = Discussion on “dry needling” being part of acupuncture, Zengfu Peng, Nenggui Xu, Zhaoxiang Bian, Canhui Li, Weidong Lu, Tao Huang, and Shaobai Wang

Analysis of some interior point continuous trajectories for convex programming, Xun Qian, Li-Zhi Liao, and Jie Sun


Neo-traditional Child Surnaming in Contemporary China: Women's Rights as Veiled Patriarchy, Xiaoying Qi


Social Movements in China: Augmenting Mainstream Theory with Guanxi, Xiaoying Qi


Cigarette Initiation Among Chinese Male Teenagers in Early Smoking Interactions, Vivian C Sheer and Chang Mao


Focus Group Findings of Smoking Onset Among Male Youth in China, Vivian C Sheer, Chang Molly Mao, and Yi Ru Regina Chen


Chinese male adolescents resisting cigarettes from peers: qualitative research on tactics, perceptions and contextual characteristics, Vivian C Sheer, Chang Mao, and Tien Ee Dominic Yeo


The signless Laplacian spectral radius of k-connected irregular graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, Peng Huang, and Pak Kiu Sun

A proposed framework to understand the intrinsic motivation factors on university students' behavioral intention to use a mobile application for learning, Ronnie H. Shroff and Christopher Jay KEYES


Censorship in Translation: The Dynamics of Non-, Partial and Full Translations in the Chinese Context, Zaixi Tan


Popular journalism in China: A study of China Youth Daily, Haiyan Wang, Colin Sparks, and Yu Huang

The Hong Kong English syllable structure, Lian-Hee Wee


Pitfall in Free-Energy Simulations on Simplest Systems, Kin Yiu WONG, Yuqing Xu, and Liang Xu

Approaching the hegemonic discourse on youth politics in Hong Kong, Wai-Kwok Benson Wong


Social-cultural factors of HIV-related stigma among the Chinese general population in Hong Kong, Tien Ee Dominic Yeo and Tsz Hang Chu

A three-stage adversity coping model for Chinese athletes, Chun-Qing Zhang, Gangyan Si, Pak-Kwong Chung, and Danran Bu

Anti-HIV diphyllin glycosides from Justicia gendarussa, Hongjie Zhang, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Yi-Fu Guan, Kang-Lun Liu, Dong-Ying Wang, Wan-Fei Li, Van Hung Nguyen, Nguyen Manh Cuong, Djaja Doel Soejarto, Harry H. S. Fong, and Lijun Rong

Potent inhibitor of drug-resistant HIV-1 strains identified from the medicinal plant Justicia gendarussa, Hong-Jie Zhang, Emily Rumschlag-Booms, Yi-Fu Guan, Dong-Ying Wang, Kang-Lun Liu, Wan-Fei Li, Van H. Nguyen, Nguyen M. Cuong, Djaja D. Soejarto, Harry H. S. Fong, and Lijun Rong


Donor/acceptor properties of aromatic molecules in complex metal–molecule interfaces, Yan-Ling Zhao, Weihua Wang, Fei Qi, Jian-Fu Li, Guowen Kuang, Rui-Qin Zhang, Nian Lin, and Michel A. Van Hove

Submissions from 2016

Two chiroptical modes of silver nanospirals, Fan Bai, Junhong Deng, Mengsu Yang, Junxue Fu, Jack Ng, and Zhifeng Huang


What Kind of International Order Does China Want? Between Reformism and Revisionism, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

The Taiwan strait, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan


Tanzania’s all-weather friendship with China in the era of multipolarity and globalisation: towards a mild hedging strategy, Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Jean-Raphaël Chaponniere


The development of an assignment coding guide for evaluating ICT-usage in a 21st Century primary school in Hong Kong, Jackie W. W. Chan, Vicky C. Tam, Sandy S. Li, and Jacky Pow


Engaging students in research activities, Kara Chan


Interpersonal communication, community participation and social inclusion among mental health services users, Kara Chan, Marcus Yu-Ling Chiu, Peter J. Huxley, and Sherrill Evans


Youths' attitudes toward banking services and bank advertising in China, Kara Chan and Lennon Tsang


Strategic communication to university students on money management, Kara Chan and Nai Chi Jonathan Yeung

China’s road to the construction of labor rights, Feng Chen


Learning the Culture of a People: Chinese Communication as an Example, Ling Chen

Effects of an 8-Week Structured Physical Activity Program on Psychosocial Behaviors of Children With Intellectual Disabilities, Peggy Hiu Nam Choi and Siu Yin Cheung

Introduction: At home in Asia? Place-making, belonging and citizenship in the Asian century, Yiu Fai Chow, Sonja van Wichelen, and Jeroen de Kloet


Targeted delivery systems for molecular therapy in skeletal disorders, Lei Dang, Jin Liu, Fangfei Li, Luyao Wang, Defang Li, Baosheng Guo, Xiaojuan He, Feng Jiang, Chao Liang, Biao Liu, Shaikh Atik Badshah, Bing He, Jun Lu, Cheng Lu, Aiping Lu, and Ge Zhang

Tailorable chiroptical activity of metallic nanospiral arrays, Junhong Deng, Junxue Fu, Jack Ng, and Zhifeng Huang

Chinese journalists' discursive Weibo practices in an extended journalistic sphere, Jiawei Sophia Fu and Alice Y. L. Lee

A novel neural network for generally constrained variational inequalities, Xingbao Gao and Li-Zhi Liao

Bioassay-guided isolation and structural modification of the anti-TB resorcinols from Ardisia gigantifolia, Yi-Fu Guan, Xun Song, Ming-Hua Qiu, Shi-Hong Luo, Bao-Jie Wang, Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen M. Cuong, Djaja Doel Soejarto, Harry H. S. Fong, Scott G. Franzblau, Sheng-Hong Li, Zhen-Dan He, and Hong-Jie Zhang

Litsea species as potential antiviral plant sources, Yifu Guan, Dongying Wang, Ghee T. Tan, Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen Manh Cuong, John M. Pezzuto, Harry H. S. Fong, Djaja Doel Soejarto, and Hongjie Zhang


Cross-cultural invariance of the mental toughness inventory among Australian, Chinese, and Malaysian athletes: A Bayesian estimation approach, Daniel F. Gucciardi, Chun-Qing Zhang, Vellapandian Ponnusamy, Gangyan Si, and Andreas Stenling

The role of sales representatives in cross-cultural business-to-business relationships, Flora F. Gu, Jeff Jianfeng Wang, and Danny T. Wang

Triclosan (TCS) exposure impairs lipid metabolism in zebrafish embryos, Jeff C.H. Ho, C. D. Hsiao, K. Kawakami, and William K.F. Tse


Corrigendum to "On differential Characteristic Classes", Man-Ho Ho


The flat Grothendieck–Riemann–Roch theorem without adiabatic techniques, Man-Ho Ho

A review of Lisa See’s Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Asian traumatic poetics (part 1), Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Asian traumatic poetics (part 2), Tammy Lai-Ming Ho


Book-eating book: Tom Phillips’s A Humument (1966-), Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Can We Say Hong Kong?, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Cultural Revolution in The Incarnations and The Red Violin, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Don Quixote and China, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Don Quixote in the Middle Kingdom, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Hong Kong narratives and magazine culture, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Languages, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Poetic politics, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

“Something Sets Us Looking for a Place”: A conversation with Sarah Howe, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

The Cultural Revolution as subnarrative, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

The paradox of faithfulness: Hsia Yü 夏宇, Salsa, and Xi Xi 西西, Not Written Words不是文字”, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Who hasn't spoken out? = 誰還未發聲?, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

一些甚麼驅使我們尋覓一個地方: 專訪Sarah Howe, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Maximizing the spectral radius of k-connected graphs with given diameter, Peng Huang, Wai Chee Shiu, and Pak Kiu Sun

One-step electrospinning of carbon nanowebs on metallic textiles for high-capacitance supercapacitor fabrics, Qiyao Huang, Libin Liu, Dongrui Wang, Junjun Liu, Zhifeng Huang, and Zijian Zheng

Repairing the «Made-in-China» image in the U.S. and U.K.: Effects of government-supported advertising, Hing Kun Kineta Hung


Effects on the normalized Laplacian spectral radius of non-bipartite graphs under perturbation and their applications, Guo Ji-Ming, Jianxi Li, and Wai Chee Shiu

Role of microRNA-520h in 20(R)-ginsenoside-Rg3-mediated angiosuppression, Man-Hong Keung, Lai-Sheng Chan, Hoi-Hin Kwok, Ngok Shun Ricky Wong, and Patrick Ying-Kit Yue


The resource centre for ubiquitous learning & integrated pedagogy: Mobile learning solutions for next generation learners, Christopher Keyes, Ronnie Shroff, Eric H. C. Chow, Dave Fung, Gino Yu, Hanna Wirman, and Sathya Naidu


Chinese translation and psychometric testing of the Humour Styles Questionnaire Children Version (CHSQC) among Hong Kong Chinese primary-school students, Kelly Ku, Sammy Ho, Edmund Chan, Maria Chik, and Dennis Chan


Further results on super graceful labeling of graphs, Gee-Choon Lau, Wai Chee Shiu, and Ho-Kuen Ng

Pathogenesis of POLR1C-dependent Type 3 Treacher Collins Syndrome revealed by a zebrafish model, Marco Chi Chung Lau, Ernest Man Lok Kwong, Keng Po Lai, Jing-Woei Li, Jeff Cheuk Hin Ho, Ting-Fung Chan, Chris Kong Chu Wong, Yun-Jin Jiang, and William Ka Fai Tse

Asian researchers should be more critical: The example of testing mediators using time-lagged data, Kenneth S. Law, Chi-Sum Wong, Ming Yan, and Guohua Huang


A pilot study of art therapy for children with special educational needs in Hong Kong, Sau-Lai Lee and Hong-Lin Alex Liu

Can There Be a Davidsonian Theory of Empty Names?, Siu-Fan Lee


The Role of Nuclear Stress in Intelligibility: The Case of Cantonese Speakers of English, S. K. N. Leung and Janice W S Wong