Theses/Dissertations from 2017


A study on the involvement of TLR4/STAT3 signaling in the antimelanoma effects of atractylenolide II /Fu Xiuqiong., Xiuqiong Fu


To discover antimicrobial lead compounds from three medicinal plants in Lingnan region /Song Xun., Xun Song


Immunomodulating effects of natural polysaccharides isolated from astragali radix and dendrobii officinalis caulis /Wei Wei., Wei Wei

Theses/Dissertations from 2016


A mechanistic study on the anti-melanoma action of quercetin, Huihui Cao


Anti-arthritic properties of a herbal formula comprising Rosae Multiflorae Fructus and Lonicerae Japonicae Flos, Chi Yan Cheng


Halofuginone modulates glucose metabolism and autophagy in colorectal cancer, Guoqing Chen


The molecular mechanism of Chinese medicine Uncaria Rhynchophylla (gouteng) for inducing autophagy and protecting neurons in Parkinson's disease, Leilei Chen


Randomized controlled clinical trials for the evaluation of efficacy and safety of Chinese medicine in treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, Ka Kit Chua


A delivery system specifically approaching bone resorption surfaces to facilitate therapeutic modulation of MicroRans in osteoclasts, Lei Dang


Effect of molecular weight and structure on anti-inflammatory properties of polysaccharide from submerged mycelial fermentation of schizophyllum commune /Du Bin., Bin Du


Study of acupuncture treatment for lateral elbow pain in an international collaborative setting, Marcus Gadau


Toward precision medicine :a combination of leflunomide and ligustrazine attenuates progressive bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis patients with high baseline serum c-reactive protein level, Bing He


Aptamer-functionalized lipid nanoparticles targeting osteoblasts as a novel RNA Interference-based bone anabolic strategy, Chao Liang


Increased CKIP-1 suppresses Smad-dependent BMP signaling to inhibit bone formation during aging, Jin Liu


Pharmacological study of tianma gouteng yin :a traditional Chinese medicine formula for Parkinson's disease, Liangfeng Liu


Chemical and pharmacological basis for processing pinelliae rhizoma with ginger juice and alumen, Tao Su


Comparative study on the morphology, chemistry, metabolism and anti-myocardial ischemia activity of three medicinal species of dioscorea, Yina Tang


Identification and structural determination of anti-HIV chemical constituents from justicia genus, Dongying Wang


Exploration of the novel anticancer mechanisms of medicinal compounds involving calpain and S100A4 in the treatment of colon cancer, Yue Wang


Pharmacognostic studies on folk medicinal herb xihuangcao, Queenie Lai Lai Wong


Therapeutic effects and the underlying mechanisms of qing-dai powder against experimental colitis in mice, Haitao Xiao


The impact of angelicae sinensis radix and its herb-pairs in embryonic development, Ting Ting Xiao


Improved approaches and strategies for analyzing decoctions of medicinal herbs, Jun Xu


The impact of rhizoma chuanxiong in fetal bone development, Wei Xu

真武湯及其加減方治療慢性充血性心力衰竭的Meta分析, 劉秋卉

《傷寒論》方劑中柴胡的本草考證, 張敏芝

激痛點針灸療法的機理研究進展, 張琦

中醫藥治療慢性萎縮性胃炎伴腸上皮化生的Meta分析, 曲婉彤

近十二年溫針治療膝痹的臨床研究進展及評價, 林芳旭

天灸治療過敏性鼻炎干預措施的系統評價, 楊楨

針灸抗腫瘤免疫臨床試驗文獻研究, 楊靜一

中醫治療類風濕性關節炎用藥規律探討, 盧文庭

治療結腸癌的中藥考證, 鄭曉朦

中風後抑鬱症針灸治療臨床文獻研究, 金珍妮

淺論武夷肉桂茶的中醫學功效, 陳澤楠

重症肌無力的用藥規律的文獻研究, 高崚

Theses/Dissertations from 2015

Functional role of CKIP-1 for bone formation reduction during aging : micro CT analysis, Bihui He

A systematic review of Si-Miao-Yong-An decoction for the treatment of diabetic foot, Xiao Hao Wu

通過穴位進行分娩鎮痛有關文献研究, 何溪沁冰

中國清代茶葉藥用功能研究, 何翠歡

香港市場藥用兩用中藥材的調查整理與鑒別研究, 劉知名

古代飲茶致病的文獻探究, 周瑩

應用經方治療糖尿病腎病的文獻研究, 姜曉天

成人屈指肌腱鞘炎治療的文献研究及臨床病例報告, 尹博寧

中醫治療腕管綜合征的文献研究和臨床報導, 成林

鉤藤的組織化學研究, 文淑蘭

參芪扶正注射液对黑色素瘤细胞免疫逃逸作用的影响, 李雨燕

中西醫結合治療肝纖維化的Meta分析, 柏力萄

针灸治疗中风后失语症的临床文献评估, 狄荻

《鍼經指南》之鍼刺手法研究, 蔡瑞珩

从文献和化学分析角度探讨附子的用量与煎服方法, 袁逸之

痛风性关节炎的中医治疗文献研究, 贾博慧

電針夾背脊穴治療腰椎間盤突出症的研究進展, 邵帥

柴胡桂枝汤方证研究, 郑丽莹

山藥和參薯藥食兩用的開發進展與鑒別研究, 高智能

Theses/Dissertations from 2014


The impact of herbal saponins on gut microflora in animal models, Lei Chen


Biosynthetic studies of tetrodotoxin and its anticancer activities assessment in vitro, Zhe Xiao


The inhibitory activities of constituents of the three main categorites in ginkgo biloba towards amyloidi-ß peptide aggregation, Haiyan Xie

Quality assessment of Chinese medicines based on saccharide analysis, Ruiqi Yue

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

An experimental study on identification of sulfur-fumigated Chinese medicinal materials (Codonopsis Radix and Ginseng Radix) by fluorescence microscopy, Martin Chun Wai Chan


Investigation of liposomes and liposomal gel for prolonging the therapeutic effects of pharmaceutical ingredients, Xiaoyu Chen


Study of the anti-cancer effect and mechanism of compound 9 : a novel derivative of the PPD-type ginsenoside, Hang Dong


Medicinal uses of Phyllanthus urinaria L. and its component, corilagin, in liver diseases, Kwok Po Hau


Study of long-term efficacy of electroacupuncture for chronic neck pain : a randomized controlled trial, Chun Chuen Leung


Study on the immunomodulatory property and mechanism of active compounds derived from chinese medicinal herbs, Ting Li


Comparative study on the chemical constituents and bioactivity between radix astragali and radix hedysari, Jing Liu


Analgesic effect and the underlying mechanisms of JCM-16021 in TNBS-induced PI-IBS rats, Hongyan Qin


Mechanistic study of Chinese herbal medicines on melanogenesis and anti-melanoma effects, Ting Fung Tsang


Investigation of the role of GRP78 and the potential therapeutic use of radix astragali in diabetic complications, Daniella Pui Kwan Wong


Treatment of neuropathic pain : by Chinese scorpion (Buthus martensii Karsch), Shing Chau Wong


Proteomics analysis of anti-cancer effects of gynostemma pentaphyllum saponins in Apc min/+ colorectal cancer mouse model, Wing Yan Wong


Pharmacognostical studies on medicinal spices : ethnobotanical, bencaological and plant taxonomic studies, Menghua Wu


Chemical studies on the active components in red yeast rice, Lin Zhu

细胞特异性核酸适配体介导的靶向葯物传输系统及其在疾病诊断与治疗中的应用, 兰林林

針刺治療膝骨性關節炎的文献研究與臨床觀察, 劉上瑋

中醫對帕金遜症運動症狀與非運動症狀的認識及辨證論治, 司雅文

不同針灸方法治療肥胖症文獻研究, 吳冰

中藥續斷質量標準的比較分析, 周芝苡

中药复方治疔溃疡性结肠炎的临床研究文献分析, 季達

電針治療中風後抑鬱臨床文獻的方法學評價, 常瀟月

針灸治療抑鬱症的臨床研究進展, 康亞溪


葉天士奇經論治法研究 = A study of extrameridain therapy of Ye Tian Shi, 張曉明

營實HPLC指紋圖譜研究初探, 張雅茗

印度傳統醫藥的概況及討論 : 世界傳統醫藥展望, 徐仕偉

海外中藥/植物藥/傳統草藥質量標準和法規研究, 李佩霞

高效液相色谱法测定市售皂角刺中二氢槲皮素的含量, 李梦婷

近10年溫針治療膝痹病的文獻研究進展, 江巍

中醫對疼痛辨治形式種類的文獻研究, 王平

《2009-2013年針灸治療肩周炎的文獻研究--附臨床觀察治療體會》, 王錦超

黨參的質量控制, 胡建丹

電針治療急性缺血性中風的作用機理探討, 胡鵬

中醫藥治療抑鬱症的文獻研究, 鄭浩

中药萆薢类葯材的鉴定研究, 陈全兰

《燒山火和透天涼針刺手法的應用探究》, 黃寶靈

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

中風後痙攣性偏癱針灸取穴規律的計量文獻研究, 吳明真

中藥治療糖尿病及其併發症的作用機理及研究思路, 張彥斌

中成藥內蒼耳子化學成份的含量測定及比較, 張翠儀

香港高陞街靈芝藥材的性狀與顯微鑒別研究, 李君瑤

經方名方與針灸在抑鬱症治療中應用的文獻研究, 李栢強

針灸治療肥胖症的文獻評價, 林美歡