Submissions from 2016

Reducing nitrogen loss and salinity during 'struvite' food waste composting by zeolite amendment, Man Ting Chan, Selvam Ammaiyappan, and Woon Chung Jonathan Wong

Submissions from 2014

Nutrient and enzymatic changes of hydrolysed tannery solid waste treated with epigeic earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae and phytotoxicity assessment on selected commercial crops, B. Ravindran, S. M. Contreras-Ramos, J. W C Wong, A. Selvam, and G. Sekaran

Submissions from 2012

In-vessel co-composting of horse stable bedding waste and blood meal at different C/N ratios: Process evaluation, Jonathan W.C. Wong, Ammaiyappan Selvam, Zhenyong Zhao, Obuli P. Karthikeyan, Shuk Man Yu, Alex C.W. Law, and Patricia C.P. Chung

Effect of inoculum to substrate ratio on the hydrolysis and acidification of food waste in leach bed reactor, Su Yun Xu, Obuli P. Karthikeyan, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan W.C. Wong