Theses/Dissertations from 2017

What are student and teacher perspectives on motivation at an undergraduate university in Hong Kong, Allan Chu Lam Cheung

Theses/Dissertations from 2014

The second language acquisition of the mandarin potential complement construction, Stella Yan Cong

A discourse analysis of the British prime ministerial debate on the basis of appraisal theory, Terry Ke Lan

The use of apology strategies in public apologies :a comparison between Chinese and English, Ivy Man Sze Kong

Assessing pre-service teaching practicum :a corpus-assisted discourse analysis of field experience supervision forms, Yu Hang Kwan

Linguistic patterns of code switching in mainland China, Sydney Jing Tian Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2013

A discourse analysis of identity construction among foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, Ho Fai Viggo Cheng

A study of speech acts in U.S. presidential candidate, Jiayan Wang

The analysis of interpersonal meaning of Barack Obama's presidential campaign speeches in 2012, Yilong Laura Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2012

Language maintenance or language shift ? : a study of South Asian ethnic minorities' Chinese language learning in Hong Kong, Shui Man Jessica Kung

Speech acts in context : Chinese university students' use of apology and compliment strategies in English and Chinese, Chao Victor Lin

The (im)politeness of disagreements in Hong Kong Internet online forums, Wai Lan Winnie Shum

A corpus study of the interaction of the aspect marker le with different Chinese syntactic structures, Yi Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2011

The use of Chinese abbreviations in Hong Kong : analysis with an optimality theory, Man Wai Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2010

A corpus-based comparison between semantic and pragmatic features of English aspect marker-ING and Chinese aspect markers ZHE and ZAI, Rui Chen

An analysis of syntactic structures and semantic features of de-constructions in Chinese, Ying Alisa Jiang

A study on the use of tense in English writing of Hong Kong form-five students, So Ching Christina Leung

The perception and production of English vowel contrasts by Vietnamese speakers, Chuan Qin

Exploration into nominalization in English and Chinese news reports of economic issues, Xiaolin Wang

Exploring the understanding of culture specific body language among Chinese learners of English, Li Xia


The colour spectrum : radical (mis)representation as identity construction in HK cinema from 1970s to the present, Chun Yeung

青少年網絡社交語言分析 : 社會語言學視野, 潘立立

Theses/Dissertations from 2009

A study of the use of computer games to support teenage students in self-learning of English as a second language in Hong Kong, Chi Lap Lap Cheng


內聖外王?: 第三期儒家人文主義的現代轉向-對民主與科學之一回應 = Neisheng-waiwang? : the modern turn of Confucian humanism at its third period - a response to democracy and science, 周嘉耀

Theses/Dissertations from 2008

A critical discourses analysis of political speeches, Kin Wai Dennis Foung

A comparison of L2 learners' interlanguage performance on apologizing in terms of age, Shuk Man Connie Ho

Realization of "th" in Hong Kong English, Wai Kin Stephen Lam

Measuring second language writing development of primary students in Hong Kong, Fung Lin Pun

A study of the text-image relations of health warnings on cigarette packets and their effectiveness among universtiy student, Pui Shan Patrica Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Understanding error types of Chinese bi-syllable word recognition made by Hong Kong dyslexic student, Ching Lin Chan

A comparative study on how an American and a Chinese teacher use language to handle pre-schoolers with disruptive behaviour, Ka Yan Charlotte Chan

Comparison of the effectiveness of implicit learning and explicit learning of a report writing in Hong Kong tertiary institution, Wai Lin Natalie Chan

Instructional intervention and the learning of request acts : an exploratory study on secondary one students, Sin Yi Maggie Chung

An analysis of 'banking and finance' job advertisments [sic] in newspapers for different targeted readers : 'trainees' and 'professionals', Sau Ping Norris Leung

Cross-cultural pragmatics : a study of Chinese and Western children's use of requests and apologies, Kit Ling Agatha Mak

The structure and pressure tactics of internet charity organizations' advertisements, Hing Yiu Tsang


中國電影大片路 = The high concept movies in China, 司若

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

The effectiveness of teacher feedback in improving accuracy in ESL student writing, Wai Fong Claudia Choi

Hong Kong adult learners' attitudes toward Putonghua in post-colonial times, Wing Yu Chung

Chinese language policy in Singapore : how it reflects the government's goals of economic development and multiculturalism, Yiu Tung James Fong

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

An analysis of the humor in political comic strips in Hong Kong newspapers, Sau Wan Anne Terry Chiu

/V/'s realization in Hong Kong English interlanguage, Chi Fai Henry Li

A linguistic analysis of puns in advertisements in Hong Kong, Wan Yi Daphene Ng

An analysis of figure improvement advertisements for different target genders on printed matters, Yan Hing Alvin Tang

L1 maintenance in an L2 environment : the interaction of social-network ties and language choice among the minority students in Hong Kong, Ka Pui Cabbie To

An analysis of Chinese and English editorials, Mei Yee Tong

Words that won the war : a linguistic analysis of second world war posters, Sin Man Sally Wong

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Exploring the language use habits of Hong Kong secondary students : an analysis of some schools of different bandings, Hiu Nam Helena Chan

The role of e-mail messages in the chain of communication and use of language in e-mails among colleagues in a secondary school setting, Hok Kan Angela Pearl Chan

'Learning to learn' in reality : an investigation of the fostering of learner autonomy in the English classrooms in Hong Kong secondary schools, Man Fei Carol Chan

The effects of deductive and inductive approaches on the acquisition of grammatical structures in second language : the case of the passive voice among secondary two students in Hong Kong, Yuet Ying Elaine Chan

A comparative study of motivation for learning English in CMI and EMI classes, Chak Kwan Larry Chiu

Collaborative learning : its effects on students' perceptions of classroom English learning in a secondary school, Shuk Yin Koo

[L]/[n] alternation in Hong Kong English, Ngai Wai Caren Lam

A study of language anxiety and motivational intensity in learning English as a second language in Hong Kong secondary school, Foon Kwan Lau

Comparisons on the production of word-final voiced obstruents in English by Hong Kong born students and Mandarin Chinese, Wan Sheung Christine Lau

Effectiveness of bottom-up discourse approach on teaching of writing through a picture story : a case study, So Chi Angel Law

Comparison of the forms of language used in the columns of HK Economic Journal 「信報」 and the Oriental 「東方日報」 in February 1992 and February 2002, Yiu Chuen Dantes Lo

What is revealed through errors? : a study of Hong Kong primary ESL learners, Yee Man Christabell Mok

The use of English 'be' and 'have' in the interlanguage of Hong Kong primary school students, Yuen Pik Vyonne Tam

Analysis of speaking tasks in a Hong Kong primary school textbook, Shuk Wun Beatrice Wan

Make sacrifice a blessing : a genre analysis of appeal letters concerning cost saving, So Sai Florence Wong

The deletion of final stops in coda clusters in Hong Kong English, Siu Kuen Lafina Yang

The effectiveness of idea generating to improve students' writing at junior secondary level, Yin Mui Yeung

Comparing the effectiveness of differenet [sic] task types (information gap tasks and decision making tasks) on the promtotion [sic] of second language acquisition, Lai Ping Rhoda Yip

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

The acquisition of the English article system by Hong Kong secondary students, Cynthia Lai Kwan Chan

Intercultural communication : exploring first encounters between Hong Kong Chinese and North Americans, Lai Yee Emily Chan

On the gender-related use of the particles 'ho' and 'wo' in Cantonese, Sau Yee Linda Chan

The application of cooperative learning in a remedial classroom in Hong Kong : a case study, Ee Waye Eva Chow

The learning of spelling among Hong Kong secondary students, Ka Po Winnie Chow

A study on the roles of English panel chairpersons in the management of curriculum developments and innovations in English language teaching in secondary schools of Hong Kong, Sai Ming Ho

Making requests : how Cantonese speakers of English demonstrate politeness, Victor Chung Kwong Ho

The study of register differentiation of two types of press text : opinion article & feature news, Yee Wah Mary Law

Vocabulary learning strategies of EFL learners : a study of the Hong Kong secondary school students, Moon Chi Vivian Lee

Language problems experienced by S.4 students during the change from CMI to EMI in a secondary school in Hong Kong, Woon Ching Jane Leung

An investigation of the sources of language anxiety caused to students at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and its linkage with their oral performances, Yuk Pui Ivy Liu

Discourse analysis on an online advertisement on skincare, On Tat Mak

Learner preferences of activity types : a case study in a Chinese-medium secondary school in Hong Kong, Mei Han May Ng

Gender differences of conversational interaction in radio programmes, Pak Hoi Jeffery Ng

How are linguistic gaps bridged in the content-based, kindergarten classrooms? : a case study of focus on form in the pre-school context, Wai Yee Elizabeth Ng

Native and non-native English teachers : a study of their teaching of grammar, Mei Wan Dora Wong

Management of interpersonal relationships in Cantonese personal advertisements, Kit Yuk Natalie Yeung

性別語言分析 : 張愛玲《半生緣》的男女對話, 雷嘉瑩

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

A cross-sectional study of syntactic errors in English composition by ESL students in Hong Kong : aspects of negative transfer, Carol Suk Oi Chan

A comparative study of the language learning anxiety and occupational aspiration of high proficiency students and low proficiency students studying at the Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Chi Hang Cusson Chan

What is needed by Hong Kong students? : a study of the learner needs, the market needs and the Putonghua curriculum, Nora Yuk Mei Chan

A contrastive analysis of English and Chinese headlines of Hong Kong local news stories, Chi Meng Glydis Chiang

A contrastive structural analysis of Chinese and English newspapers of a collapsing building accident, Fung Ming Lam

Error analysis of the written works produced by the undergraduates from PRC, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Wai Ching Crystal Lee

An analysis of interaction between a pupil and a guidance teacherin [i.e. teacher in] the helping process, Po Ying Enique Leung

The use of praise and humour in ESL classrooms by native speaking teachers (NS) and non-native speaking Chinese teachers of English (NNS) : a cross-cultural comparative study in the Hong Kong context, Shan Mui Stella Leung

Classroom interaction and teachers' beliefs in second language teaching : a case study of four EMI and CMI secondary school L2 teachers in Hong Kong, Ying Woon Deby Leung

Bona to vada your dolly old eke! : a case study of the differences of English use between homosexual and heterosexual people in written discourse, Yiu Hung Humphrey Leung

Introducing cooperative learning in the Hong Kong primary English classroom, Kit Shan Dorothy Li

A comparison of the language use in sports writing : soccer and golf news, Kok Man Jeffrey Ng

Genre analysis of the reading passages in two series of textbooks used in Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China, Fung Yi May Tam

A discourse description of hard news and its follow-up stories : a case study, Wing Yiu Shirley Tang

Motivation and English attainment : a comparative study of newly arrived Hong Kong students and locally born Hong Kong students, Ming Har Ruth Wong

Hong Kong teacher-student communication in politeness theories, Tsz Yan Yip

1997年後香港學生對普通話態度的硏究調查, 張翠珊