Submissions from 2017


Invasive apple snails: Ecology and management in Hong Kong, Kelvin K.L. Ip and Jian-Wen Qiu

Submissions from 2015

Accounting for the underwater behaviour of Hong Kong divers, Shan Shan Chung

Submissions from 2014

Bioaerosols and hospital infections, Ian Colbeck and Mihalis Lazaridis

High-throughput RNA-seq for allelic or locus-specific expression analysis in Arabidopsis-related species, hybrids, and allotetraploids, Wang Kit Ng, Xiaoli Shi, Gyoungju Nah, and Z. Jeffrey Chen

The use of whole mount in-situ hybridization screening to understand the developmental toxicology of environmental pollutants in zebrafish embryos, Ka Fai William Tse

Chapter ten – cytokines, polarity proteins, and endosomal protein trafficking and signaling—the sertoli cell blood–testis barrier system in vitro as a study model, Xiang Xiao, Elissa W.P. Wong, Pearl P.Y. Lie, Dolores D. Mruk, Chris K.C. Wong, and C. Yan Cheng

Submissions from 2012

What do e-waste quantification studies of the people’s republic of China tell us?, Shan Shan Chung

Health effects of climate change in the indoor environment, Sotiris Vardoulakis, John Thornes, and Ka Man Lai

Identification and verification of redox-sensitive proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana, Hai Wang, Shengbing Wang, and Yiji Xia

Submissions from 2011

Is increasing post-consumer plastic bag recycling an effective solution to reduce plastic content in the waste stream?, Shan Shan Chung

Ginsenoside Rg3 and Rh2: The anti-cancer and anti- angiogenic saponins from ginseng, Patrick Y. K. Yue, Y. Huang, and Ngok Shun Ricky Wong

Submissions from 2010


Bridging Workshop on Practical Skills for Year-one Biology Students, Jianhua Zhang

Submissions from 2008


Enhancement of Teaching Quality by Animation: Experience of Neurobiology-related Courses, Ken K L Yung

Submissions from 2007

Chapter 21 Ginseng and angiogenesis, Patrick Ying Kit Yue, Yuen Kit Cheng, Nai Ki Mak, Kar Wah Leung, Alice S. T. Wong, Tai Ping Fan, and Ngok Shun Ricky Wong