Submissions from 2012

De novo assembly of the transcriptome of an invasive snail and its multiple ecological applications, J. Sun, M. Wang, H. Wang, H. Zhang, X. Zhang, V. Thiyagarajan, P. Y. Qian, and J. W. Qiu

Characterization of the proteomic profiles of the brown tide alga Aureoumbra lagunensis under phosphate- and nitrogen-limiting conditions and of its phosphate limitation-specific protein with alkaline phosphatase activity, Ming-Ming Sun, Jin Sun, Jian-Wen Qiu, Hongmei Jing, and Hongbin Liu

Serpulidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Hong Kong, Yanan Sun, Harry A. Ten Hove, and Jianwen Qiu

A new species of Lagis (Polychaeta: Pectinariidae) from Hong Kong, Yanan Sun and Jianwen Qiu

COI barcoding of Hydroides: A road from impossible to difficult, Y. Sun, E. K. Kupriyanova, and J. W. Qiu

Role of STAT3/5 and Bcl-2/xL in 2-methoxyestradiol-induced endoreduplication of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, C. M. Ting, Chris K.C. Wong, R. N S Wong, K. W. Lo, Anne W.M. Lee, George S.W. Tsao, Maria L. Lung, and N. K. Mak

2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) suppresses spheroids attachment on endometrial epithelial cells through the down-regulation of the Wnt-signaling pathway, Hilda Tsang, Tsz-Yan Cheung, Suranga P. Kodithuwakku, Joyce Chai, William S.B. Yeung, Chris K.C. Wong, and Kai-Fai Lee

Eel osmotic stress transcriptional factor 1 (Ostf1) is highly expressed in gill mitochondria-rich cells, where ERK phosphorylated, William K.F. Tse, Sheung C. Chow, and Chris K.C. Wong

Calmodulin-binding protein CBP60g is a positive regulator of both disease resistance and drought tolerance in Arabidopsis, Dongli Wan, Ruili Li, Bo Zou, Xin Zhang, Jingyu Cong, Ruigang Wang, Yiji Xia, and Guojing Li

Proteomic analysis of early-responsive redox-sensitive proteins in Arabidopsis, Hai Wang, Shengbing Wang, Yuqing Lu, Sophie Alvarez, Leslie M. Hicks, Xiaochun Ge, and Yiji Xia

Hydroxylated and methoxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers in blood plasma of humans in Hong Kong, Hong-Sheng Wang, Zhuo-Jia Chen, Ka-Lok Ho, Li-Chen Ge, Jun Du, Michael Hon-Wah Lam, John P. Giesy, Ming-Hung Wong, and Chris Kong-Chu Wong

A novel micro-linear vector for in vitro and in vivo gene delivery and its application for EBV positive tumors, Hong-Sheng Wang, Zhuo-Jia Chen, Ge Zhang, Xue-Ling Ou, Xiang-Ling Yang, Chris K. C. Wong, John P. Giesy, Jun Du, and Shou-Yi Chen

PFOS-induced hepatic steatosis, the mechanistic actions on β-oxidation and lipid transport, H. T. Wan, Y. G. Zhao, X. Wei, K. Y. Hui, J. P. Giesy, and Chris K.C. Wong

Effects of perinatal exposure to bisphenol A and di(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate on gonadal development of male mice, Wei Xi, H. T. Wan, Y. G. Zhao, Ming Hung Wong, John Paul Giesy, and Kong Chu Wong

A method for rapid and simultaneous mapping of genetic loci and introgression sizes in nematode species, Cheung Yan, Yu Bi, Da Yin, and Zhongying Zhao

Interaction between oseltamivir and herbal medicines used for treating avian influenza, MS Yang, FCP Law, Ngok Shun Ricky Wong, Nai Ki Mak, and XY Wei

Gender-specific modulation of immune system complement gene expression in marine medaka Oryzias melastigma following dietary exposure of BDE-47, Roy R. Ye, Elva N. Y. Lei, Michael H. W. Lam, Alice K. Y. Chan, Jun Bo, Jason P. Van De Merwe, Amy C. C. Fong, Michael M. S. Yang, J. S. Lee, Helmut E. Segner, Kong Chu Wong, Rudolf S. S. Wu, and Doris W. T. Au

Evolution and roles of stanniocalcin, B. H Y Yeung, A. Y S Law, and Chris K.C. Wong

A quinolinyl antipyrine based fluorescence sensor for Zn2+ and its application in bioimaging, Qi-Hua You, Pui-Shan Chan, Wing-Hong Chan, Sam C.K. Hau, Albert W.M. Lee, N. K. Mak, Thomas C.W. Mak, and Ricky N.S. Wong

The B-MYB transcriptional network guides cell cycle progression and fate decisions to sustain self-renewal and the identity of pluripotent stem cells, Ming Zhan, Daniel R. Riordon, Bin Yan, Yelena S. Tarasova, Sarah Bruweleit, Kirill V. Tarasov, Ronald A. Li, Robert P. Wersto, and Kenneth R. Boheler

Environmental contamination, human exposure and body loadings of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS), focusing on Asian countries, Y. G. Zhao, C. K C Wong, and M. H. Wong

Enhanced solubilization and desorption of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) from soil by oil-swollen micelles formed with a non-ionic surfactant, Guanyu Zheng, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan W. C. Wong

Oil-in-water microemulsions enhance the biodegradation of DDT by Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Guanyu Zheng, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan W.C. Wong

Submissions from 2011

Acute toxicities of five commonly used antifouling booster biocides to selected subtropical and cosmopolitan marine species, Vivien W.W. Bao, Kenneth M.Y. Leung, Jian-Wen Qiu, and Michael H.W. Lam

Dual functions of ginsenosides in protecting human endothelial cells against influenza H9N2-induced inflammation and apoptosis, Lok Yung Chan, Hoi Hin Kwok, Renee Wan Yi Chan, Malik Joseph Sriyal Peiris, Nai Ki Mak, Ricky Ngok Shun Wong, Michael Chi Wai Chan, and Patrick Ying Kit Yue

Potential application of induced pluripotent stem cells in cell replacement therapy for Parkinsons disease, L. W. Chen, F. Kuang, L. C. Wei, Y. X. Ding, Kin Lam Yung, and Y. S. Chan

Ginsenoside-Rg1 induces angiogenesis via non-genomic crosstalk of glucocorticoid receptor and fibroblast growth factor receptor-1, Lydia W.T. Cheung, Kar Wah Leung, Chris K.C. Wong, Ricky N.S. Wong, and Alice S.T. Wong

Generation of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress in Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus by a novel semiconductor catalyst, K. L. Chow, N. K. Mak, M. H. Wong, X. F. Zhou, and Y. Liang

Regulatory function of hyperosmotic stress-induced signaling cascades in the expression of transcription factors and osmolyte transporters in freshwater Japanese eel primary gill cell culture, S. C. Chow and Chris K. C. Wong

Neuroprotective effects of neurokinin receptor one in dopaminergic neurons are mediated through Akt/PKB cell signaling pathway, John M.T. Chu, L. W. Chen, Y. S. Chan, and Ken K.L. Yung

Generation of and control measures for, e-waste in Hong Kong, Shan-shan Chung, Ka-yan Lau, and Chan Zhang

An evaluation of legislative measures on electrical and electronic waste in the People’s Republic of China, Shan-Shan Chung and Chan Zhang

Recent progress in medicinal investigations on Trichosanthin and other ribosome inactivating proteins from the plant genus Trichosanthes, E. F. Fang, T. B. Ng, P. C. Shaw, and R. N S Wong

Effect of benzo[a]pyrene on the production of vascular endothelial growth factor by human eosinophilic leukemia EoL-1 cells, Jie Gu, Lai-Sheung Chan, Kong Chu Wong, Ngok Shun Ricky Wong, Chun-Kwok Wong, Kok-Nam Leung, and Nai Ki Mak

Effectiveness of a small marine reserve in southern China in protecting the harvested sea urchin Anthocidaris crassispina: A mark-and-recapture study, Dickey C.C. Lau, Clement P. Dumont, Gilbert C.S. Lui, and Jian-Wen Qiu

Sp1 is a transcription repressor to stanniocalcin-1 expression in TSA-treated human colon cancer cells, HT29, Alice Y.S. Law, B. H Y Yeung, L. Y. Ching, and Chris K.C. Wong

Ginsenoside-Rg1 mediates a hypoxia-independent upregulation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α to promote angiogenesis, Kar-Wah Leung, Hoi-Man Ng, Maggie K. S. Tang, Chris C. K. Wong, Ricky N. S. Wong, and Alice S. T. Wong

Neuroprotective effects of ginsenosides Rh1 and Rg2 on neuronal cells, Xiao-Fan Li, Cathy N. Lui, Zhi-Hong Jiang, and Yung K. Ken

Algal-derived organic matter as precursors of disinfection by-products and mutagens upon chlorination, Y. S. Lui, J. W. Qiu, Y. L. Zhang, M. H. Wong, and Y. Liang

AtPPR2, an Arabidopsis pentatricopeptide repeat protein, binds to plastid 23S rRNA and plays an important role in the first mitotic division during gametogenesis and in cell proliferation during embryogenesis, Yuqing Lu, Cong Li, Hai Wang, Hao Chen, Howard Berg, and Yiji Xia

Health risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides with emphasis on DDTs and HCHs in abandoned agricultural soils, Yu Bon Man, Ka Lai Chow, Hong Sheng Wang, Ka Yan Lau, Xiao Lin Sun, Sheng Chun Wu, Kwai Chung Cheung, Shan Shan Chung, and Ming Hung Wong

Seasonal variations of imposex indices and butyltin concentrations in the rock shell Thais clavigera collected from Hong Kong waters, Jian-Wen Qiu, Ka Ming Chan, and Kenneth Mei Yee Leung

Consumption, survival and growth in the invasive freshwater snail Pomacea canaliculata: Does food freshness matter?, Jian-Wen Qiu, Man Ting Chan, King Lun Kwong, and Jin Sun

Protective effects of dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from Schisandra chinensis against beta-amyloid and homocysteine neurotoxicity in PC12 cells, Ju-Xian Song, Xiang Lin, Ricky Ngok-Shun Wong, Stephen Cho-Wing Sze, Yao Tong, Pang-Chui Shaw, and Yan-Bo Zhang

nbce1 and H+–atpase mRNA expression are stimulated in the mitochondria-rich cells of freshwater-acclimating Japanese eels (Anguilla japonica), William Ka Fai Tse and Chris Kong Chu Wong

Modulation of ion transporter expression in gill mitochondrion-rich cells of eels acclimated to low-Na+ or-Cl− freshwater, William K.F. Tse, S. C. Chow, K. P. Lai, D. W T Au, and Chris K.C. Wong

Exposure of Hong Kong residents to PBDEs and their structural analogues through market fish consumption, Hong-Sheng Wang, Jun Du, Ka-Lok Ho, Ho-man Leung, Michael Hon-Wah Lam, John P. Giesy, Chris Kong-Chu Wong, and Ming-Hung Wong

Distribution and source apportionments of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in mariculture sediments from the Pearl River Delta, South China, Hong-sheng Wang, Jun Du, Ho-man Leung, Anna Oi Wah Leung, Peng Liang, John P. Giesy, Chris K.C. Wong, and Ming-Hung Wong

Daily intake and human risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) based on Cambodian market basket data, Hong-Sheng Wang, Suthipong Sthiannopkao, Jun Du, Zhuo-Jia Chen, Kyoung-Woong Kim, Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Yasin, Jamal Hisham Hashim, Chris Kong-Chu Wong, and Ming-Hung Wong

Oral bioaccessibility and human risk assessment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) via fish consumption, using an invitro gastrointestinal model, Hong-Sheng Wang, Yin-Ge Zhao, Yu-Bon Man, Chris K.C. Wong, and Ming-Hung Wong

Testicular signaling is the potential target of perfluorooctanesulfonate-mediated subfertility in male mice, H. T. Wan, Y. G. Zhao, M. H. Wong, K. F. Lee, W. S B Yeung, J. P. Giesy, and C. K C Wong

Assessment of risk to humans of bisphenol A in marine and freshwater fish from Pearl River Delta, China, Xi Wei, Yeqing Huang, Ming H. Wong, John P. Giesy, and Chris K.C. Wong

Assessment of risk of PCDD/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in marine and freshwater fish in Pearl River Delta, China, X. Wei, K. S. Leung, M. H. Wong, J. Giesy, Z. W. Cai, and Chris K.C. Wong

Influence of different mixing ratios on in-vessel co-composting of sewage sludge with horse stable straw bedding waste: maturity and process evaluation, Jonathan W. C. Wong, Ammaiyappan Selvam, Zhenyong Zhao, S. M. Yu, Alex C. W. Law, and Patricia C. P. Chung

Isolation and characterization endophytic bacteria from hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii Hance and their potential to promote phytoextraction of zinc polluted soil, Long Xinxian, Chen Xuemei, Chen Yagang, Wong Jonathan Woon-Chung, Wei Zebin, and Wu Qitang

Effect of perinatal and postnatal bisphenol A exposure to the regulatory circuits at the hypothalamus–pituitary–gonadal axis of CD-1 mice, Wei Xi, C. K F Lee, W. S B Yeung, John P. Giesy, M. H. Wong, Xiaowei Zhang, Markus Hecker, and Chris K.C. Wong

Triphenyltin induced growth inhibition and antioxidative responses in the green microalga Scenedesmus quadricauda, Jun Xu, Mei Li, Nai Ki Mak, Feng Chen, and Yue Jiang

Optimization of food waste hydrolysis in leach bed coupled with methanogenic reactor: Effect of pH and bulking agent, Su Yun Xu, Hoi Pui Lam, O. Parthiba Karthikeyan, and Jonathan W.C. Wong

Endocrine disrupting chemicals: Multiple effects on testicular signaling and spermatogenesis, Bonnie H. Y. Yeung, Hin T. Wan, Alice Y. S. Law, and Kong Chu Wong

Stanniocalcin-1 regulates re-epithelizatiobn in human keratocytes, Bonnie H. Y. Yeung and Chris K. C. Wong

Bisphenol a disrupts steroidogenesis in human H295R cells, Xiaowei Zhang, Hong Chang, Steve Wiseman, Yuhe He, Eric Higley, Paul Jones, Chris K.C. Wong, Abdulaziz Al-Khedhairy, John P. Giesy, and Markus Hecker

Microemulsion-enhanced remediation of organochlorine pesticides contaminated soils, Yanlin Zhang, Jonathan W.C. Wong, Zhenyong Zhao, and Ammaiyappan Selvam

Heterogeneous photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene in surfactant solution containing TiO2 particles, Yanlin Zhang, J. W C Wong, Peihong Liu, and Min Yuan

Risk assessment for human consumption of perfluorinated compound-contaminated freshwater and marine fish from Hong Kong and Xiamen, Yin G. Zhao, Hin T. Wan, Alice Y.S. Law, Xi Wei, Ye Q. Huang, John P. Giesy, Ming H. Wong, and Chris K.C. Wong

Effects of rhamnolipids on cell surface hydrophobicity of PAH degrading bacteria and the biodegradation of phenanthrene, Zhenyong Zhao, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan Woon-Chung Wong

Synergistic effect of thermophilic temperature and biosurfactant produced by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus BU03 on the biodegradation of phenanthrene in bioslurry system, Zhenyong Zhao, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan Woon-Chung Wong

Rapid degradation of lindane (γ-hexachlorocyclohexane) at low temperature by Sphingobium strains, Guanyu Zheng, Ammaiyappan Selvam, and Jonathan W.C. Wong

Role of non‐ionic surfactants and plant oils on the solubilization of organochlorine pesticides by oil‐in‐water microemulsions, Guanyu Zheng, Zhenyong Zhao, and Jonathan W.C. Wong

Ratiometric fluorescent Zn2+ chemosensor constructed by appending a pair of carboxamidoquinoline on 1,2-diaminocyclohexane scaffold, Xiaobo Zhou, Yunguo Lu, Jian-Fa Zhu, Wing-Hong Chan, Albert W.M. Lee, Pui-Shan Chan, Ricky N.S. Wong, and N. K. Mak

Submissions from 2010

A comparative analysis of lipid and carotenoid composition of the gonads of Anthocidaris crassispina, Diadema setosum and Salmacis sphaeroides, Guanqun Chen, Wen-Zhou Xiang, Chi-Chung Lau, Juan Peng, Jian-Wen Qiu, Feng Chen, and Yue Jiang


Projecting municipal solid waste: The case of Hong Kong SAR, Shan Shan Chung

Projection of Trends in Solid Waste Generation: The Case of Domestic Waste in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Shan Shan Chung


Measuring bulky waste arisings in Hong Kong, Shan-shan Chung; Winifred, Ka-Yan Lau; and Chan Zhang

Impact of invasive apple snails in Hong Kong on wetland macrophytes, nutrients, phytoplankton and filamentous algae, Ling Fang, Pak Ki Wong, Li Lin, Chongyu Lan, and Jian-Wen Qiu

Environmental factors influencing the distribution of total and fecal coliform bacteria in six water storage reservoirs in the Pearl River Delta Region, China, Huachang Hong, Jianwen Qiu, and Yan Liang


Anti-Inflammatory Protein of Schistosoma japonicum Directs the Differentiation of the WEHI-3B JCS Cells and Mouse Bone Marrow Cells to Macrophages, Shaomin Hu, Linlin Yang, Zhongdao Wu, Nai Ki Mak, Kwok Nam Leung, and Ming Chiu Fung

Role of mitogen-activated protein kinase in Zn-BC-AM PDT-induced apoptosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, H. K. Koon, P. S. Chan, Z. G. Wu, R. N S Wong, M. L. Lung, C. K. Chang, and N. K. Mak

Photodynamic therapy-mediated modulation of inflammatory cytokine production by Epstein–Barr virus-infected nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, Ho-Kee Koon, Kwok-Wai Lo, Kwok-Nam Leung, Maria Li Lung, Chris Chi-Kwong Chang, Ricky Ngok-Shun Wong, Wing-Nang Leung, and Nai-Ki Mak


The ginsenoside protopanaxatriol protects endothelial cells from hydrogen peroxide-induced cell injury and cell death by modulating intracellualr redox status, HH Kowk, WY Ng, MS Yang, NK Mak, RNS Wong, and PYK Yue

Ecotoxicological study on sediments of Mai Po marshes, Hong Kong using organisms and biomarkers, C. K. Kwok, S. M. Yang, N. K. Mak, C. K C Wong, Y. Liang, S. Y. Leung, L. Young, and M. H. Wong

Maturation of canal-related brainstem neurons in the detection of horizontal angular acceleration in rats, Chun-Hong Lai, Christina N. S. Yiu, Suk-King Lai, Ka-Pak Ng, Ken K. L. Yung, Daisy K. Y. Shum, and Ying-Shing Chan

Stanniocalcin-2 is a HIF-1 target gene that promotes cell proliferation in hypoxia, Alice Y.S. Law and Chris K.C. Wong

Stanniocalcin-2 promotes epithelial–mesenchymal transition and invasiveness in hypoxic human ovarian cancer cells, Alice Y.S. Law and Chris K.C. Wong

Identification and characterization of the hypoxia-responsive element in human stanniocalcin-1 gene, A. Y S Law, L. Y. Ching, K. P. Lai, and Chris K.C. Wong

Body burdens of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in childbearing-aged women at an intensive electronic-waste recycling site in China, Anna O.W. Leung, Janet K.Y. Chan, Guan Hua Xing, Ying Xu, Sheng Chun Wu, Chris K.C. Wong, Clement K.M. Leung, and Ming H. Wong

Developmental distribution of vestibular nuclear neurons responsive to different speeds of horizontal translation, Chun-Wai Ma, Chun-Hong Lai, Suk-King Lai, Yiu-Chung Tse, Ken K.L. Yung, Daisy K.Y. Shum, and Ying-Shing Chan

Health risk assessment of abandoned agricultural soils based on heavy metal contents in Hong Kong, the world's most populated city, Yu Bon Man, Xiao Lin Sun, Yin Ge Zhao, Brenda Natalia Lopez, Shan Shan Chung, Sheng Chun Wu, Kwai Chung Cheung, and Ming H Wong

Production of tyrosine hydroxylase-GFP transgenic zebra fish: a model for study of neurological disorders, Miranda Suen, W. S. Chan, Karen W. Y. Hung, and Ken K. L. Yung

Protein expression during the embryonic development of a gastropod, Jin Sun, Yu Zhang, Vengatesen Thiyagarajan, Pei-Yuan Qian, and Jian-Wen Qiu

2-Methoxyestradiol induces endoreduplication through the induction of mitochondrial oxidative stress and the activation of MAPK signaling pathways, C. M. Ting, Y. M. Lee, C. K C Wong, A. S. Wong, H. L. Lung, M. L. Lung, K. W. Lo, R. N S Wong, and N. K. Mak

Characterization of PAHs in surface sediments of aquaculture farms around the Pearl River Delta, Hong-Sheng Wang, Zhang Cheng, Peng Liang, Ding-Ding Shao, Yuan Kang, Sheng-Chun Wu, Chris K.C. Wong, and Ming H. Wong

Enrichment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in mariculture sediments of Hong Kong, Hong-Sheng Wang, Peng Liang, Yuan Kang, Ding-Ding Shao, Gene J. Zheng, Sheng-Chun Wu, Chris K.C. Wong, and Ming H. Wong

Oral bioaccessibility of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through fish consumption, based on an in vitro digestion model, Hong-Sheng Wang, Yu-Bon Man, Fu-Yong Wu, Yin-Ge Zhao, Chris K. C. Wong, and Ming-Hung Wong

The detection of dioxin- and estrogen-like pollutants in marine and freshwater fishes cultivated in Pearl River Delta, China, X. Wei, L. Y. Ching, S. H. Cheng, M. H. Wong, and Chris K.C. Wong

Palatability of macrophytes to the invasive freshwater snail Pomacea canaliculata: Differential effects of multiple plant traits, Pak Ki Wong, Yan Liang, Nga Ying Liu, and Jian-Wen Qiu

Ultraviolet-B radiation improves astaxanthin accumulation in green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis, Zhengyun Wu, Guanqun Chen, Siukuen Chong, Nai-ki Mak, Feng Chen, and Yue Jiang

The Arabidopsis gene SIGMA FACTOR-BINDING PROTEIN 1 plays a role in the salicylate- and jasmonate-mediated defence responses, Y. D. Xie, W. Li, D. Guo, J. Dong, Q. Zhang, Y. Fu, D. Ren, M. Peng, and Y. Xia

Fe3O4-in-silica super crystal of defined interstices for single protein molecules entrapment under magnetic flux, Lin Ye, Chih Hao Yu, Pengju Jiang, Lin Qiu, Olivia T.W. Ng, Ken K.L. Yung, Heyong He, and Shik Chi Tsang

A simplified method for quantifying cell migration/ wound healing in 96-well plates., Patrick Y. K. Yue, Emily P. Y. Leung, N. K. Mak, and Ricky N. S. Wong

Rapid Biodegradation of benzo[a]pyrene by Bacillus subtilis BUM under Thermophilic Condition, Zhenyong Zhao and Jonathan Woon-Chung Wong