Submissions from 2015

Recent advances in the discovery and development of protein- protein interaction modulators by virtual screening, Dik Lung Ma, Li Juan Liu, Sheng Lin, Modi Wang, Daniel Shiu Hin Chan, and Chung Hang Leung

Submissions from 2013

Advances of MALDI-TOF MS in the analysis of traditional Chinese medicines, Minghua Lu and Zongwei Cai

Structure-based approaches targeting oncogene promoter G-quadruplexes, Dik Lung Ma, Victor Pui Yan Ma, Ka-Ho Leung, Hong-Zhang He, Daniel Shiu-Hin Chan, Hai-Jing Zhong, and Chung-Hang Leung

Submissions from 2012

Heavy-metal organometallic complexes as yellow and orange triplet emitters for organic light-emitting diodes, Cheuk Lam Ho and Wai Yeung Wong

Natural products as inhibitors of the ubiquitin-/ubiquitin-like protein-proteasome pathway, Dik Lung Ma, Victor Pui-Yan Ma, Shiu-Hin Chan, Ka-Ho Leung, Hai-Jing Zhong, and Chung-Hang Leung

Submissions from 2010


Towards the Establishment of a "First-rate" Undergraduate Teaching Programme in Analytical Chemistry: Development of Innovative Multimedium Software Training Package, Wing Hong Chan, Carmen W K Huie, Kwok Keung Shiu, and Martin M F Choi


VCD on Common Laboratory Techniques in Analytical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, Ricky M S Wong and Kwok Keung Shiu

Submissions from 2008


Do Not Turn off Your Mobile Phones in My Lectures – A Mobile Phone Based Response System, Albert W M Lee and Joseph K Y Ng