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To introduce more fun and incentive for undergraduate students in learning analytical chemistry, the development of innovative multimedium software package that vividly illustrated the relationship between basic scientific principles in analytical chemistry and their applications in solving real-life analytical problems relevant to Hong Kong was proposed. In this project, unique VCDs containing visual images and interesting stories were developed to allow for stepby step explanation of the analytical procedures involved in the chemical analysis of four cases, viz cadmium in oyster, nicotine in cigarettes, metals in green tea leaves and ginsenosides in American Ginseng. To tackle the analytical problems, unique sample pretreatment techniques were presented in the VCDs. Four modern day instruments including atomic absorption spectroscopy, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, inductive coupled plasma and high performance liquid chromatography were introduced. By directly connecting teaching materials to real-life problems in Hong Kong, the learning experience and interest of students were enhanced, as students could easily see that what they had learned in class could be immediately applied to solve some important practical problems of local relevance. Their understanding of the principle and practice of these essential pieces of instruments could lead them to better chances of finding rewarding employment after graduation.

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Studies on Teaching and Learning

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Hong Kong Baptist University

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Cases studies, multimedium software, analytical chemistry, real-life samples

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