Submissions from 2017

Perception of physical beauty among boys and girls in Hong Kong, Kara Chan, Maggie Fung, and Tabitha Thomas

Adolescent girls in China: Managing conflicts in gender role expectations, Kara Chan, Yu Leung Ng, Zhijuan Chen, and Jingjie Zhang

Practices of CSR in China and Hong Kong, Liane Lee and Kara Chan

Submissions from 2016

Repairing the «Made-in-China» image in the U.S. and U.K.: Effects of government-supported advertising, Hing Kun Kineta Hung

Submissions from 2015


Understanding of public service advertisements among Chinese children, Kara Chan and Anqi Huang

Factoring culture into relationship management theory: Cultivation strategies and traditional Chinese value orientations, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke and Yi Ru Regina Chen


The Impact of L2 Proficiency in Vowel Training, Janice W S Wong

Submissions from 2014


Advertising to children in China, Kara Chan

Case study: Psychographics of adolescent girls in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Kara Chan

Case study: Young consumers and retail shops in Hong Kong, Kara Chan

International research on advertising and children, Kara Chan

组织传播的发展与研究新方向 = Organizational communication: Development and trends, Ling Chan and Juan Du

Becoming competent in intercultural communication: An organizational process in the globalized environment, Ling Chen and Juan Du

Traditional value orientations and argumentative tendencies in Chinese societies, Ling Chen and Jung Hui Becky Yeh

Social norms, spirals of silence and framing theory: An argument for considering cross-cultural differences in media effects research, Kai Fung Fung and Dietram A. Scheufele

China, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke and Yi Ru Regina Chen

Sino-western business negotiator credibility, expectancy, and culture perceived in the eyes of the counterparts: A Johari window comparison, Vivian C Sheer

政治传播研究的新发展 = New developments in political communication research, Xinshu Zhao and Kai Fung Timothy Fung

Submissions from 2013


Children and consumer culture, Kara Chan

The strategic management of government affairs in China, Yi Ru Regina Chen

Music in television advertising and other persuasive media, Mark Shevy and Hing Kun Kineta Hung

Viral propagation of consumer- or marketer-generated messages, Tien Ee Dominic Yeo


Assumption behind intercoder reliability indices, Xinshu Zhao

Submissions from 2012

Case study 1b: Regulation of advertising to children in China, Kara Chan

Case study 3b: Standard chartered bank and the sponsorship of the Hong Kong marathon, Kara Chan


Consumerism and gender in children’s television, Kara Chan

Mad Men dot com: An analysis of commentary from fans websites, Lynne M. Webb, Hao-chieh Chang, Marceline Thompson Hayes, Marcia M. Smith, and Danna M. Gibson

Taking the audience perspective: Online fan commentary about the brides of Mad Men and their weddings, Lynne M. Webb, Marceline Thompson Hayes, Hao-chieh Chang, and Marcia M. Smith

Submissions from 2011


Tween girls’ sexuality and a media scandal in Hong Kong, Kara Chan

公共傳播學, Xiaosui Xiao

A Confucian perspective of communication competence, Xiaosui Xiao and Guo-Ming Chen

Submissions from 2010

Traditional Chinese value orientations: Contemporary manifestation of indigenous constructs, Ling Chen

A cross-cultural and gender-specific examination of consumer skepticism toward advertising in general vs. pharmaceutical advertising – empirical evidence from the U.S., Germany and China (Hong Kong), Sandra Diehl, Ralf Terlutter, Kara Chan, and Barbara Mueller

When bloggers attack: Examining the effect of negative citizen-initiated campaigning in the 2008 presidential election, Kai Fung Fung, Emily Vraga, and Kjerstin Thorson

从美国到中国: 我的传播学心路历程, Chen-Lung Ringo Ma

The Community-based instruction program at Hong Kong Baptist University, John Henry Powers

西学传播: 文化与修辞学分析 = Modern Chinese `reception’ of western ideas: A cultural and rhetorical approach, Xiaosui Xiao

“集体主义”认同的话语建构 = A Discursive Construction of Collectivist Identity (in Chinese), Xiaosui Xiao

Submissions from 2009


向青少年傳播健康飲食, Kara Chan

Advertising and adolescents in China, Kara Chan, Hongxia Zhang, and Iris Wang

Public service advertising in China: A semiotic analysis, Hong Cheng and Kara Chan

Taoist theory of communication, Xiaosui Xiao

Submissions from 2008


Children's television programs in China: A discourse of success and modernity, Kara Chan and Fanny Chan

Submissions from 2006

Gender portrayals and the gender of nations: An extended study in Asian cultures, Young Sook Moon and Kara Chan

A gender portrayal of children’s television commercials in mainland China, Krystie Wong and Kara Chan