Submissions from 2018


Cultural products for children in China: The case of Bonnie Bears, Kara Chan and Wenna Zeng

Submissions from 2017


Lao Sze-Kwang’s discourse on Chinese philosophy and contemporary popular Confucianism in China, Kit Wah Eva Man


Trisyllabic tone 3 sandhi patterns in Mandarin produced by Cantonese speakers, Jung-Yueh Tu, Janice W S Wong, and Jih-Ho Cha

Submissions from 2016


Engaging students in research activities, Kara Chan


Interpersonal communication, community participation and social inclusion among mental health services users, Kara Chan, Marcus Yu-Ling Chiu, Peter J. Huxley, and Sherrill Evans


Youths' attitudes toward banking services and bank advertising in China, Kara Chan and Lennon Tsang


The Role of Nuclear Stress in Intelligibility: The Case of Cantonese Speakers of English, S. K. N. Leung and Janice W S Wong

Empowering adolescents to achieve healthy eating: A school-based health intervention in Hong Kong, Judy Yuen-man Siu, Kara Chan, Albert Lee, and Timothy Tsun-ming Wong


The Effects of Order and Intensity of Training on the Perception and Production of English /e/-/æ/ by Cantonese ESL learners, Janice W S Wong

Submissions from 2015

Investigating celebrity endorsement effect: A relational perspective of celebrity and fan community, Hon Ying Terri Chan, Caleb H. Tse, and Fine F. Leung


Marketing social inclusion to community members in Hong Kong, Kara Chan, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu, Peter J. Huxley, and Sherrill Evans


Exploring children’s perceptions of beauty: A drawing study, Kara Chan and Maggie Fung


An exploratory study on burnout among communication professionals in Hong Kong, Kara Chan, Katharina Krainer, Sandra Diehl, Ralf Terlutter, and Anqi Huang


Adolescent girls in three Chinese cities: Globalization or localization, Kara Chan and Yu Leung Ng


How adolescent boys and girls interpret female images in advertisements, Kara Chan and Yu Leung Ng


Perception and practices of healthy eating: a comparison study among adolescents in Hong Kong and Mainland China, Kara Chan, Gerard Paul Prendergast, and Yanni Ma


Adolescents’ responses to food and beverage advertising in China, Kara Chan, Tommy Tse, Daisy Tam, and Anqi Huang


Health perceptions related with snacks among Chinese adolescents, Kara Chan, Tommy Tse, Daisy Tam, and Anqi Huang


How adolescents perceive health risks related with food consumption, Kara Chan, Tommy Tse, Daisy Tam, and Anqi Huang


What makes the food commercials sticky with Chinese adolescents?, Kara Chan, Tommy Tse, Daisy Tam, and Patrick Wong

Host community acculturation orientations: A survey of Chinese Hong Kongers, Ling Chen

Being a Hongkonger and not a Chinese: A qualitative study of ethnic minority members of South-Asian descent in Hong Kong, Ling Chen and Toby C. Y. Yip

An exploratory study of NPOs’ microblogging in China: Predictors of followers and retweets of NPO Weibo accounts, Yi Ru Regina Chen and Jiawei Sophia Fu

Testing links among uncertainty, affect and attitude toward a health behavior in a risky setting, Kai Fung Timothy Fung, Robert Griffin, and Sharon Dunwoody

An exploration of sociopsychological factors associated With suboptimal adherence to therapeutic regimens among patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, Timothy Fung, Kelvin Lee, and M. F. Lam

Social amplification of problem chain-recognition effect on public policies: Escalated issue spillover from government distrust and media use, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, Yi Ru Regina Chen, and Jeong-Nam Kim

Gaining support in foreign markets: How effective are CSR practices for emerging market MNCs?, Hing Kun Kineta Hung

Do mobile instant messenger use and social capital contribute to employee outcomes?, Vivian C Sheer

Focus group findings of smoking onset among Chinese male teenagers and implications for antismoking interventions, Vivian C. Sheer, Chang Mao, and Yi Ru Regina Chen


Comparing the Perceptual Training Effects on the Perception and Production of English front and back vowels by Cantonese ESL Learners, Janice W S Wong


The Effects High-Variability Phonetic Training on Cantonese ESL Learners’ Production of English Vowel Contrasts - An Acoustic Analysis, Janice W S Wong

Constructing common ground for cross-cultural communication: An interactive-metaphorical approach, Xiaosui Xiao

Submissions from 2014


Social inclusion (SCOPE) in mental health services in Hong Kong and Wales: Comparative results, Kara Chan, Sherrill Evans, Peter J. Huxley, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu, and Yu Leung Ng


Children’s understanding of advertising in the new media era, Kara Chan and Anqi Huang


Predicting Chinese adolescents’ intentions to engage in healthy eating, Kara Chan, Gerard Prendergast, and Yu Leung Ng


Producing teaching videos to enhance critical thinking: Teaching development projects in Hong Kong, Kara Chan and Lennon Tsang

Communication, perceived host acceptance, and host conformity pressure: Another study of host environment and non-Chinese ethnic members in Hong Kong, Ling Chen and Guangchao Charles Feng

Examining corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication inside-out: CSR communication frameworks and Effectiveness in China, Yi Ru Regina Chen and Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke

Identifying active hot-issue communicators and subgroup identifiers: Examining the situational theory of problem solving, Yi Ru Regina Chen, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, and Jeong-Nam Kim

Legitimizing acupuncture in Hong Kong’s newspapers, Dong Dong and Kara Chan

Are biofuels the answer in search for green energy?: An examination of public attitudes toward biofuels, Kai Fung Fung, Doo-Hun Choi, Dietram A. Scheufele, and Bret Shaw

Effect of stealing thunder and the role of human presence in crisis management, Hyun Jee Oh

Causal attribution of health status: Media trust, information seeking, and optimism, Hyun Jee Oh and Hyehyun Hong

Proposing a preliminary taxonomy of academic tasks for examining the impact of social media on courserelated learning, Vivian C Sheer

Open climate and organizational commitment as predictors of citizenship upward influence among university faculty members in Hong Kong, Vivian C Sheer and Victoria A. Chow

Can consumers’ personal values alter negative country-of-origin effects? An experimental and multi-country investigation of made-in-China products, Caleb H. Tse, Hon Ying Terri Chan, and Eric Shih


The Effects of High and Low Variability Phonetic Training on the Perception and Production of English Vowels /e/-/æ/ by Cantonese ESL Learners with High and Low L2 Proficiency Levels, Janice W S Wong

Scaling the great firewall of China: Uses and gratifications for circumventing state-imposed Internet boundaries, Tien Ee Dominic Yeo

Submissions from 2013


A focus group study on concepts of social inclusion among stakeholders in Hong Kong, Kara Chan


Effectiveness of environmental claims for bank advertising, Kara Chan and Fei Fan

Organization as a site of cultural and intercultural communication, Ling Chen

Perceived host reception and conformity pressure: A second study of members of Hong Kong ethnic minoritey groups, Ling Chen

Governance of csr communication--an international benchmark study on organizational structures enabling and restricting corporate social responsibility communication, Yi Ru Regina Chen, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke, and Maren Christin Mueller

Effects of nonverbal sensitivity and gender on the enjoyment of a first-person shooter videogame, Younbo Jung, Hyun Jee Oh, Jeremy Sng, Jounghuem Kwon, and Benjamin Detenber

Examining the behavioral aspect of leader-member exchange: The integral roles of leadership style and communication exchange, Vivian C. Sheer

A meta-analysis assessing the effects of narrative persuasion in health communication, Fuyuan Shen, Vivian C Sheer, and Ruobing Li

Mad men dot com: An analysis of commentary from fan websites, Lynne M. Webb, Hao-chieh Chang, Marceline Thompson Hayes, Marcia M. Smith, and Danna M. Gibson

The Effects of Perceptual and/or Productive Training on the Perception and Production of English Vowels /ɪ/ and /i:/ by Cantonese ESL learners, Janice W S Wong

易經的時空敍事:兼論浦安迪的中西二分法 = Time and space in Yijing narratives: A critique of Plaks' Chinese-Western dichotomy, Xiaosui Xiao

"Gangnam style": A theoretical overview of viral propagation in the social and digital media age, Tien Ee Dominic Yeo

Green makes it feels good: Articulating the euphoria appeal of sustainable consumption through social-media conversations, Tien Ee Dominic Yeo

Submissions from 2012

Testing a multilevel model of interpersonal exchange relationships, cooperative communication, and group cohesion: The mediating role of communication, Hassan Abu Bakar and Vivian C. Sheer

Host receptivity, comformity pressure, and satisfaction with life: A preliminary study of ethnic minority members in Hong Kong, Ling Chen

Information sources, perceptions, and attitudes as predictor and mediator of behavioral inclination: A study of school students social learning about persons with a disability, Ling Chen, Guangchao Feng, and Vivienne S. Y. Leung

Information source importance, quality evaluation, and scanning for China’s political environment: A government official’s perspective, Yi Ru Regina Chen

Advertising your product in television drama: Does information overload and character involvement matter?, Fanny Kong and Hing Kun Kineta Hung

Making Sense of the Stories of Mississippi Chinese World War II Veterans, John Henry Powers and Gwendolyn Gong

Mississippi Chinese world war II narratives: Military service, belonging, and identity, John Henry Powers and Gwendolyn Gong

Talking about the self and losing leverage in the workplace: Timing, frequency, topics, and disclosure targets, Vivian C Sheer

A meta-synthesis of health-related self-efficacy measures: Implications for self-efficacy instrumentation, Vivian C. Sheer

The reconstruction of metaphoric paradigm: The rhetorical origins of contemporary Chinese, Xiaosui Xiao


Attributes of Young Consumer' favorite Retail Shops: A Qualitative Study, Toby Yip, Kara Chan, and Evon Poon


How young consumers in Hong Kong select their favorite retail shops?, Toby Yip, Kara Chan, and Evon Poon


A Reliability index(ai) that assumes honest coders and variable randomness, Xinshu Zhao

Submissions from 2011

Proposing an inoculation-based approach for developing efficacious strategies for resisting cigarette initiation among Chinese male youth, Hao-Chieh Chang and Vivian C Sheer


Tween girls’ evaluation of gender images on media: a qualitative study, Kara Chan


Attitudes toward Government’s Green Living advertising campaign among Chinese youth, Kara Chan and Hao-chieh Chang


The effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Hong Kong, Kara Chan and Benjamin Cheng

Advantages and appropriate uses of single-item measures, Vivian C. Sheer

What counts as a credible negotiator in Sino-Western business encounters? Cultural influence examined via accounts from both sides, Vivian C. Sheer, N. Mckenzie, and R. K. Dillon

Rites (Li): The daily ritual of Chinese communication, Xiaosui Xiao

The dynamics of commonplace discourse in Confucian China, Xiaosui Xiao


When to use Cohen’s κ, if ever?, Xinshu Zhao


When to use Scott’s π or Krippendorff's α, if ever?, Xinshu Zhao

Submissions from 2010


Growing up in Macao: A study of materialistic values among children and adolescents = 在物質主義社會中成長: 澳門研究, Kara Chan


Adolescents’ perceptions of healthy eating and attitudes toward regulatory measures: A Denmark-Hong Kong comparison, Kara Chan, Gerard Prendergast, Alice Gronhoj, and Tino Bech-Larsen

建構跨文化溝通的共同基礎:一個互動隱喻的觀點 = Constructing a common ground for cross-cultural communication: An interactive-metaphorical approach, Xiaosui Xiao

Submissions from 2009

Intercultural communication studies: Issues and dialectics, Ling Chen

Advertising research and findings in China: An eventful decade, Hing Kun Kineta Hung, Caleb Hin-Yan Tse, and David K. Tse


The need for a shared approach to Advertising Education: The role of Academic Associations, Industry Associations and related stakeholders in an evolving advertising environment, Gayle Kerr and Kara Chan