Submissions from 2019

Foreign Direct Investment and Debt Financing in Emerging Economies, Paul Luk and Zheng Tianxiao


Elite schools, magnet classes, and academic performances: Regression-discontinuity evidence from China, Jia Wu, Xiangdong Wei, Hongliang Zhang, and Xiang Zhou

Submissions from 2018


Designing property rights over land in rural China, Yuk-Shing Cheng and Kim-Sau Chung


The Impacts of Biased Resource Allocation on the Effectiveness of Official Development Assistance, Sung Ko Li and Chun Kei Tsang

Economic policy uncertainty spillovers in small open economies: The case of Hong Kong, Paul Luk, Michael Cheng, Philip Ng, and Ken Wong

Institutions complementarity and coevolution, Pak-Hung Mo


Panel data approach vs synthetic control method, Shui Ki Wan, Yimeng Xie, and Cheng Hsiao

Submissions from 2017

Prosperity or stagnation: The role of government expenditures, Pak Hung Mo

Submissions from 2016

Housing market dynamics in a small open economy: Do external and news shocks matter?, Eric C.Y. Ng and Ning Feng

What explains the total factor productivity gap between OECD economies and the U.S.?, Eric C. Y. Ng and Ying Chu Ng

Submissions from 2015

Stochastic dominance statistics for risk averters and risk seekers: An analysis of stock preferences for USA and China, Zhidong Bai, Hua Li, Michael McAleer, and Wing-Keung Wong

High-speed rail networks, economic integration and regional specialisation in China and Europe, Yuk-shing Cheng, Becky P.Y. Loo, and Roger Vickerman

Is gold different for risk-averse and risk-seeking investors? An empirical analysis of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, Thi-Hong-Van Hoang, Wing-Keung Wong, and Zhenzhen Zhu


Chained financial contracts and global banks, Paul Luk

Democracy and economic growth: Optimal level and transmission channels, Pak Hung Mo

Geography, writing system and history of ancient civilizations, Pak Hung Mo

Housing market dynamics in China: Findings from an estimated DSGE model, Eric C.Y. Ng

Which is a better investment choice in the Hong Kong residential property market: A big or small property?, Zhuo Qiao and Wing-Keung Wong

Public trust and corruption perception: Disaster relief, W. W. Weng, C. K. Woo, Y. S. Cheng, T. Ho, and I. Horowitz

Consumer support for a public utilities commission in Hong Kong, C. K. Woo, Y. S. Cheng, A. Law, J. Zarnikau, S. T. Ho, and H. Y. Leung

Submissions from 2014

International diversification versus domestic diversification: Mean-variance portfolio optimization and stochastic dominance approaches, Fathi Abid, Pui Lam Leung, Mourad Mroua, and Wing Keung Wong

Cost-effective water-energy nexus: A California case study, Eric Cutter, Ben Haley, Jim Williams, and C. K. Woo


Is there an optimal forecast combination?, Cheng Hsiao and Shui Ki Wan

Key determinants of sustainable smartcard payment, Ziqi Liao, Xinping Shi, and Wing-Keung Wong

粮食价格调控、制度成本与社会福利变化: 基于两种价格政策的分析 = Food price regulation, system costs and social welfare: Based on the analysis of two price policies, Guang-si Li and Yuk Shing Cheng

Preferences of risk averters and risk seekers on stock, housing and money market in Hong Kong, Hua Li, Zhuo Oiao, Chun-Kei Tsang, and Wing Keung Wong

Are residential customers price-responsive to an inclining block rate? evidence from British Columbia, Michael Li, Ren Orans, Jenya Kahn-Lang, and C. K. Woo

On investment and exchange-rate movements, Eric C. Y. Ng and Malick Souare

Fractionalization, polarization, and economic growth: Identifying the transmission channels, Elissaios Papyrakis and Pak Hung Mo

The impact of social identity on trust in China: Experimental evidence from cross-group comparisons, Weiwei Weng and Fanzheng Yang

Residential outage cost estimation: Hong Kong, C. K. Woo, T. Ho, A. Shiu, Y. S. Cheng, I. Horowitz, and J. Wang

Electricity-market price and nuclear power plant shutdown: Evidence from California, C. K. Woo, T. Ho, J. Zarnikau, A. Olson, R. Jones, M. Chait, I. Horowitz, and J. Wang

Residential willingness-to-pay for reducing coal-fired generation's emissions in Hong Kong, C. K. Woo, Alice Shiu, Y. S. Cheng, Ray Li, Tony Ho, Ira Horowitz, and Jianhui Wang

A review of electricity product differentiation, C. K. Woo, P. Sreedharan, J. Hargreaves, F. Kahrl, J. Wang, and I. Horowitz

The impact of higher education reform on research performance of Chinese universities, Suthathip Yaisawarng and Ying Chu Ng

Did the introduction of a nodal market structure impact wholesale electricity prices in the Texas (ERCOT) market?, J. Zarnikau, C. K. Woo, and R. Baldick

Submissions from 2013

Should Americans invest internationally? mean–variance portfolios optimization and stochastic dominance approaches, Fathi Abid, Mourad Mroua, and Wing Keung Wong

The performance of commodity trading advisors: A mean-variance-ratio test approach, Zhidong Bai, Kok Fai Phoon, Keyan Wang, and Wing-Keung Wong

Studying the dynamic relationships between residential property prices, stock prices, and gdp: Lessons from Hong Kong, Hing Lin Chan and Kai Yin Woo

How much have electricity shortages hampered China's GDP growth?, Y. S. Cheng, W. K. Wong, and C. K. Woo

Too many mothers-in-law?, Yuk-Shing Cheng and Kim-Sau Chung

小额贷款的理论、实践和危机, Yuk Shing Cheng and Dianmo Yu

Operational energy-efficiency improvement of municipal water pumping in California, A. DeBenedictis, B. Haley, C. K. Woo, and E. Cutter

Convex combinations of quadrant dependent copulas, Martín Egozcue, Luis Fuentes García, Wing-Keung Wong, and Ričardas Zitikis

Market overreaction and underreaction: Tests of the directional and magnitude effects, Frank J. Fabozzi, Chun-Yip Fung, Kin Lam, and Wing-Keung Wong

Stochastic control for asset management, James J. Kung, Wing Keung Wong, and E-Ching Wu

What moves wind energy development in China? show me the money!, J. C K Lam, C. K. Woo, F. Kahrl, and W. K. Yu

Stochastic dominance analysis of CTA funds, Hooi Hooi Lean, Kok Fai Phoon, and Wing-Keung Wong

Energy imbalance market benefits in the West: A case study of PacifiCorp and CAISO, Ren Orans, Arne Olson, Jack Moore, Jeremy Hargreaves, Ryan Jones, Gabe Kwok, Frederich Kahrl, and C. K. Woo

Aggregate vs. disaggregate forecast: Case of Hong Kong, Shui-Ki Wan, Shin-Huei Wang, and Chi-Keung Woo

A time-varying parameter approach to reexamining the Chinese RMB, Shui Ki Wan, Shin-Huei Wang, and Yi-Meng Xie

A win–win mechanism for electricity procurement by a local distribution company, C. K. Woo, Ira Horowitz, Gabe Kwok, Shui-Ki Wan, and Weiwei Weng

Submissions from 2012

Prospect performance evaluation: Making a case for a non-asymptotic UMPU test, Zhidong Bai, Yongchang Hui, Wing-Keung Wong, and Ričardas Zitikis

Empirical test of the efficiency of the UK covered warrants market: Stochastic dominance and likelihood ratio test approach, Chia-Ying Chan, Christian De Peretti, Zhuo Qiao, and Wing-Keung Wong

Day-of-the-week effect on the return and conditional variance of the H-shares index in Hong Kong, Hing Lin Chan and Kai-Yin Woo

Impact of CEPA on the labor market of Hong Kong, Steve Ching, Cheng Hsiao, and Shui Ki Wan

Stochastic dominance and behavior towards risk: The market for ishares, Dominic Gasbarro, Wing Keung Wong, and J. Kenton Zumwalt


A panel data approach for program evaluation: measuring the benefits of political and economic integration of Hong Kong with mainland China, Cheng Hsiao, H. Steve Ching, and Shui Ki Wan

An improved estimation to make Markowitz’s portfolio optimization theory users friendly and estimation accurate with application on the US stock market investment, Pui-Lam Leung, Hon-Yip Ng, and Wing-Keung Wong

Consumer perceptions of the smartcard in retailing: An empirical study, Ziqi Liao, Xinping Shi, and Wing-Keung Wong

Are sectoral outputs in Pakistan led by energy consumption?, Venus Khim-Sen Liew, Thurai Murugan Nathan, and Wing Keung Wong

Avoided cost estimation and cost-effectiveness of permanent load shifting in California, P. Sreedharan, D. Miller, S. Price, and C. K. Woo

A mixed sharpe ratio, W. K. Wong, J. A. Wright, S. C P Yam, and S. P. Yung

Managing a scarce resource in a growing Asian economy: Water usage in Hong Kong, Chi-Keung Woo, Wing-Keung Wong, Ira Horowitz, and Hing-Lin Chan

Submissions from 2011

Asymptotic properties of eigenmatrices of a large sample covariance matrix, Z. D. Bai, H. X. Liu, and W. K. Wong

Test statistics for prospect and Markowitz stochastic dominances with applications, Zhidong Bai, Hua Li, Huixia Liu, and Wing-Keung Wong


The mean–variance ratio test—A complement to the coefficient of variation test and the Sharpe ratio test, Zhidong Bai, Keyan Wang, and Wing Keung Wong


Multivariate causality tests with simulation and application, Zhidong Bai, Wing Keung Wong, and Bingzhi Zhang


A trinomial test for paired data when there are many ties, Guorui Bian, Michael McAleer, and Wing Keung Wong

Banking firm, risk of investment and derivatives, Udo Broll, Wing Keung Wong, and Mojia Wu

Evolution of the Trans-Atlantic exchange rate before and after the birth of the Euro and policy implications, Heng Chen, Dietrich K. Fausten, and Wing-Keung Wong

Economic benefits of globalization: The impact of entry to the WTO on China's growth, H. Steve Ching, Cheng Hsiao, Shui Ki Wan, and Tongsan Wang

The covariance sign of transformed random variables with applications to economics and finance, Martín Egozcue, Luis Fuentes García, Wing-Keung Wong, and Riardas Zitikis

Do investors like to diversify? A study of Markowitz preferences, Martín Egozcue, Luis Fuentes García, Wing-Keung Wong, and Ričardas Zitikis

Grüss-type bounds for covariances and the notion of quadrant dependence in expectation, Martín Egozcue, Luis Fuentes García, Wing-Keung Wong, and Ričardas Zitikis

A pseudo-bayesian model for stock returns in financial crises, Eric S. Fung, Kin Lam, Tak-Kuen Siu, and Wing Keung Wong


Comparison of forecasting methods with an application to predicting excess equity premium, Cheng Hsiao and Shui Ki Wan


Moment matrices in conditional heteroskedastic models under elliptical distributions with applications in AR-ARCH models, Shuangzhe Liu, Chris Heyde, and Wing Keung Wong

Financial liberalization with macro-stability and fiscal revenue: Resolving economic dilemmas in China, Pak Hung Mo

Measures of income distribution and economic growth, Pak Hung Mo

The productive efficiency of Chinese hospitals, Ying Chu Ng

Regime-dependent relationships among the stock markets of the US, Australia and New Zealand: A Markov-switching VAR approach, Zhuo Qiao, Yuming Li, and Wing-Keung Wong

Examining the day-of-the-week effects in Chinese stock markets: New evidence from a stochastic dominance approach, Zhuo Qiao, Weiwei Qiao, and Wing-Keung Wong

Cost-effectiveness of Dermabond versus sutures for lacerated wound closure: A randomised controlled trial, E. M. L. Wong, T. H. Rainer, Ying Chu Ng, M. S. Chan, and V. Lopez

Was there abnormal trading in the S&P 500 index options prior to the september 11 attacks?, Wing Keung Wong, Howard Thompson, and Kweehong Teh

Submissions from 2010

A note on causality tests, Zhi-Dong Bai, Wing Keung Wong, and Bing-Zhi Zhang


Multivariate linear and nonlinear causality tests, Zhidong Bai, Wing Keung Wong, and Bingzhi Zhang

Prospect theory, indifference curves, and hedging risks, Udo Broll, Martín Egozcue, Wing-Keung Wong, and Riardas Zitikis

New evidence on the relation between return volatility and trading volume, Thomas C. Chiang, Zhuo Qiao, and Wing-Keung Wong


Grüss-type bounds for the covariance of transformed random variables, Martin Egozcue, Luis Fuentes Garcia, Wing Keung Wong, and Ricardas Zitikis


Gains from diversification on convex combinations: A majorization and stochastic dominance approach, Martin Egozcue and Wing Keung Wong


Segregation and integration: A study of the behaviors of investors with extended value functions, Martin Egozcue and Wing Keung Wong

A new pseudo-bayesian model with implications to financial anomalies and investors’ behaviors, Kin Lam, Taisheng Liu, and Wing Keung Wong


A pseudo-Bayesian model in financial decision making with implications to market volatility, under- and overreaction, Kin Lam, Taisheng Liu, and Wing Keung Wong


Market efficiency of oil spot and futures: A mean-variance and stochastic dominance approach, Hooi Hooi Lean, Michael McAleer, and Wing Keung Wong


Linearity and stationarity of G7 government bond returns, Venus Khim-Sen Liew, Zhuo Qiao, and Wing Keung Wong


Stochastic dominance and risk measure: A decision-theoretic foundation for VaR and C-VaR, Chenghu Ma and Wing Keung Wong

Trade intensity, net export, and economic growth, Pak Hung Mo

A gravity analysis of international stock market linkages, Wing Keung Wong, Terence T. L. Chong, and Juan Zhang


How rewarding is technical analysis? Evidence from Singapore stock market, Wing Keung Wong, Meher Manzur, and Boon-Kiat Chew