Submissions from 2015

Exploring Hong Kong youth’s engagement with digital technologies outside school, Liping Deng, Jan Connelly, Miki Lau, and Yee Lai Kelly Ku

Education learning theory, Yee Lai Ku

Out-of-class pronunciation learning: Are EFL learners ready in China?, Nana Long and Jing Huang

Submissions from 2014

Developing assessment for productive learning in Confucian-influenced settings, David Carless and Che Keung Lam

國家權力與教育: 戰後至回歸前親共愛國學校在香港的發展, Chui Shan Lau

Will the new fine-tuning medium-of-instruction policy alleviate the threats of dominance of English-medium instruction in Hong Kong?, Yuk Kang Poon

Leisure education: The Israeli model, Atara Sivan

Can high self-esteem protect children from drug abuse?, Joseph Wu and Mow Chiu Raymond Chan

Submissions from 2013

Modes of representation as meanings for second-language learners in Hong Kong, Tat Heung Choi

Role of verbal reasoning in critical thinking, Yee Lai Ku

Cognitive perturbation with dynamic modeling: A reconceptualization of conceptual change in science education, Siu Cheung Li and Wai Cheong Jacky Pow

Second opinions: Managing independent learning in an Arab medical school, Diane Malcolm, Sarah Mercer, and Jing Huang

From the slate to the web: Technology in the mathematics curriculum, David Lindsay Roberts, Allen Yuk-lun Leung, and Abigail Fregni Lins

Teacher-student relationships and students’ learning outcomes, Atara Sivan and Dennis W. K. Chan

The roles and contributions of fathers in families with school-age children in Hong Kong, Chiu Wan Tam and Rebecca S. Lam

Submissions from 2012

Experimental approaches to theoretical thinking: Artefacts and proofs, Ferdinando Arzarello, Maria Giuseppina Bartolini Bussi, Allen Yuk-Lun Leung, Maria Alessandra Mariotti, and Ian Stevenson

Submissions from 2011

A dynamic account of autonomy, agency and identity in (T)EFL learning, Jing Huang

Language use, and language policy and planning in Hong Kong, Yuk Kang Poon

School connectedness: A review for teachers and administers, M. T. Yuen, T. H. Chan, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan, P. S. Y. Lau, P. M. K. Shea, and N. C. Gysbers

Submissions from 2010

From Tao Xingzhi to Zhu Huanzhang: Plebeian literacy movement and the construction of ethnic identity of the Miao people (1930-40), Wai Chun Cheung

多维度的学习和对话: "抗战历史与教学: 上海一南京一香港三地抗战史学习考察团"的经验及启示, Wai Chun Cheung

Learning words, Pakey Pui Man Chik, Allen Yuk-Lun Leung, and Ference Marton

Learner resistance in metacognition training? an exploration of mismatches between learner and teacher agendas, Jing Huang


The implementation of associate-teaching in the whole-class teaching environment to enhance classroom interaction, Chun Wah Hung


English language teaching in action, Kwok Hung Lai and Siu Wing Yeung

初中跨学科主题学习: 总结与反思, Chi Kin John Lee, Wai Chun Cheung, Kwok Ming Yuen, Yin Fai Chan, and Wai Ling Tsang


The integration of Chinese cultural studies with different courses: Development of teaching pedagogy utilising a web-based package, Yin Bing Leung, Wai Chun Cheung, and Sandy S C Li

Music teacher education, M.W.-y. Wong

Submissions from 2008


Classroom management in action, Kwok Hung Lai and Siu Wing Yeung


An evaluation of the on-site peer observation process to enhance the quality of teaching and learning of the student teachers of the postgraduate diploma in education course, Atara Sivan and Dennis W K Chan


Enhancing student-teachers’ learning and teaching through guided reflection, Atara Sivan and Rebecca S Y Lam