Conference Papers

A study on the effects of Hong Kong teachers’ perception of work life balance on their involvement in continuing professional development activities, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan

Factors affecting the career development of South-Asian adolescent migrants in Hong Kong, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan

Rotational symmetry: Semiotic potential of a transparency toolkit, Yip-Cheung Chan and Allen Yuk-Lun Leung


In Search of Meanings in Vulnerabilities: Resilience in Poor China-Hong Kong Cross-Border Families, Wai Chi Chee

Teasing out need for affiliation and need for control in preference for anthropomorphized products, Yuet Yee Cheng and Sau Lai Lee

Chinese hero models in transition (1978-85), Wai Chun Cheung

Narrating Hong Kong education during the war years: An oral history (1941-45), Wai Chun Cheung

我们的行动——谈《中国西南地区农村教师培训项目》的手册编写, Wai Chun Cheung

跨學科與探究學習: 香港新高中通識教育科的知識觀, Wai Chun Cheung

Problem-based learning in school visit to mainland: Reflections from the frontline, Kwok Kwong Choi and Chui Shan Lau

Developing creative and meaning potential in EFL writing through problem-based instruction, Tat Heung Choi

English activation through art: Insights from The Kiss, Tat Heung Choi

Increasing cultural awareness of future teachers through virtual international experiences, Nannette Commander, Yee Lai Ku, Peggy Gallagher, and Siu Cheung Li

Exploring Hong Kong youth’s engagement with digital technologies outside school, Liping Deng, Jan Connelly, Miki Lau, and Yee Lai Kelly Ku

Exploring pre-service teachers’ perceptions of and participation in online communities, Liping Deng and Nicole Tavares

From Moodle to Facebook: Exploring students’ motivation for online discussion, Liping Deng, Nicole J. Tavares, and Zhen Niu Low

Autonomy and agency, Jing Huang

Autonomy in the transition from learner to teacher, Jing Huang

Issues of autonomy in the transition from learner to teacher, Jing Huang

Issues of MOI in teaching liberal studies: Listening to teachers’ voices, Jing Huang

Studying for a master’s degree in Hong Kong: What are the benefits and challenges for mainland Chinese students?, Jing Huang

The first year in university: Loss, confusion, and puzzlement, Jing Huang

教師身份、教師能動、教師自主: 二十年從教經歷的反思, Jing Huang

Equipping teachers with global perspectives: An exploratory study of a compulsory overseas immersion programme, Jing Huang and King Rocky Cheung

The impact of Hong Kong new senior secondary education structure on the work of school middle managers, Wai Tin Hui and Chui Shan Lau

Educators visiting educators: A 21st century strategy for educator professional development, Craig Kissock, Yan Feng, and Wai Cheong Jacky Pow

Assessment as learning: Examining a cycle of teaching, learning, and assessment of writing in the portfolio-based classroom, Che Keung Ricky Lam

Students' understanding of geometric properties experienced in a dynamic geometry environment, A. M. S. Lee and Allen Yuk-Lun Leung

Variation and mathematics pedagogy, Allen Yuk-Lun Leung

Prospective teachers’ competency in teaching how to compare geometric figures: The concept of congruent triangles as an example, Kui Chiu Issic Leung, Lin Ding, Allen Yuk-Lun Leung, and Ngai Ying Wong

Liberal studies in junior secondary school curriculum: Hong Kong teachers’ experiences and reflections, Kwok Wing Mak and Chiu Wan Tam

A study on using CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to teach liberal studies in Hong Kong: Some preliminary findings, Yuk Kang Poon

Fine-tuning MOI policy In Hong Kong: A policy approach plus a cultivation approach?, Yuk Kang Anita Poon

Impact of the new medium of instruction policy on teaching and learning: Some preliminary findings, Yuk Kang Poon and Connie Man Yuen Lau

Fine-tuning MOI policy in Hong Kong: Acquisition of language and content-based subject knowledge, Yuk Kang Poon and Connie M. Y. Lau

Workplace factors in professional teacher development for the implementation of small class teaching, Wai Cheong Jacky Pow and Wai Yee Marina Wong

Peer support in teacher training: An evaluation of a teacher induction and professional development programme in Soja city, Okayama prefecture, Japan, Kurihara Shinji and Mow Chiu Raymond Chan

Therapists’ views on the use of EMDR: The case of Hong Kong, Atara Sivan

A qualitative study of students’ perceptions of their teachers’ interpersonal behaviour in Hong Kong, Atara Sivan and Dennis W. K. Chan

Teaching and learning of values from students' perspectives: The case of Hong Kong, Atara Sivan and Dennis W. K. Chan

Values in education: A comparison of students’ and teachers’ views, Atara Sivan and Dennis W. K. Chan

Change and stability in leisure experiences of Hong Kong youngsters: A longitudinal study, Atara Sivan and G. Po Kwan Siu

Serious leisure experiences of Hong Kong adolescents: Implications for education, Atara Sivan and G. Po Kwan Siu

Developing teaching portfolio framework through a multidisciplinary community of practice, Atara Sivan and Chiu Wan Tam

Building learning community through a transdisciplinary multi-layered approach, Atara Sivan and Chiu Wan Vicky Tam


Taking leisure seriously: Adolescents’ pursuit of their most important and interesting leisure activities, Atara Sivan, Vicky Tam, Gertrude Siu, Alex Chan, and Robert Stebbins

Parental involvement in primary school children’s homework in Hong Kong, Chiu Wan Tam

The development and use of an observation guide for assessing ICT-facilitated lessons in 21st century primary school classrooms in Hong Kong, Chiu Wan Tam, Wun Wa Jackie Chan, Siu Cheung Li, Wai Cheong Jacky Pow, and Virigina Cheung

Stress, coping, and identity formation: Comparing Chinese teenage boys and girls in Hong Kong in their transition to adulthood, Chiu Wan Tam and R. S. Y. Lam

Assessment for learning: Music teachers' self-reported assessment practices and perceptions of assessment modes, Wai Yee Marina Wong

Teaching students with special educational needs in inclusive music classrooms: Experiences of music teachers in Hong Kong primary schools, Wai Yee Marina Wong

Education reform in Hong Kong and Taiwan: A comparative perspective, Y. C. Wong and Yuk Kang Poon

Connectedness, potential career exploration, work habits, and talent development in Grade 5 primary students in Hong Kong, M. Yuen, R. T. H. Chan, N. C. Gysbers, P. S. Y. Lau, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan, and P. M. K. Shea

Career and talent development in primary students in Hong Kong: Relations to gender, grade, academic achievement and connectedness, M. Yuen, N. C. Gysbers, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan, and P. S. Y. Lau

An exploratory study on interactive whiteboard usage on enhancing oral English in secondary classrooms, Guochen Zhang and Liping Deng



Ethnic minority – the savior of schools?, Kui-pui Chan


From policy to practice: Challenges of ethnic minority education and the promotion of cultural responsiveness in Hong Kong secondary schools, Ming-tak Hue


Education, ethnicity, race, social class and inequality: A case study of Newark, New Jersey and applications to urban education reform in the United States and Global Cities, Alan R. Sadovnik


Researching Ethnicity, Poverty and Educational Inequality, Parlo Singh



A case study of ‘out of school’ phenomenon for ethnic minority students in a Hong Kong secondary school, Miron Kumar Bhowmik


Learning Experiences of South Asian Students in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Comparison of Students in Designated and Non-designated Schools, Catherine Chiu, Stella Kwok, Brenda Lo, Richard Wu, and Beatrice Lam


Chinese literacy development: Key to ethnic minority groups’ integration and social mobility in multilingual Hong Kong, Joanne Chuk and David C. S. Li


Reading the effects of government support measures for non-Chinese speaking ethnic minority students (NCS/EM) in a number of Hong Kong schools, Jan Connelly, Jan Gube, and Chura Bahadur Thapa


The “me” with them and the “them” within me: Negotiating ethnic identity in cultural diverse schools, Jan Gube


Where are Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong Curriculum?, Liz Jackson and Yanju Shao


Middle School Teachers & National Educational Policies: How Racialization Rationalizes Disempowerment of Immigrant/Migrant/Foreign Students in Japanese Public Schools, Kelly J. King


Education in the Socialist Multi-ethnic Countries: An Aspect of Language Policy in the Soviet Union and PRC, Jun Kumakura


The case of (in)equality of Malaysia’s minorities admission processes to public universities, Felicia Low


How Do Principal Preparation Programs in Hong Kong and Ontario Address Equity?, Kien Luu


Navigating Hong Kong Schools: The ongoing experience of one set of Non-Chinese triplets, Paul Stables


Where is the GAP in Chinese Language learning and teaching for NCSS in HK?, Rizwan Ullah