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Education, Ethnicity, and Inequality Symposium: Issues and Insights


One aim of education is to teach young people about diversity in society, and the impact of globalization on cultural, economic, and political life. Hong Kong’s “Liberal Studies” (social studies) curriculum thus includes content on how to think about diversity, and represents various minority groups in society, including ethnic minorities, indigenous inhabitants of the New Territories, and new arrivals from Mainland China. This essay provides an overview of how ethnic minorities are represented in Hong Kong curriculum, using discourse analysis to examine how they are visible and invisible in the four most popular Liberal Studies textbook sets. The analysis will answer the questions of (1) how Hong Kong’s ethnic diversity is expressed in the textbooks and (2) how different ethnic groups are depicted in relation to Hong Kong society overall. Textbooks are the most important source material teachers use, as reflections of prevalent attitudes, beliefs, and norms, and as official sources of curriculum content; however textbooks are not the only source of information. The limitations of discourse analysis are thus discussed as well as potential other sources of information on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong schools, such as teachers, the school environment, and mass media and popular culture.

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Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR


Hong Kong curriculum, ethnic minority, liberal studies, Hong Kong textbook

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