Submissions from 2019


The grammaticalization of stance markers in Chinese, Foong Ha Yap and Winnie Chor

Submissions from 2018


Umbrellas and Bottles: Teaching Welty’s Mythology in the Hong Kong Classroom, Stuart Christie

Hong Kong Paradox: Appearance and Disappearance in Western Cinema, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Writing Hong Kong’s ethos, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Submissions from 2017


Foreword: Not yet born and again: A community, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

We now, now now: On writing political poems, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho


Translation studies as a discipline in the Chinese academia, Zaixi Tan

The Hong Kong English syllable structure, Lian-Hee Wee


The Hong Kong English Syllable Structure, Lian-Hee Wee

Submissions from 2016

Languages, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Submissions from 2015

A phonological trio: Architecture, patterns and language, Yuchau E. Hsiao and Lian Hee Wee

中国现当代文学西译的常见招牌, Lacarta Maialen Marin

Tone, music and singing, Lian Hee Wee

The Chinese-English instructor’s lesson for Hong Kong English, Lian Hee Wee and Winnie H. Y. Cheung

Modern Chinese phonology, Lian Hee Wee and Mingxing Li

Submissions from 2014

国家与市场: 以《蜗居》为例, Yu Yui Ruth Hung

Local celebrity and the world of Jane Austen, Wing Chi Magdalen Ki

Les traductions de Mo Yan (莫言) en Espagne: Un exemple de médiation du système littéraire anglophone dans la réception, Lacarta Maialen Marin

Reclamos reiterativos en las traducciones de la literatura China moderna y contemporánea, Lacarta Maialen Marin

Visual paratexts in literary translation: Intersemiotic issues in the translation of classical Chinese literature, Robert John Neather

Problems in translating “circulatory” terms from Aristotle’s Greek and Mencius’ Chinese: Pistis “persuading/being persuaded” and zhì 治 “governing/being governed” in English, Douglas Jack Robinson

中国电子翻译的回望与前瞻, Zaixi Tan

Dubbing as a method for language practice and learning, John Clinton Wakefield

《当代语言学》评介, Lian Hee Wee and Mingxing Li

Reading Gao Xingjian’s treatment of freedom in soul mountain and one man’s bible in the Sartrean framework, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

Submissions from 2013

Prosody in discourse, Winnie Cheng and Wai Ying Lam

Upward's later stories, modernist intimacy, and the Marxist unmentionable, Stuart Colin Fraser Christie

A converted interpreting trainer's response, Sin Man Leung

语音系统的认知与执行配对: 语音学与音系学的研究层面, Yuan Liang and Lian Hee Wee

Animated glossary of rudimentary linguistic concepts, Lian Hee Wee and Dianne L. Cmor

Submissions from 2012

Thomas King meets indigenous convergent media, Stuart Colin Fraser Christie

Usurious translation: From Chinese character to Western ideology in pound's confucian 'terminologies', Stuart Colin Fraser Christie

Imagination in the box: Woju's realism and the representation of Xiaosan, Yu Yui Ruth Hung

再探讨汉语实词的句法类别不定: 从词类原型的语义特征出发 = Reprise to the non-classifiability of Chinese lexical items: Approaching from a theory of semantic prototypes, Yuan Liang and Lian Hee Wee

Communicating identity in the bilingual heritage site: Presentations of Sun Yat-Sen in Guangzhou and Macau, Robert John Neather

Playing the part of a language teacher, John Clinton Wakefield

翻译改写了王宝钏的命运: 熊式一的lady precious stream, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

Submissions from 2011

"Time-out": (Slam)dunking photographic realism in Thomas King’s medicine river, Stuart Colin Fraser Christie

The politics of modern literary criticism in China: The Hu Feng incident revisited, Yu Yui Ruth Hung

给力翻译与翻译研究: 《中译翻译文库》总序二, Zaixi Tan

Border crossing: Place, identity and the dis/location of the self in Xu Xi's the unwalled city, Siu Han Terry Yip

Submissions from 2010


Using Films in Teaching, Amy W S Lee


An Alternative Approach to ENG 1110 Introduction to the Study of Literature, Clayton G MacKenzie

比喻话语与翻译认知: 一个跨文化的视角 = Metaphorical discourse and the cognition of translation: A crosscultural approach, Zaixi Tan

Exploring the dilemma of the split-l geminate pattern in Hong Kong English, Lian Hee Wee


Exploring the dilemma of the split-l geminate pattern in Hong Kong English, Lian Hee Wee

Intellectual restlessness: Inquiry and analysis, Lian Hee Wee and Linda Uyechi


Intellectual restlessness: Inquiry and analysis, Lian Hee Wee and Linda Uyechi

Gender construction in the novels of Zhang Kangkang and Liang Xiaosheng, Suying Yang

Translating audiovisual humour: A Hong Kong case study, Wai Ping Yau

The emergence of androgynous women in a doll's house and the lady from the sea, Siu Han Terry Yip

Women’s self-identity and gender relations in twentieth-century Chinese fiction, Siu Han Terry Yip

Submissions from 2009

Gender and professional communication: The role of feminine style in multilingual workplaces, Hiroko Itakura

The s(ub)lime symptom and O'Neill's Long day's journey into night, Wing Chi Ki

Interactions of professional, institutional and business discourses in academic settings, Chak Chung Kong

Media discourse, Chak Chung Kong

Pragmatics, Chak Chung Kong

Politeness, power and control: The use of humour in cross-cultural telecommunications, Hans Jorgen Ladegaard

Nida in China: Influences that last, Zaixi Tan

中西翻译理论比较, Zaixi Tan

概论, Zaixi Tan

翻译相对论与第三形态, Zaixi Tan

試論翻譯學(1988), Zaixi Tan


Englishization as an Aspect of Building Singapore Identity, Lian Hee Wee

Submissions from 2008

The paradox of Hakka tone sandhi, Matthew Y. Chen, Lian Hee Wee, and Xiuhong Yan


Developing a More Effective Teaching Approach to ENG 3850 Special Topics in Literature (The Child and Literature), Clayton G MacKenzie

Inquiry into the musical nature of linguistic tone, Lian Hee Wee

Submissions from 2006

翻译比喻: 翻译本质的历时反观, Zaixi Tan