Submissions from 2019


‘The lines are blurred’: same-sex relationships and the local practice of sponsorship in Cambodia, Benedict J.L. Rowlett

Submissions from 2018


Sentence final particles as epistemic modulators in Cantonese conversations: A discourse-pragmatic perspective, Winnie Chor


Umbrellas and Bottles: Teaching Welty’s Mythology in the Hong Kong Classroom, Stuart Christie

Hong Kong studies: A beginning, Tammy Ho, Michael O'Sullivan, Eddie Tay, and Michael Tsang


Documenting the (Un)official Kevin Carter Narrative: Encyclopedism, Irrealism, and Intimization in House of Leaves, Jason S. Polley


Affect as narrative action in the Global South: An analysis of small stories about transnational same-sex relationships in Cambodia, Benedict J. L. Rowlett

文学翻译中的民族形象重构: “中国叙事”与“文化回译”, Zaixi Tan

翻译与国家形象重构——以中国叙事的回译为例 = Translation and national image reconstruction: The case of China narratives and cultural back-translation, Zaixi Tan

Submissions from 2017


Pearl S. Buck's FBI File, 1938-1945, Stuart Christie


Place and Identity: Selected Stories from Hong Kong since the 1960s, Monika Gänssbauer and Terry Siu-­Han Yip

English-language poetry in Hong Kong, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Something sets us looking for a place: Poetry of Jennifer Wong and Sarah Howe, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Time has begun: Hu Feng's Poesis in socialist China, 1937-50, Ruth Y. Y. Hung


Perceptual distinctiveness between dental and palatal sibilants in different vowel contexts and its implications for phonological contrasts, Mingxing Li and Jie Zhang

Indirectness in literary translation: Methodological possibilities, Maialen Marin-Lacarta


Censorship in Translation: The Dynamics of Non-, Partial and Full Translations in the Chinese Context, Zaixi Tan

翻译学: 作为独立学科的发展回望与本质坚持 = Translation studies: Achieving the status of an autonomous discipline without giving up its essential properties, Zaixi Tan

Submissions from 2016


Book-eating book: Tom Phillips’s A Humument (1966-), Tammy Lai-Ming Ho


Female researchers in neo-Victorian fiction, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

The paradox of faithfulness: Hsia Yü 夏宇, Salsa, and Xi Xi 西西, Not Written Words不是文字”, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

一些甚麼驅使我們尋覓一個地方: 專訪Sarah Howe, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho


代表属性: 发音人的选择和语料有效性 = Parameters of representativeness: Subject selection and data integrity, Yuan Liang and Lian Hee Wee


Tone assignment in Hong Kong English, Lian-Hee Wee


Hearing the inner voices of Asian English poets, Lian Hee Wee and Yang Liu


Cultural Assimilation: Two Ibsenian Women in Traditional Chinese Yue Opera, Terry Siu-Han Yip

Submissions from 2015

Who hasn’t spoken out?, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

遺忘過去: 關於石黑一雄《埋藏的巨人》和陳冠中《盛世》的十九個想法, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Constructing Japanese men’s multidimensional identities: A case study of mixed-gender talk, Hiroko Itakura

Stanca Măda and Răzvan Săftoiu (eds.) Professional communication across languages and cultures. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2012, vi + 284 pp, Wai Ying Lam

What can a bilingual corpus tell us about the translation and interpretation of rape trials?, Ester S. M. Leung


Censorship in translation: The case of the People’s Republic of China, Zaixi Tan


Prominence from complexity: Capturing Tianjin ditonal patterns, Lian Hee Wee

Prominence from complexity: Capturing Tianjin ditonal patterns, Lian-Hee Wee

Ibsen's mermaid in China: Adapting The lady from the sea for the traditional Yue theatre, Siu Han Terry Yip

Submissions from 2014

Found in translation: To what extent is authorial discriminability preserved by translators?, Richard S. Forsyth and Phoenix W. Y. Lam


Brief notes towards a collective Hong Kong story: Place, language, history and politics, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

Hong Kong is a science fiction, Tammy Lai-Ming Ho

How global capitalism transforms Deng Xiaoping, Ruth Y.Y. Hung

Nelson Mandela, Yu Yui Ruth Hung


What melts in the “Melting Pot” of Hong Kong?, Yu Yui Ruth Hung

Femininity in mixed-sex talk and intercultural communication: Are Japanese women polite and submissive?, Hiroko Itakura

Txinatar literatura euskaraz: Zeharbidezko itzulpenetatik zuzenekoetara itzultzaile-bikoteen eskutik, Aiora Jaka Irizar and Maialen Marin Lacarta

Txinatar literatura euskaraz: Zeharbidezko itzulpenetatik zuzenekoetara itzultzaile-bikoteen eskutik, Aiora Jaka Irizar and Maialen Marin Lacarta

Family complexes and dwelling plight in Wuthering Heights, Magdalen Wing-Chi Ki

Professional e-mail communication in higher education in Hong Kong: A case study, Phoenix W. Y. Lam

Learning English through workplace communication: An evaluation of existing resources in Hong Kong, Phoenix W.Y. Lam, Winnie Cheng, and Kenneth C.C. Kong

翻譯社會學?由社會學視角來看英譯《阿Q正傳》 = Going social?: A sociological approach to Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang's translation of "The True Story of Ah Q", Wen-chun Leung


Mo Yan idazle txinatarraren 'Hori da umorea, maisu!' itzultzean hartutako zenbait erabaki - Maialen Marin-Lacarta eta Aiora Jaka, Maialen Marin-Lacarta and Aiora Jaka Irizar

Neill Blomkamp, class apartheid and urban insurrection, Jason Scott Polley


Embodied translation: Henri Meschonnic on translating for/through the ear and the mouth, Douglas Robinson


Response, Douglas Robinson


The inscience of translation, Douglas Jack Robinson


Degree education in translation studies in Hong Kong: Theories, philosophies and practices, Zaixi Tan


(Self-)censorship and the translator-author relationship: The case of full translation, partial translation and non-translation in the Chinese context, Zaixi Tan

变化中的翻译禁忌: 辩证视角下的探索 = Changing taboos against translation: An explorative and dialectic perspective, Zaixi Tan


译学研究中的理论话题: 发展动态与当下两对主要矛盾, Zaixi Tan

The forms and meanings of English rising declaratives: Insights from Cantonese = 从粤语见解英语升调陈述句的形式和意义, John Clinton Wakefield


Casual speech elision and tone sandhi in Tianjin trisyllabic sequences, Lian Hee Wee

从汉语音系看优选论的修订, Lian Hee Wee

The functions of the nontarget be in the written interlanguage of Chinese learners of English, Suying Yang

Submissions from 2013

Western perceptions of Hong Kong ten years on: A corpus-driven critical discourse study, Winnie Cheng and Phoenix W.Y. Lam

Imagination sterilized: The workings of the global spectacle, Ruth Y. Y. Hung

Hedging praise in English and Japanese book reviews, Hiroko Itakura

Poe's sea tales and economic man: Decision making in “MS found in a bottle” and “a descent into the maelström”, Wing Chi Ki

Superego evil and Poe’s revenge tales, Wing Chi Ki

Beyond the reach of ethics and equity? depersonalisation and dehumanisation in foreign domestic helper narratives, Hans J. Ladegaard

Laughing at adversity: Laughter as communication in domestic helper narratives, Hans J. Ladegaard

Interdiscursivity, hypertextuality, multimodality: A corpus-based multimodal move analysis of Internet group buying deals, Phoenix W.Y. Lam

Juxtaposing identities as a symbolic resource: Social and problem gamblers in Singapore's problem gambling campaign, Ray C. H. Leung and Kenneth C. C. Kong

Race, gender, justice: Storytelling in "The Greenlanders", Jason Scott Polley

Watching the watchmen, mediating the mediators, Jason Scott Polley

Hu Gengshen and the eco-translatology of early Chinese thought, Douglas Jack Robinson

Шлейермахер и социально-экологические стратегии перевода = Schleiermacher’s Icoses: Social ecologies of the different methods of translating, Douglas Jack Robinson


When cultural scripts collide: Conflicting child-rearing values in a mixed-culture home, John C. Wakefield

《文藝新潮》譯介現代主義詩作的選擇與取向 = A study of the translation of modernist poetry in literary current monthly magazine, Wai Ping Yau

一九九○年代的小说与戏剧: 漂泊中的写作, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

中国戏曲的英语翻译及研究, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

呼唤翻译的文学: 贾平凹小说《带灯》的可译性, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

《灵山》一九八二-一九九○: 从现代主义到折中主义, Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

Submissions from 2012

E. M. forster, religious broadcasting and the knight row, 1955–1956, Stuart Christie

Jarrell's allegories, Stuart Christie

Discourses of identity: Outgroup stereotypes and strategies of discursive boundary-making in Chinese students’ online discussions about “the other”, Hans J. Ladegaard

Rudeness as a discursive strategy in leadership discourse: Culture, power and gender in a Hong Kong workplace, Hans J. Ladegaard

The discourse of powerlessness and repression: Identity construction in domestic helper narratives, Hans J. Ladegaard

Intertextuality, translation, and the semiotics of museum presentation: The case of bilingual texts in Chinese museums, Robert Neather

Non-expert' translators in a professional community: Identity, anxiety and perceptions of translator expertise in the Chinese museum community, Robert Neather


The translator’s identity as perceived through metaphors, Zaixi Tan

中国翻译研究: 回望.反思.前瞻, Zaixi Tan


翻译与跨文化交流: 主题.视角.方法, Zaixi Tan

Cultural policy between the state and the market: regulation, creativity and contradiction, Q. S. Tong and Ruth Y.Y. Hung


A floating tone discourse morpheme: The English equivalent of Cantonese lo1, John C. Wakefield

The functions of the nontarget be in the written interlanguage of Chinese learners of English, Suying Yang

Power, identity and subtitling in a diglossic society, Wai Ping Yau

Experiments in self-narration in twentieth-century Chinese fiction = 二十世紀中國小說中自我敘事的實驗, Siu Han Terry Yip

World literature and cultural transformation in modern Chinese literature, Siu Han Terry Yip

Submissions from 2011

When warriors and poachers trade: Duncan Macdonald’s Through Nez Perce Eyes and the birth of separate sovereignties during the nimiipu war of 1877, Stuart Colin Fraser Christie

The state and the market: Chinese TV serials and the case of Woju (Dwelling Narrowness), Ruth Y. Y. Hung

Evaluation in academic discourse: Managing criticism in Japanese and English book reviews, Hiroko Itakura and Amy B.M. Tsui s

‘Doing power’ at work: Responding to male and female management styles in a global business corporation, Hans J. Ladegaard

Negotiation style, speech accommodation and small talk in Sino-Western business negotiations: A Hong Kong case study, Hans J. Ladegaard