A contrastive analysis of mandarin prosody in service-oriented and non-service-oriented attitudinal spontaneous speech

Year of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Arts (MA)


Department of English language and literature

Principal Supervisor

Wakefield, John


Chinese language, Prosodic analysis, Rhythm, Tone




This paper focuses on the prosody of spontaneous speech in specific field - service-oriented speech and non-service-oriented speech. It investigates the prosodic features of "service attitude utterances" and "neutral attitude utterances" in Mandarin Chinese. As study of spontaneous speech, the corpus is collected from service workplaces and two participated are included. Based on adjusted definition of prosody and intonation, this research examines the prosody factors of pitch range, mean pitch, tempo and involving accent of phrase. The research problem of this paper is to investigate prosodic patterns of service attitude utterances and neutral attitude utterances. The study defines the attitudes of "service attitude" to contrast with "neutral attitude", and classifies utterances according to prosodic structures into two types. Contrastive analyses include prosodic features of different attitudes speeches as well as of different prosodic structures. The conclusion of this study is pitch range and pitch scale both contributes to the expression of service attitude and they are not exclusive. Widening the pitch range and enlarging the pitch scale are realizations of service attitude utterances. Tempo and the accent of prosodic phrase show little relation to service attitude speech. 本文研究具體的語言場所一服務業和非服務業的自然話語的韻律特徵,考察漢語中“服務態度”和“中性態度”的韻律特點。作為自然話語研究,本文實驗的語料來自兩位發音人的其實工作場所。為了研究需要,本文重新定義了韻律和語調的關條,在此基礎上考察音域,平均基頻值,語速,以及韻律短語重音等韻律因素。 本文的研究問題是考察“服務態度”和“中性態度”兩種話語中的韻律特徵。為此,本文定義了自然話語中的“服務態度”和“中性態度”,並且將話語按照韻律結構分為兩組。文章涵蓋了兩種態度話語的韻律特徵對此,以及不同韻律結構問話語特徵的對比分析。 最終, 研究得出結論, 話語的音城和音階都有助於表達“服務態度”,兩者並不衝突,擴大音域和提高音階實現是“服務態度”表達的方式。同時發現,語速和韻律短語重音對表達“服務態度”沒有直接影響。


Thesis (Master of Arts)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2016 ; Principal supervisor: Dr. John Wakefield ; Includes bibliographical references (pages 46-48)


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