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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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China;Church work with youth;Hong Kong;突破機構




《突破》雜誌是香港的出版史上,唯一的由基督教機構編製、在報公開發售的年輕人刊物。它由一群滿有使命感的青年基督徒於1974年創辦,一切從零開始,到1999年停刊時,雜誌已擁有萬千讀者,造就一代又一代的年輕人,更由一份雜誌發展成今天服務多元化的龐大機構。 《突破》是一份獨特的本土雜誌,植根基層,具使命感,目標清晰,內容跨越信仰、社會、文化和文學領域。本文借用呂西安戈德曼(Lucien Goldmann)的「發生論結構主義」(Structuralism Genetic)建立研究架構,並結合跨學科 、 文化史的研究方法及圖書館學編目理論等,有系統地檢視共 298 期的《突破》 期的《突破》 雜誌, 並達致四個成果 :(1) 梳理《突破》的二十五年歷史。(2) 對雜誌進行主題分析,從微觀史的角度,探索香港七十至九十年代的社會變遷。(3) 運用模式及計量方法,具體地解釋何謂「福音預工」、其在《突破》如何運作。(4) 探討「突破人」在香港「後殖民時期」的身份認同。 今天, 《突破》雜誌既是具歷史價值的本土文獻,也香港人集體回憶。 文獻和回憶均需活化,透過學術研究,本文 總結「突破經驗」,啟發將來,讓《突破》的價值不斷延續。 關鍵詞:突破雜誌 蘇恩佩 發生論結構主義 圖書分類法 福音預工 社會關懷=Breakthrough was established in 1974 by a group of graduates from tertiary institutions with the mission of counteracting the contemporary mainstream culture. They started their works from a youth magazine. By stepping into the 21st Century, Breakthrough has developed to be a large non-profit making organization providing cultural and educational services for young people. This paper is to study the Breakthrough magazine from its founding in 1974 to its closing in 1999. The interdisciplinary study is based on Lucien Goldmann’s Structuralism Genetic as the main theoretical framework, while the library classification is applied to analyze the content of total 298 issues of the magazine. Research methods of cultural history are also applied for observing changes of the society in the decades. By adopting the mentioned approaches, this paper is to: 1) review the 25-year history of the magazine ; 2) observe the social and political changes of Hong Kong parallel with the content development of the magazine in the decades; 3) study the running of pre-evangelical publication; and 4) explore the identity of “HongkongeeChineseChristian in the post-colonial period. Breakthrough magazine now not only can be considered as a document with historical values, but also is the collective memory of Hong Kong people. What happened in the past of Breakthrough can be preserved as wisdom to help mankind shape future. Keywords: Breakthrough Magazine Yan-pui Structuralism Genetic Classification Pro-evangelism Social Care.


指導老師: 文潔華教授 ; 硏究論文呈交人文及創作系 ; 論文(哲學博士)--香港浸會大學, 2015. ; Abstract also in English.


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