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Translating and interpreting.




「動態形成」哲學思想源自法國後現代哲學家吉爾·德勒茲和菲力克斯·伽塔里 。該思想的三個核心概念即「疆域解構與重構」、「根狀派生網絡」和「差異 與重複」。本研究試圖在翻譯研究領域,將這三個概念運用於解釋翻譯的動態 過程和翻譯產品的差異化形成現象。傳統描寫翻譯學,關注目標文本形成過程 的宏觀社會文化現象,注重詮釋目標文本與源文本之間的靜態、單一和結構式 的對等關係。這種思維方式把目標文本的形成現象,想象成必須符合某种預先 設定的概念,忽略了目標文本多元形成的可能性。運用德勒茲和伽塔里的「動 態形成」後現代哲學思想,是為了改變傳統的思維範式,即放棄從抽象概念進 行思考,而聚焦於實際文本數據,並且從中找出某种形成的規律和提煉理論概 念。「動態形成」後現代哲學思想將翻譯看作是一種多元網狀派生的動態過程 ,譯者在實際語用環境中進行語際轉換時,各種圍繞文本派生的異質元素之間 得以相遇、碰撞和轉變,形成多元可能的聯結和聚合,而正是這種動態隨機的 意義重複過程,才内聚形成了差異性的翻譯產品。 本研究運用「動態形成」哲學思想闡述自傳文本的譯敍過程,旨在於爲翻譯 學增添新的理論視角,以拓寬翻譯學的研究疆域。本研究者從「動態形成」哲 學思想切入,結合當代自傳敘事學理論,建構一個適用於本研究的理論框架, 並在此基礎上建構一個適用於自傳譯敘文本分析研究模式的「網狀多元分析法 」。研究者選取兩篇自傳文本作爲案例研究,一篇選自海倫・凱勒自傳《假如 給我三天光明》和三個差異化形成的簡體譯本;另一篇選自《喬布斯傳記》中 ,喬布斯本人的自傳敘事,和中國內地及港澳臺地區兩個不同動態形成的譯本 。通過分析翻譯文本微觀層面的語言轉換細節,以及影響目標文本形成的各種 宏觀條件(包括譯者的身心參與、社會文化因素、目標群體的受衆等因素), 本研究得出以下三點結論:(一)翻譯即文本疆域解構與重構的「動態形成」 過程;(二)自傳譯敘文本即敘事重複與差異化產品;(三)文本對等即譯敘 過程中「本地映射」的網狀派生對等。 Abstract The philosophy of ‘Becoming’, developed by the postmodern French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, encompasses three core concepts: ‘de/reterritorialisation’, ‘rhizome’ and ‘difference and repetition’. This thesis attempts to apply these concepts to translation studies by developing an approach which both advocates the dynamic process of translation and the production of differentiated translations that emerge from the process of ‘becoming’. Traditional descriptive translation studies proceeds from abstract macro-sociocultural concepts and a belief in the static, singular and structuralist equivalent relationship between the source and target texts. It seeks to conceptualize the production of a target text by presupposing that it will ultimately in some way match these concepts. Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy of ‘becoming’, in contrast, begins with a completely different paradigm. Instead of starting with abstraction, it starts from empirical data, from which it seeks to extract patterns and concepts. It regards translating as a dynamic, ‘rhizomatic’ process in which the translator generates and establishes new textual connections out of an engagement with the pragmatic world. The encountering, collision and transformation of the heterogeneous linguistic-cultural elements invoke multiple possibilities of linkages and ‘assemblages’. Within this random and dynamic mechanism, meaning is revived through repetition and in turn gives rise to an immanently ‘becoming-different’ translated product. The research aims to offer a different perspective from traditional translation theories. Adopting a theoretical framework that incorporates the philosophy of ‘becoming’ and contemporary (autobiographical) narrative theories, it seeks to explain the ‘becoming’ of multiple translated versions of autobiographical narrative texts. Through a ‘rhizoanalysis’ of two cases: 1) Helen Keller’s autobiography The Story of My Life and its three translated versions, and 2) the autobiographical writings embedded within Steve Jobs’ biography and its translations in simplified and traditional Chinese, the research presents a model of analysis comprising the examination of translation shifts on the micro level of the text and the designation of these shifts in terms of their relation to macro-level conditions (including translatorial somatic intervention, sociocultural conditioning and reception by the target readers). Three major conclusions are drawn from the research: 1) translating is found to be a textual de/reterritorialising process of becoming; 2) the translating of an autobiographical text is a process of repetition of the narration that results in the generation of a ‘becoming-different’ target product; and 3) textual equivalence in transnarration is necessarily a rhizomatic type of equivalence governed by the local mapping of a multiplicity of forces through the transnarration process.


指導老師: 譚載喜教授;硏究論文呈交英國語言文學系論文(哲學博士)--香港浸會大學, 2015.Abstract also in English.


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