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China;Confucian ethics;Etiquette;Li




禮起源於人民的日常生活,其內涵包括禮義與禮儀二者。經周公系統化後,禮成為歷代統治者穩定社會的重點教化內容。由於禮的內容複雜繁瑣,一般庶民難有相應的條件來履行當中的種種禮節,故有「禮不下庶人」之說。至宋代,由於市民階級的興起及文化事業的發達,一般庶民對禮的需求日顯殷切,代表地方「小傳統」的家族文化便開始與作為「大傳統」代表的儒家文化相結合。宋明兩代家禮的撰作,便是回應民眾訴求的結果,呈現大小傳統文化的整合情況。家禮作為一種庶民日常家庭生活的常規要求,既要包含許多傳統道德規範,同時也要配合當時的社會風俗。如何磨合協調二者,讓傳統禮學能配合時代所需而加以發展,得以活化,令禮的要義能真正落實,是一個十分有意義的課題,也是本文的研究重點。本文將以儒家哲學精神為切入點,探究《書儀》、《文公家禮》、《家禮儀節》這三本同一體系但不同朝代的家禮著作,歸納其儀節內容如何配合社會的轉變,以貫徹儒家重人情的傳統思想特點。從而辨析司馬光、朱熹、丘濬等人如何訂定冠、昏、喪、祭諸儀,並探究其在變更儀節的同時,能否保留當中的禮義,以延續與活化儒家的傳統思想。藉由本文的討論,期望能進一步明瞭《書儀》、《家禮》、《家禮儀節》三書,如何兼容時代的特色及需要,延續與活化儒家的倫理禮教;希望通過歸納當中重點,重申儒家的普世價值,為今天的社會如何復興儒學提供一個參考點。Abstract In early China, li-rituals stands for a totality of social norms, governing the individual, the family, the rural community, the state and even the international arena of the "civilized world"-Huaxia. However, the li-rituals are mainly practiced among nobles with the exclusion of commoners. Though commoners could be promoted to the ruling class since the Warring-State period, such cases are relatively rare. A great majority of the bureaucrats are from learnt families presumably well-versed in li-rituals. This situation has changed in the Song dynasty. With the keju-examinations in full-swing, many commoners have joined the upper class and the need for practice of li-rituals, as a symbol of social, intellectual and moral upwardness, becomes urgent. To meet this need, Sima Guang, Zhu Xi and Qiu Jun, all scholar-bureaucrats in the Song-Ming Dynasties, endeavored to set a modern version of li-rituals with reference to those in the classics. As li-rituals are by nature conservative and very sensitive to changes, all new practices must be well-justified. This is a study on how these scholars revitalized the li-rituals by making changes appropriate to the contemporary situation and according to what criteria, analyzed how these changes facilitated the standardization of Chinese ritual behavior which enhances our understanding of Chinese society and culture.


指導老師: 周國正教授;硏究論文呈交中國語言文學系;論文(哲學博士)--香港浸會大學, 2016.;Abstract also in English.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 310-326)



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