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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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China;History and criticism.;Lyric writing (Popular music);Popular music;Taiwan




19世紀下半葉,留聲機的發明與唱片產業的崛起,大幅催化了世界各地音樂與文化的交流,隨之而興的流行歌曲也自然成為了無數歷史信息、群體情感與個人記憶的載體;雖或因族群、階級、學派中的各種歧見而初未能得到公正評價,但到多元思想起而與商業邏輯拮抗的1990年代以降,從大眾、文壇到學界,已有愈來愈多人肯認了流行歌曲在文學、音樂與社會等各方面的研究意義與價值,有關華語流行歌曲的研究,亦形成了一個新興的學術領域,本論文即為其中一環。本文緒論首先針對既有論著,提出以「文學、音樂、社會」三面與「知識、技能、情感」三向為之分類,述評其方法成果。其次,採取文學面、技能向的立場,在研究方法上,提出「以作品所預設之目的來評判作品」及「以『合樂』的考量探討辭章、聲韻」的原則,並且說明了華語歌曲所固有的聲韻問題,提出裨益實際創作的研究主張,而不僅將流行歌曲作為某學科議題的資料。正文則以傳統文學「知人閱世」的進路,採詞話形式,在1970-2013年台灣的國語流行歌詞之中,選錄特別流行、創新,或能代表時勢演變之作,介紹其背景、主旨與流傳情形,分析其觀念、技法與影響,以貢獻於當代中文世界「流行詞學」典律的建立,俾讀者從中建起一個大概的演變圖景 = The invention of gramophone records and the rise of music industry in late 19th century have greatly catalyzed the global interaction of cultures, and subsequently contributed to the emergence of pop songs. However, owing to various ethnical, class and academic differences in various cultures, the importance of pop songs as carriers of historical data, collective sentiments and personal memories has not been adequately appreciated. Only in recent years have the musical, sociological, and cultural significance of critical research in pop songs and lyrics gained wider recognition among academics, intelligentsia, and mass consumers.Born in the confluence of political intervention, social stereotypes and commercial interests in the Shanghai International Settlement since 1927, Chinese Pop songs had produced lasting classics and fading stars with ebbs and flows of historical personages and political dynasties. More studies were made amid the antagonism between commercial logic and cultural pluralism during the 1990s. A new academic field was thus brought into being. This dissertation is meant to provide a critical link in this field. The dissertation introduces a framework to analyze Chinese Pop songs in three dimensions: literary, musical, and social, as well as the involved three aspects : knowledge, skills, and emotions. Relevant writings and discourses are categorized, with their methods described and their achievements commented upon. It then considers the aspect of skills within the literary dimension by following the methodology of traditional lyrics studies, and expands beyond its pure academic critique of creative writings to the principles of generating creative writings. This framework is then used as a basis to analyze the evolution of concepts and techniques in the creation of Chinese Pop songs. This dissertation aims at providing researchers and writers a set of flexible methods to comprehend and utilize the creative enterprise from an objective vantage point.


指導老師: 周耀輝博士.;研究論文呈交人文及創作系. 論文(哲學博士)--香港浸會大學, 2016.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 176-179).

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