Critical discourse analysis of keynote addresses delivered by Barack Obama and Xi Jinping


Yi Gang Hu

Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Master of Arts in Language Studies

Principal Supervisor

Poon, Vinton, W. K.




This study aims to unravel how the different socio-cultural background might influence Barack Obama's and Xi Jinping's keynote address. Although there are many studies about the analysis of other eminent politicians' addresses (Cheng, 2006; Horvath, 2009; Sowinska, 2013), there has been lack of a study that is focused on the contrast between the speeches delivered by the current United States president and the incumbent president of the People's Republic of China. Based on the approach of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), this study's main framework was proposed by Van Dijk (2004) and supplemented by Zheng (2000)'s model. The data originated from the General Debate of United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The significance of this study lies in its distinct timeliness. The study unveils the norms and values of United States and Chinese leaders, through analyzing the different ideological expression methods and rhetorical strategies utilized by the two presidents in these two particular addresses at present. With CDA as the crucial constituents, analytical framework from Van Dijk (2004) and Zheng (2000) are encompassed into this study.


Thesis (M.A.)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2016. Some appendices also in Chinese. Principal supervisor: Doctor Vinton W. K. Poon. Thesis submitted to the Master of Arts in Language Studies.


Includes bibliographical references

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