Lok Yee Wong

Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)


Department of Humanities and Creative Writing.

Principal Supervisor

Chow, Yiu Fai


China; Hong Kong; Intellectuals




Wenyi Qingnian (文藝青年), or Wenqing, in its most straightforward and literal sense, refers to youths interested in culture and art. Rooted in modern Chinese history, the term reemerged in today Hong Kong when local young people were spotted dressing themselves in particular styles; joining particularly cultural activities; and gathering themselves in collectives. By now, it has become a common term. On the one hand, this group of young people, in their preference for culture and art and in their pursuits not dictated by social and filial expectations, may constitute alternative and even counter-culture to dominant values of Hong Kong, having their creative careers and delivering their creativity. On the other hand, it is increasingly portrayed by media as yet another group of youthful victims of consumer culture and trend-followers. The project focuses on a recent phenomenon in Hong Kong: the emergence of a group of youths who are loosely called wenyi qingnian 文藝青年 (Literary Youths). It aims to study their history, creativity and politics, particularly in the contemporary context of Hong Kong.


Principal supervisor: Doctor Chow Yiu Fai. Thesis submitted to the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing.; Thesis (M.Phil.)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2017.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 266-294).



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