Kakit Tai

Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Master of Arts in Language Studies

Principal Supervisor

Poon, Vinton Wingkin


English language; Dialects; China; Hong Kong




Whether Hong Kong English (HKE) should be a linguistic variety has been one of the most-debated topics in HKE studies since the landmark study of Luke and Richards (1982). Scholars dispute over whether the set of features in the English spoken or written by Hong Kong people should be regarded as a variety. Given how this decision should not sole depend on the scholars, and how the users' viewpoints should also be considered, it is necessary to survey the opinions and attitudes of Hong Kong people on these features.The variety status is highly dependable on how people's attitudes towards its recognition and agreement in society. However, little attention was given to the people's attitudes towards online HKE and whether these attitudes help to constitute a linguistic variety of online HKE. In this project, I apply the linguistic norms framework (Poon, forthcoming) to test whether Hong Kong people see these features constitute a variety. This study investigated the attitudes of Hong Kong people towards online HKE, and in the process, explored whether the recognition of online HKE might allow us to recognise Hong Kong English as a variety in both online and offline contexts.


Thesis submitted to the Master of Arts in Language Studies ; Principal supervisor: Docter Vinton Wing Kin Poon ; Thesis (M.A.)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2017 ;


Includes bibliographical references (pages 39-42).

Available for download on Friday, March 06, 2020