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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Foxes;Religious aspects;Cults;China;Hong Kong




在香港,這個以華人為主的社會中,民眾對「狐仙」的想像都比較單一,大多離不開潑婦、情婦、腋臭過重等負面的意思。這些印象的形成與中國傳統文學作品中的狐形象和香港流行媒體的渲染,有著非常密切的關係。但作為信仰的象徵,狐仍有其獨特的文化意義。狐仙信仰在中國有著源遠流長的歷史,亦是一種流行於百姓階層中的民間信仰。早在先秦時期,狐已帶有道德上的意義。自唐代以來,狐一直為華北地區的一種古老民間信仰,古人相信老狐可以修道成為神仙助人,亦可以成為妖精祟人,這反映了狐仙的兩個面向。此信仰雖然植根在中國北方,但亦同時出現於華南地區,包括香港。在現今都市化的發展下,狐仙信仰在香港已呈現出一幅跟北方不一樣的面貌。在今日香港,華人為社會上的大多數,相關的民間信仰神祇為數甚多,狐仙信仰亦為其中之一。但長久以來,由於中國宗教往往會簡單地分為制度性宗教與民間宗教,而狐仙信仰則標籤為後者,是制度性宗教的從屬,故相關的研究結果亦不多。故此,有必要進行研究以了解狐仙信仰在今日香港社會的情況。由於相關的文獻資料不多,故筆者主要會進行實地的田野調查,以了解香港狐仙信仰的具體內容。本文將會分為七個章節,除去緒論以及結論的部份,筆者會先了解「狐仙」在歷史上的形成與發展,之後會討論香港民眾對狐仙為何會抱有負面的印象。其後再深入探討狐仙在信仰上的內涵,包括有關狐仙的傳說故事和儀式實踐,並會探討此信仰的善信群體。在了解到香港狐仙信仰的基本資料後,筆者會嘗試引用臺灣以及山東地區的狐仙信仰,從側面的角度,去以了解香港狐仙信仰的獨特性。In Hong Kong, a society with the majority of Chinese, people do have a simple and single imagination towards the idea of "fox", which mostly involved vixen, mistress, excessive underarm odor and other negative meaning. The formation of these impressions has a close relation with the images of "fox" which we found in traditional Chinese literature and the rendering of the popular media. However, as a symbol of faith, fox still has its own unique cultural significance. "Fox belief" has a long history and also popular among the general population in China. The moral significance of "fox" is originated before the Pre-Qin Period. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has become a popular religion among the people in Northern China. Our ancestors believed that the old foxes had the ability to transform into supernatural creatures, which can become either a "God" or a "Monster". Although fox cult was originated at the Northern China, it can also be found in the Southern regions, including Hong Kong. Under the morden urban development, the ritual practices of fox cult in Hong Kong and other regions are very different from on another. Hong Kong, which belongs to the Sinosphere as well, contains thousands of Chinese folk deities, including fox belief. However, due to the traditional systematic Chinese religion system, research is limited in this area as fox belief was perceived to be a popular religion, subordinate to the systematic religion. Hence, there is a need for us to find out the real picture of fox cult in Hong Kong. In this research, field work is the most important method to acquire related knowledge since there are limited archives base on this area. The research will be divided into 7 parts, except the introduction and the conclusion, a historical background towards the formation and development of "Fox Cult" will be first discussed. Then, the common negative impression of Hong Kong people towards "fox spirit" will also be discussed. The main argument will be focusing on the faith connotation of fox cult in Hong Kong, including the legends and ritual practices. Moreover, the faith communities will also be a concern of this research. Lastly, in order to ascertain the uniqueness of fox belief in Hong Kong, fox cult in Taiwan and Shandong will also be introduced under a comparative method.


研究論文呈交人文及創作系.;指導老師: 黃國鉅博士.論文(哲學碩士)--香港浸會大學, 2017.Abstract also in English.


Includes bibliographical references (leaves 160-168).