Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Physical Education.

Principal Supervisor

Cheung, Siu Yin


Psychological aspects ; Research ; Athletes ; Tae kwon do




The purpose of this study was to identify the determinants of expertise and the contributory effect of domains to the Olympic style Taekwondo performance. Eighty-seven Taekwondo athletes with different levels of expertise, namely elite, sub-elite and practitioner were recruited. Subjects' performance in attributes within the physical domain was assessed by Queens College Step Test, running-based anaerobic sprint test, vertical jump test, side-stepping test, and sit-and-reach test. Subjects were also be surveyed with the Athletic Coping Skills Inventory-28 (ACSI-28) (Chinese version) to obtain a profile of their psychological and emotional attributes. Perceptual attributes of subjects was assessed by Stork balance test, Start Excursion Balance Test and Ruler Drop Reaction Time Test. Notational analysis of subjects' performance in the competition was conducted for determining their technical and tactical domain. Descriptive statistics were used to create a profile of attributes of Taekwondo athletes. Two-way ANOVA were used to identify the difference between female and male athletes, and athletes with different levels of expertise in different domains. Discriminant function analysis was used to determine the contributory effect of each domain to the expertise of Olympic style Taekwondo. Elite athletes obtained a significantly higher mean value than the sub-elite athletes and practitioners in the length of upper limbs (F=6.15, p=.00), the length of lower limbs (F=10.21, p=.00), and lateral agility (F=15.71, p=.00). Discriminant function analysis revealed that the contributory effect of physical domain was the highest among the five domains for determining the expertise in Olympic style Taekwondo with Wilk's Lambda as .70 (p<.05).


Principal supervisor: Professor Cheung Siu Yin ; Thesis submitted to the Department of Physical Education ; Thesis (Ph.D.)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2018


Includes bibliographical references (pages 198-229).