Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Professional Doctorate


Department of Management.

Principal Supervisor

Chen, Jieguang;Chang, Song


Transformational leadership ; Organizational change ; Management ; Technological innovations ; Organizational learning




This research sets out to provide enhanced knowledge on the impact of transformational leadership on employees' innovation behavior. In particular, drawing on leadership and innovation literature, this research attempts to examine such a relationship by both theorizing and testing the extent to which employees' readiness for change mediates on it. Moreover, this research takes the view that the effectiveness of transformational leadership varies according to the presence of different moderating variables. As such, employees' perceived high commitment work system of their firm as well as these employees' learning capability are examined as moderators on the aforementioned relationship. I collected multi-source and supervisor-employee matched data from two hotels, and the results of data analysis supported the total effect of transformational leadership on innovation behavior, the mediating effect of readiness for change, as well as the moderating effect of employee learning capability. The moderating role of high commitment work system was also found significant but opposite to the initially hypothesized direction. Practically, this research offers implications to managers the importance of leadership on facilitating the change and innovation processes in organizations.


Principal supervisor: Prof. Wei Liqun ; co-supervisor: Dr. Chang Song ; Thesis submitted to the Department of Management ; Thesis (DBA)--Hong Kong Baptist University, 2017.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 200-258).

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