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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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招商局(中國);History;China;Hong Kong;Merchant marine




在中國近代史上,1872年(清朝同治十一年)創立的招商局有十分深遠的影響,其地位是舉足輕重的,相關的探討,也因此成為中國近現代歷史研究的重要組成部分。本文通過闡述招商局的歷史沿革、重大事件、產業發展,而以香港招商局起義的背景、經過為主題,進而論述其後香港招商局的發展,以及1985年招商局集團成立後的經營狀況,指出了招商局歷史與中國近代史和現代史的密切聯繫。此外,還把招商局歷史放在中國近代經濟中,探討其重要意義,並對如何更深入地開展招商局歷史研究作了思考和建議。本文總共有六章,每章分為三節。第一章是引言,交代有關研究的情況和文獻著作等;第二章敘述招商局的發展概況及其歷史分期;第三章闡明1949年至1951年間招商局起義的原因和過程,尤其是香港招商局起義的作用和影響;第四章探討香港招商局的業務及其海內外聯繫,包括1979年蛇口工業區建設的啟動、招商局集團的成立和振興;第五章從管理團隊、機構體制及核心產業三方面,分析1949年至1999年間香港招商局的進展情形;第六章為結論,對香港招商局起義作出歷史評價,申論招商局集團在香港、中國內地以至國際上的角色和地位,從而展望今後的發展方向。附錄招商局集團業務架構圖、招商局與香港大事年表。Established in 1872 during late Qing's Westernization Movement, the China Merchants, also known as China Merchants Company (CMC), is a pioneer of China's national industrial and commercial enterprises. Setting up by the means of open stock-recruitment, CMC, as the first ever joint-stock company of China, played an important role in Chinese society. CMC had established China's first merchant fleet, opened China'first bank and insurance company, and along with many start-ups in the shipping industry and other economic areas in China, CMC had become an essential part in the history of modern China. Over the past 145 years, CMC and Hong Kong (HK) are closely tied up with each other. CMC has seen its rapid growth thanks to the HK environment, while giving back to the HK society at the same time. In face of the new era, since 1985, China Merchants Group (CMG) sticks to the 'Go Forward with Time, while Sharing the Common Fate with the Nation' belief and aims to 'Push Forward the Progress of Time by the Success in Business', and continues to excel at innovation and efficiency while moving forward. Currently, with its headquarters in HK, CMG has carried out business in a number of emerging markets of significant vitality and potential in the region, including those in HK, China Mainland, Southeast Asia and etc. CMG is one of the Big Four Chinese Enterprises in HK. It plays an important role and has an extensive impact on the industrial and commercial sectors internationally. Accordingly, studying the development process and current status of CMG is of great value and significant meaning in the field. In previous studies, historical researchers have produced significant findings on areas such as CMC's 'government-supervision and merchant-operation'system, key personnel, business success and failure, etc. This study, based on the existing findings, aims to have a more thorough and in-depth understanding on CMG through further investigation on both old and new aspects. Some attentions was paid to assessing the role in which CMG played in the relations between Hong Kong and China Mainland. This study thus fills up an important gap and offers an assessment of the significance of the CMG in Hong Kong's economic and enterprise history.


硏究論文呈交歷史系 ; 指導老師: 周佳榮教授 ; 論文(哲學碩士)--香港浸會大學, 2018.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 105-114).

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