Ho Yin Pong

Year of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)


Department of History

Principal Supervisor

Wong, Man Kong


中國學生周報 (香港, 中國) ; Chinese ; Hong Kong ; Ethnic identity




本文透過深入分析《中國學生周報》(香港版) (1952-1974) 這份具影響力的青 年流行刊物的文本意識,嘗試剖析1950-1970年代香港青年社群如何介入、討論 甚至建構着自身文化及身份認同。《中國學生周報》這份由「南來文人」創立、 由美國政府機構提供營運資金的青年刊物,一方面透過傳播傳統中國文化以及 反共的政治意識形態作為刊物的文化及身份認同的意識,向當代的香港青年讀 者們灌輸着「中國人」身份認同意識;另一方面《中國學生周報》向當代的青年 讀者們傳播一種貶斥甚至是拒絕融入香港社會的意識形態,把香港社會視為負面 的「他者」,包括批評香港「重英輕中」的教育制度,香港的社會文化呈現「重 利蠻荒」、「文化沙漠」的意象,從而阻止香港的青年社群產生「香港認同」 的文化及身份意識。 可是,1970年代香港和中國大陸出現的政治變化,加上「中國人」身份認 同意識的改變和香港本土身份意識的出現,使《中國學生周報》強調的中國文 化意識和「中國人」身份認同意識變得過時,新一代的香港讀者亦隨之離去 。《中國學生周報》的歷史成為了一面鏡子,從中反映着1950-70年代香港社 會大眾的文化及身份認同意識的變遷。This research aims at offering a critical textual study of articles published in the Chinese Student Weekly (Hong Kong Version) (1952-1974). This weekly was an influential publication that targeted the youngster audience with an emphasis on promoting the values of traditional Chinese culture. Both the editorial team and some regular contributors to the weekly were scholars who sought refuge from China in Hong Kong. The weekly had attracted some contributions from young readers as well. The weekly might shape its readers' rather negative impressions of Hong Kong. The colonial system overstressed theimportance of English at schools, and it created some shortcomings in the culture of HongKong. It might lead to hindering the cultivation of the identity However, the political changes in Hong Kong and China during the 1970s, together withthe changing "Chinese identity" and the emergence of Hong Kong's local identity, theweekly's mphasis on Chinese culture lost its app e al to the youngsters in Hong Kong. Forthis reason, young readers ignored it. The history of the weekly can serve as a lens fromwhich one can observe the cultural changes in Hong Kong from the 1950s to the 1970s.o Hong Kong.


Principal Supervisor: Professor Wong Man Kong ; Thesis submitted to the Department of History


Includes bibliographical references (pages 157-188)

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