Submissions from 2019


Demand for Crash Insurance, Intermediary Constraints, and Risk Premia in Financial Markets, Hui Chen, Scott Joslin, and Sophie Xiaoyan Ni

Submissions from 2018


Religiosity and cross‐country differences in trade credit use, Feng Chen, Xiaolin Chen, Weiqiang Tan, and Lin Zheng


Who leaves money on the table? The role of founder identity in Hong Kong, Yan-leung Cheung, Yunhao Dai, Zhiwei Ouyang, and Weiqiang Tan


Does the market care about investor protection practices in China?, Yan-Leung Cheung, Yin Dang, Ping Jiang, and Weiqiang Tan

An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation, Yunhao Dai, P. Raghavendra Rau, Aris Stouraitis, and Weiqiang Tan

Submissions from 2017


Effect of international working experience of individual auditors on audit quality: Evidence from China, Xiaolin Chen, Yunhao Dai, Dongmin Kong, and Weiqiang Tan


CEO’s political connections institutions and audit opinions, Fang Hu, Jenny Stewart, and Weiqiang Tan

Submissions from 2016

User satisfaction with microblogging: Information dissemination versus social networking, Ivy L.B. Liu, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Matthew K.O. Lee

Submissions from 2015

Gender differences in satisfaction with Facebook users, Tommy K. H. Chan, Christy M. K. Cheung, Na Shi, and Matthew K. O. Lee

Self-disclosure in social networking sites The role of perceived cost, perceived benefits and social influence, Christy Cheung, Zach W.Y. Lee, and Tommy K.H. Chan

How online social interactions influence customer information contribution behavior in online social shopping communities: A social learning theory perspective, Christy M.K. Cheung, Ivy L.B. Liu, and Matthew K.O. Lee

Promoting Sales of Online Games through Customer Engagement, Christy M.K. Cheung, Xiao-Liang Shen, Zach W.Y. Lee, and Tommy K.H. Chan


Being good when being international in an emerging economy: The case of China, Yan-Leung Cheung, Dongmin Kong, Weiqiang Tan, and Wenming Wang

Investigating customers' satisfaction with brand pages in social networking sites, Wing Sing Chow and Si Shi

Massively multiplayer online game addiction: Instrument development and validation, Zach W.Y. Lee, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Tommy K.H. Chan

Trust development and transfer in social commerce: prior experience as moderator, Si Shi and Wing S. Chow

Inter-firm dependence, inter-firm trust, and operational performance: The mediating effect of e-business integration, Xinping Shi and Ziqi Liao


Institutional open access at home and outward internationalization, Sunny Li Sun, Mike W. Peng, Ruby P. Lee, and Weiqiang Tan

The signaling effect of corporate social responsibility in emerging economies, Weichieh Su, Mike W. Peng, Weiqiang Tan, and Yan-Leung Cheung

Correlated implied volatility with jump and cross section of stock returns, Samuel Ze-To and Steven Cahan

Cross-section stock return and implied covariance between jump and diffusive volatility, Samuel Y.M. Ze-To

Building brand loyalty through user engagement in online brand communities in social networking sites, Xiabing Zheng, Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Liang Liang

Submissions from 2014

Antecedents and consequences of customer engagement in online brand communities, Tommy K. H. Chan, Xiabing Zheng, Mei Kwan Cheung, Matthew K. O. Lee, and Zach W. Y. Lee

Do actions speak louder than voices? The signaling role of social information cues in influencing consumer purchase decisions, Christy M.K. Cheung, Bo Sophia Xiao, and Ivy L.B. Liu

The q-theory explanation for the external financing effect: New evidence, Yuan Huang, F.Y. Eric C. Lam, and K. C. John Wei

The influence of ownership structure, analyst following and institutional infrastructure on stock price informativeness: International evidence, Li Jiang, Jeong-Bon Kim, and Lei Pang

Exploring online social behavior in crowdsourcing communities: A relationship management perspective, Xiao-Liang Shen, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Christy M.K. Cheung

Examining the moderating effect of inconsistent reviews and its gender differences on consumers’ online shopping decision, Kem Z.K. Zhang, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Matthew K.O. Lee

Examining the influence of online reviews on consumers' decision-making: A heuristic–systematic model, Kem Z. K. Zhang, Sesia J. Zhao, Mei Kwan Cheung, and Matthew K. O. Lee

Submissions from 2013

Building trust online: Interactions among trust building mechanisms, Man Kit Chang, Waiman Cheung, and Mincong Tang

A comprehensive long-term analysis of S&P 500 index additions and deletions, Kalok Chan, Hung Wan Kot, and Gordon Y.N. Tang

IT capability and organizational performance: The roles of business process agility and environmental factors, Yang Chen, Yi Wang, Saggi Nevo, Jiafei Jin, Luning Wang, and Wing S Chow

Understanding the continuance intention of knowledge sharing in online communities of practice through the post-knowledge-sharing evaluation processes, Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Zach W.Y. Lee

Corporate social performance, firm valuation, and industrial difference: Evidence from Hong Kong, Yan-Leung Cheung, Kun Jiang, Billy S. C. Mak, and Weiqiang Tan

How do market forces affect executive compensation in Chinese state-owned enterprises?, Fang Hu, Weiqiang Tan, Qingquan Xin, and Sixian Yang

Insiders’ incentives for asymmetric disclosure and firm-specific information flows, Li Jiang, Jeong-Bon Kim, and Lei Pang

Why users keep answering questions in online question answering communities: A theoretical and empirical investigation, Xiao-Ling Jin, Zhongyun Zhou, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Christy M.K. Cheung

Stochastic dominance relationships between stock and stock index futures markets: International evidence, Zhuo Qiao, Wing-Keung Wong, and Joseph K.W. Fung

Dividend policy: Balancing shareholders' and creditors' interests, Liang Shao, Chuck C.Y. Kwok, and Omrane Guedhami

National culture and corporate investment, Liang Shao, Chuck C.Y. Kwok, and Ran Zhang

What leads students to adopt information from Wikipedia? An empirical investigation into the role of trust and information usefulness, Xiao-Liang Shen, Christy M. K. Cheung, and Matthew K. O. Lee

Perceived critical mass and collective intention in social media-supported small group communication, Xiao-Liang Shen, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Matthew K.O. Lee

Managing supply chain relationships in the hospitality services: An empirical study of hotels and restaurants, Xinping Shi and Ziqi Liao

The mediating effects of interfirm business process integration and joint teamwork on firm performance in supply chains, Xinping Shi and Ziqi Liao

The determinants of performance in alternative markets for small and medium enterprises: International evidence, Alvin Y. T. Wong, Gordon Y. N. Tang, and Kam C. Chan

An empirical study of retail consumption behavior in rural China, Jane Peihsun Wu and Wing Sing Chow

Submissions from 2012

User switching of information technology: A theoretical synthesis and empirical test, Anol Bhattacherjee, Moez Limayem, and Christy M.K. Cheung

The information content of model-free implied volatility, Xin Cheng and Joseph K.W. Fung

What drives consumers to spread electronic word of mouth in online consumer-opinion platforms, Christy M.K. Cheung and Matthew K.O. Lee

The impact of electronic word-of-mouth communication: A literature analysis and integrative model, Christy M.K. Cheung and Dimple R. Thadani

'Doing-good' and 'doing-well' in Chinese publicly listed firms, Yan-Leung Cheung, Kun Jiang, and Weiqiang Tan

Corporate sustainable development: Testing a new scale based on the Mainland Chinese context, Wing S. Chow and Yang Chen

Are derivative warrants overpriced?, Joseph K. W. Fung and Ted Z.X. Zeng

Clearing and OTC traded derivatives: A survey, Kwun Wing Cuteco Fung and Robert I. Webb

Dividends behavior in state- versus family-controlled firms: Evidence from Hong Kong, Tina T. He, Wilson X.B. Li, and Gordon Y.N. Tang

A multi-dimensional decision framework to support corporate bond investment, Ziqi Liao and Michael Tow Cheung

Harnessing collective intelligence of Web 2.0: group adoption and use of Internet-based collaboration technologies, Xiao-Liang Shen, Matthew K. O. Lee, and Christy M. K. Cheung

Earnings management and accrual anomaly across market states and business cycles, Samuel Y.M. Ze-To

Crisis, value at risk and conditional extreme value theory via the NIG + jump model, Yau Man Ze-To

Expected stock returns and option-implied rate of return, Yau Man Ze-To

Online service switching behavior: The case of blog service providers, Kem Z. K. Zhang, Mei Kwan Cheung, and Matthew K. O. Lee

Submissions from 2011

The performance of alternative futures buy-write strategies, Sanry Y.S. Che and Joseph K.W. Fung

Online social networks: Why do students use facebook?, Christy M.K. Cheung, Pui-Yee Chiu, and Matthew K.O. Lee

Antecedents and consequences of user satisfaction with an e-learning portal, Mei Kwan Cheung and Matthew K. O. Lee

Corporate governance, investment, and firm valuation in Asian emerging markets, Yan-Leung Cheung, Aris Stouraitis, and Weiqiang Tan

Corporate name changes: Price reactions and long-run performance, Hung Wan Kot

Consumer's decision to shop online: The moderating role of positive informational social influence, Matthew K.O. Lee, Na Shi, Christy M.K. Cheung, Kai H. Lim, and Choon Ling Sia

Managing taxi service operations based on the automatic vehicle location and dispatch system and wireless communication technology, Ziqi Liao

Predicting the continued use of Internet-based learning technologies: The role of habit, Moez Limayem and Christy M.K. Cheung

Components of supply chain practices: an empirical study and implications for new international ventures, Christian N. Madu, Chu-Hua Kuei, Wing S. Chow, and Nelson Oly Ndubisi

Patterns in the timing of corporate event waves, P. Raghavendra Rau and Aris Stouraitis

How social influence affects we-intention to use instant messaging: The moderating effect of usage experience, Aaron X. L. Shen, Christy M. K. Cheung, Matthew K. O. Lee, and Huaping Chen

Thrive, not just survive: Enhance dynamic capabilities of SMEs through IS competence, Yi Wang and Xinping Shi

Submissions from 2010

Forecasting volatility: Roles of sampling frequency and forecasting horizon, Wing Hong Chan, Xin Cheng, and Joseph K.W. Fung

A theoretical model of intentional social action in online social networks, Christy M.K. Cheung and Matthew K.O. Lee

A transparency disclosure index measuring disclosures: Chinese listed companies, Yan-Leung Cheung, Ping Jiang, and Weiqiang Tan

Helping hand or grabbing hand? central vs. local government shareholders in Chinese listed firms, Yan-Leung Cheung, P. Raghavendra Rau, and Aris Stouraitis

Does the quality of corporate governance affect firm valuation and risk? evidence from a corporate governance scorecard in Hong Kong, Yan Leung Cheung, Aristotelis Stouraitis, and Weiqiang Tan

Does corporate social responsibility matter in Asian emerging markets?, Yan Leung Cheung, Weiqiang Tan, Hee-Joon Ahn, and Zheng Zhang

Covered interest arbitrage profits: The role of liquidity and credit risk, Wai-Ming Fong, Giorgio Valente, and Joseph K.W. Fung

Do the prices of stock index futures in Asia overreact to U.S. market returns?, Alexander Kwok-Wah Fung, Kin Lam, and Ka-Ming Lam

Predicting continuance in online communities: Model development and empirical test, Xiao-Ling Jin, Matthew K. O. Lee, and Christy M. K. Cheung

Gender differences in intentional social action: We-intention to engage in social network-facilitated team collaboration, Aaron X. Shen, Matthew K. Lee, Christy M. Cheung, and Huaping Chen

Risk-return characteristics: Comparison of China's stock market and three other emerging markets, Wai Cheong Shum and Gordon Tang

An examination of conditional effect on cross-sectional returns: Singapore evidence, Simon M.S. So and Gordon Y.N. Tang

A note on the intraday and intraweek patterns in premiums of exchange-traded funds: evidence from Hong Kong, Gordon Y. N. Tang and Karen H. Y. Wong

Crisis, value at risk, and conditional extreme value theory via Garch-jump model, Yau Man Ze-To

Submissions from 2009

User satisfaction with an internet-based portal: An asymmetric and nonlinear approach, Christy M.K Cheung and Matthew K.O. Lee

Understanding the sustainability of a virtual community: model development and empirical test, Christy M.K. Cheung and Matthew K.O. Lee

Selecting R&D projects for technology-based innovation: Knowledge management in the face of embarras de choix, Michael Cheung, Paul F. Greenfield, and Ziqi Liao

How regulatory changes affect IPO underpricing in China, Yan-leung Cheung, Zhiwei OUYANG, and Weiqiang TAN

Intended belief and actual behavior in green computing in Hong Kong, Wing Sing Chow and Yang Chen


The effects of environmental factors on the behavior of Chinese managers in the information age in China, Wing S. Chow, Jane P. Wu, and Allan K. K. Chan

How to keep members using the information in a computer-supported social network, Xiao-Ling Jin, Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Hua-Ping Chen

Understanding the role of gender in bloggers' switching behavior, Kem Z.K. Zhang, Matthew K.O. Lee, Christy M.K. Cheung, and Huaping Chen

Submissions from 2008

The structure of Web-based information systems satisfaction: Testing of competing models, Christy M. K. Cheung and Matthew K. O. Lee

The impact of electronic word‐of‐mouth: The adoption of online opinions in online customer communities, Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Neil Rabjohn

Understanding information systems continuance: The case of Internet-based learning technologies, Moez Limayem and Christy M.K. Cheung

Submissions from 2007

Understanding user acceptance of multimedia messaging services: An empirical study, Matthew K. O. Lee, Christy M. K. Cheung, and Zhaohui Chen

How habit limits the predictive power of intention: The case of information systems continuance, Moez Limayem, Gabriele Sabine Hirt, and Christy M.K. Cheung