Submissions from 2015

Population geography, Adrian John Bailey

Market rebalancing of global production networks in the Post-Washington Consensus globalizing era: Transformation of export-oriented development in China, Chun Yang

Submissions from 2014

Housing inequality, residential differentiation, and socio-spatial stratification: Chinese cities in the early 21st century, Youqin Huang and Si Ming Li

城市空間與廣東文化, Wai Ying Lee and Wing Shing Tang

Living the networked life in the commodity housing estates: Everyday use of online neighborhood forums and community participation in urban China, Limei Li and Si Ming Li

Residential change and housing inequality in urban China in early 21st century: Analysis of Guangzhou survey data, Si Ming Li and Huimin Du

Introduction and overview, Ngar Yin Daphne Mah

Postscript, Ngar Yin Daphne Mah, Peter Hills, Victor O. K. Li, and Richard Balme

Smart grids: The regulatory challenges, Ngar Yin Daphne Mah, Kaboo Po-Yi Leung, and Peter Hills

Governing the transition of socio-technical systems: A case study of the development of smart grids in Korea, Ngar Yin Daphne Mah, Johannes Marinus Van Der Vleuten, Jasper Chi-Man Ip, and Peter Hills

On the threshold of urban Hong Kong: Liminal territoriality in New Kowloon, Alan Smart and Wing Shing Tang

Governing by the state: A study of the literature on governing Chinese mega-cities, Wing Shing Tang

Where Lefebvre meets the East: Urbanization in Hong Kong, Wing Shing Tang

Migration and the dynamics of informal housing in China, Ya Ping Wang, Huimin Du, and Si Ming Li

From strategie coupling to recoupling and decoupling: Restructuring global production networks and regional evolution in China, Chun Yang

Submissions from 2013

中國的崛起與城市與經濟空間在全球範圍的重構, Si Ming Li

Introduction, Nihal Perera and Wing Shing Tang

Public participation in fisheries governance and management in the greater mekong sub-region (GMS): A case study along the tonle sap lake in Cambodia, Serey Sok, Xiaojiang Yu, Sela Samath, and Sokkalyan Thau

香港與珠三角跨境連結再想像, Wing Shing Tang

Emerging regional innovation systems in Shenzhen, China: Technological evolution of foreign-invested and indigenous firms, Chun Yang

Submissions from 2012

Deforestation, Claudius Oskar Delang

谁将成为大珠江三角洲地区的首位城市, 香港或广州?: 空间可达性视角的分析, Quan Hou and Si Ming Li

Cross-border integration between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, Chun Yang

Divergent workshops of the "world factory" in the Pearl River Delta: A comparison of Hong Kong and Taiwanese manufacturing, Chun Yang

Submissions from 2011

Transnational theory and South American immigration across Europe, Adrian John Bailey and Rosa Mas Giralt

The migrant as a nexus of social relations: An empirical analysis, Him Chung and Kai-Chi Leung

《市区重建策略》检讨: “久在樊笼里, 复得返自然”, Wing Shing Tang

城市重建的空间故事: 香港荃湾七街重建项目的真实记载, Wing Shing Tang and Jie Ping Wang

Hong Kong: The property regime, Wing Shing Tang, Ashley Wong, and Yuk Hui

A cross-boundary mega city-region in China under 'two systems': Multi-level governance in the Greater Pearl River Delta, Chun Yang

Submissions from 2010

英国の社会セクターにおけるジンバブエ人移民労働, Adrian John Bailey

Social justice and iliegal construction in China: A case study of Tianhe village, Guangzhou, Him Chung and Wing Shing Tang

The impact of variations in urban registration within cities, Limei Li and Si Ming Li

住房與城市發展: 政治經濟與地理空間 = Housing and urban development: Political economy and space, Si Ming Li

地貌 = Geomorphology, Richard Bernhart Owen and Raynor Shaw

Thinking East Asia geographically, Wing Shing Tang and F. Mizuoka

The greater Pearl River Delta (PRD) mega-city region and the Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau bridge, Chun Yang

Spatial pattern analysis of water-driven land cover change in Aridzone, Northwest of China, Qiming Zhou and Bo Sun

Submissions from 2009

Chinese-language geography, Wing Shing Tang

Does the release from household responsibilities lead to more out-of-home activities? the case of hiring live-in maids in Hong Kong, Donggen Wang

Spatio-temporal pattern analysis of land cover change: A case study in Aridzone, Qiming Zhou

Submissions from 2008


On-line resource centre for teaching environment and resource management of China, Qi Ming Zhou