Submissions from 2020


Governing uneven mobilities: Walking and hierarchized circulation in Hong Kong, Lachlan B. Barber

Submissions from 2019


Automobility and masculinities between home and work: trucks as the ‘new normal’ in Newfoundland and Labrador, Lachlan B. Barber


Valuing Carbon Sequestration to Finance Afforestation Projects in China, Guolong Hou, Claudio O. Delang, and Xixi Lu

Truncated Transnationalism, the Tenuousness of Temporary Protected Status, and Trump, Ines Miyares, Richard Wright, Alison Mountz, and Adrian Bailey


Community solar energy initiatives in urban energy transitions: A comparative study of Foshan, China and Seoul, South Korea, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah

Submissions from 2018


Migration and pastoral power through life course: Evidence from Georgia, Adrian John Bailey, Dusan Drbohlav, and Joseph Salukvadze


Understanding undergraduate students’ perceptions of dynamic pricing policies: An exploratory study of two pilot deliberative pollings (DPs) in Guangzhou, China and Kyoto, Japan, Mah Ngar Yin Daphne, Victor Lam, Alice Siu, Hua Ye, Seiichi Ogata, and Wu Yun-Ying


The effects of China’s Grain for Green program on migration and remittance, Claudio O. Delang


Application of ENSO and Drought Indices for Water Level Reconstruction and Prediction: A Case Study in the Lower Mekong River Estuary, Hok Sum Fok, Qing He, Kwok Pun Chun, Zhiwei Zhou, and Thuan Chu


Barriers and policy enablers for solar photovoltaics (PV) in cities: Perspectives of potential adopters in Hong Kong, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah, Guihua Wang, Kevin Lo, Michael K.H. Leung, Peter Hills, and Alex Y.H. Lo


Ecohydrological disturbances associated with roads: Current knowledge, research needs, and management concerns with reference to the tropics, Beverly C. Wemple, Trevor Browning, Alan D. Ziegler, Jorge Celi, Kwok Pan (Sun) Chun, Fernando Jaramillo, Nei K. Leite, Sorain J. Ramchunder, Junjiro N. Negishi, Ximena Palomeque, and Derek Sawyer


Advancing ecohydrology in the changing tropics: Perspectives from early career scientists, Cynthia Wright, Aurora Kagawa-Viviani, Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi, Giovanny M. Mosquera, María Poca, Han Tseng, and Kwok Pan Chun

Submissions from 2017


Response of long‐term water availability to more extreme climate in the Pearl River Basin, China, Jian Feng Li, Lu Zhang, Xiaogang Shi, and Yongqin David Chen


Explaining the role of incumbent utilities in sustainable energy transitions: A case study of the smart grid development in China, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah, Yun-Ying Wu, and Peter Ronald Hills

Submissions from 2016


An international review of local governance for climate change: implications for Hong Kong, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah and Peter Hills

Submissions from 2015


Unequal Regionalism: Regional Planning in China and England, Him Chung

Mapping the landslide susceptibility in Lantau Island, Hong Kong, by frequency ratio and logistic regression model, Junyi Huang, Qiming Zhou, and Fenglong Wang

区域治理视角下《珠江三角洲地区改革发展规划纲要》的实施机制及启示 = A study of the “Outlines for Reform and Development Planning of Pearl River Delta Region” from the perspective of regional governance: Implementation mechanism and implication, Ying Huang, Suhong Zhou, and Him Chung

Residential mobility within Guangzhou city, China, 1990–2010: Local residents versus migrants, Si-Ming Li and Yushu Zhu


Governing China’s clean energy transition: Policy reforms, flexible implementation and the need for empirical investigation, Kevin Lo

主观幸福感度量研究进展及其对智慧城市建设的启示 = Measures of subjective well-being: A review, Fenglong Wang and Donggen Wang

主观幸福感度量研究进展及其对智慧城市建设的启示 = Measures of subjective well-being: A review, Fenglong Wang and Donggen Wang

Government policy change and evolution of regional innovation systems in China: Evidence from strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen, Chun Yang

Environmental effects under China’s western development strategy: A case study in the Beipan River basin, Guizhou, Xiaojiang Yu

The sociocultural effects of returnee overseas Filipino workers in the Philippines, Xiaojiang Yu

Submissions from 2014

Misplaced: Language, remitting and development practice among Zimbabwean migrants, Adrian John Bailey, Liberty Mupakati, and Farai M. Magunha

Migration, society and globalisation: introduction to Virtual Issue, Adrian John Bailey and Brenda S A Yeoh

Application of a novel semiconductor catalyst, CT, in degradation of aromatic pollutants in wastewater: Phenol and catechol, Xiao Chen, Yanling Zhang, Xuefei Zhou, Shoji Ichimura, Guoxiu Tong, Xi Chen, Qiming Zhou, Wenzhao Wang, and Yan Liang

The simulation of surface flow dynamics using a flow-path network model, Yumin Chen, Qiming Zhou, Sheng Li, Fanrui Meng, Xiaomei Bi, John P. Wilson, Zisheng Xing, Junyu Qi, Qiang Li, and Chengfu Zhang


Rural transformation and the persistence of rurality in China, Him Chung

Beyond economic growth: The genuine progress of Hong Kong from 1968 to 2010, Claudio O. Delang and Yi Hang Yu

Cyberspace: Connected or segregated? examining virtual segregation among Hong Kong Internet users, Fei Li and Donggen Wang

Social networks and joint/solo activity–travel behavior, Tao Lin and Donggen Wang

回归后香港的土地和住房政策: 政治经济分析 = Hong Kong’s land and housing policies since handover: A political economy analysis, Si Ming Li

Migration, mobility, and community change in Chinese cities: introducing the special issue, Si-Ming Li, Kam Wing Chan, and Shenjing He

Making a cultural cluster in China: A study of Dafen Oil Painting Village, Shenzhen, Si-ming Li, Hung-ha Cheng, and Jun Wang

Strategic coupling of local firms in global production networks: the rise of the home appliance industry in Shunde, China, Yi Liu and Chun Yang


Risk perception, trust and public engagement in nuclear decision-making in Hong Kong, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah, Peter Hills, and Julia Tao


Collaborative governance for technological innovation: a comparative case-study of wind energy in Xinjiang, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah and Peter Hills


Participatory governance for energy policy-making: A case study of the UK nuclear consultation in 2007, Daphne Ngar-Yin Mah and Peter Hills


Policy learning and central–local relations: A case study of the pricing policies for wind energy in China (from 1994 to 2009), Daphne Ngar-yin Mah and Peter R. Hills

Quaternary geochemical stratigraphy of the Kedong–Olorgesailie section of the southern Kenya Rift valley, R. Bernhart Owen, Robin W. Renaut, Anna K. Behrensmeyer, and Richard Potts

Well-being, context, and everyday activities in space and time, Tim Schwanen and Donggen Wang

Food security in the riverine rural communities of the lower Mekong Basin, Cambodia, Serey Sok, Xiaojiang Yu, and Koon-Kwai Wong

Decentralized local institutions and livelihood development of riverine communities in the Lower Mekong Basin, Cambodia, Serey Sok, Xiaojiang Yu, and Othniel Yila

当列斐伏尔遇上东方: 城市化在香港, Wing Shing Tang and Min Wang


Deliberative democracy at China’s grassroots: Case studies of a hidden phenomenon, Jonathan Unger, Anita Chan, and Him Chung

Residential self-selection, built environment, and travel behavior in the Chinese context, Donggen Wang and Tao Lin

微观视角下中国大城市家庭汽车拥有情况研究: 以北京市为例 = A disaggregate study of household car ownership in Chinese large cities: A case study of Beijing, Feng-long Wang and Donggen Wang

北京市居民汽车使用的特征及其影响因素 = Characteristics and determinants of car use in Beijing, Fenglong Wang and Donggen Wang

中国的城市化与非正规住房 = Urbanization and informal housing in China, Yaping Wang, Huimin Du, and Si Ming Li

Prosperity and environmental challenge in a gaming city: Environmental awareness of citizens in the Macao Special Administrative Region, China, Koon-Kwai Wong, Kin-Chung Ho, Pui-Si Hon, and Ka-Ho Tse

Market rebalancing of global production networks in the Post-Washington Consensus globalizing era: Transformation of export-oriented development in China, Chun Yang

State-led technological innovation of domestic firms in Shenzhen, China: Evidence from liquid crystal display (LCD) industry, Chun Yang

Genotoxicity of disinfection by-products (DBPs) upon chlorination of nine different freshwater algal species at variable reaction time, Y. L. Zhang, B. P. Han, B. Yan, Q. M. Zhou, and Y. Liang

A GIHS-based spectral preservation fusion method for remote sensing images using edge restored spectral modulation, Xiran Zhou, Jun Liu, Shuguang Liu, Lei Cao, Qiming Zhou, and Huawen Huang

Submissions from 2013

Migration, recession and an emerging transnational biopolitics across Europe, Adrian John Bailey

Return migration and Hong Kong's diverse circuits of mobility, Adrian John Bailey and Anges K. Y. Law

Reliable space–time prisms under travel time uncertainty, Bi Yu Chen, Qingquan Li, Donggen Wang, Shih-Lung Shaw, William H.K. Lam, Hui Yuan, and Zhixiang Fang

Small Works: Poverty and Economic Development in Southwestern China, Him Chung

The Guangdong model of urbanisation: Collective village land and the making of a new middle class, Him Chung and Jonathan Unger

Hong Kong people's attitudes towards electric cars, Claudio O. Delang and Wai-Tung Cheng

Coffee, mines and dams: Conflicts over land in the Bolaven Plateau, southern Lao PDR, Claudio O. Delang, Matthew Toro, and Marieke Charlet-Phommachanh

Chinese forest policy reforms after 1998: The case of the natural forest protection program and the slope land conversion program, C. O. Delang and W. Wang

Facies, geochemistry and diatoms of late Pleistocene Olorgesailie tufas, southern Kenya Rift, Ray K.L. Lee, R. Bernhart Owen, Robin W. Renaut, Anna K. Behrensmeyer, Richard Potts, and Warren D. Sharp

Becoming homeowners: The emergence and use of online neighborhood forums in transitional urban China, Limei Li and Si-Ming Li

Housing inequality in urban China: Guangzhou 1996 and 2005 = Inégalités dans le logement urbain en Chine: Guangzhou (Canton) 1996 et 2005, Si Ming Li

Neighborhood type, gatedness, and residential experiences in Chinese cities: A study of Guangzhou, Si-Ming Li, Yushu Zhu, and Limei Li


The role of the state in sustainable energy transitions: A case study of large smart grid demonstration projects in Japan, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah, Yun-Ying Wu, Jasper Chi-man Ip, and Peter Ronald Hills

Impact of lake-level changes on the formation of thermogene travertine in continental rifts: Evidence from Lake Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley, Robin W. Renaut, R. Bernhart Owen, Brian Jones, Jean-Jacques Tiercelin, Corinne Tarits, John K. Ego, and Kurt O. Konhauser

Activity spaces and sociospatial segregation in Beijing, Donggen Wang, Fei Li, and Yanwei Chai

Built environments, social environments, and activity-travel behavior: A case study of Hong Kong, Donggen Wang and Tao Lin

From strategic coupling to recoupling and decoupling: Restructuring global production networks and regional evolution in China, Chun Yang

Transformation of cross-boundary governance in the Greater Pearl River Delta, China: Contested geopolitics and emerging conflicts, Chun Yang and Si-Ming Li

Pedestrian comfort in Hong Kong: A pilot study, Yuk Yee Yan

Perceived neighborhood environments and self-rated health of older adults in Hong Kong, Yuk Yee Yan

Reliability of long-term snow depth data sets from remote sensing over the western arid zone of China, Qiming Zhou and Bo Sun

Submissions from 2012

Comparison of drainage-constrained methods for DEM generalization, Yumin Chen, John P. Wilson, Quansheng Zhu, and Qiming Zhou


The spatial dimension of negotiated power relations and social justice in the redevelopment of villages-in-the-city in China, Him Chung

Consumers’ attitudes towards electric cars: A case study of Hong Kong, Claudio O. Delang and Wai-Tung Cheng

Chinese forest policies in the age of decentralisation (1978–1997), C. O. Delang and W. Wang

Is it really just a rational choice? the contribution of emotional attachment to temporary migrants' intention to stay in the host city in Guangzhou, Huimin Du and Si Ming Li

Spatio-temporal relationships between urban growth and economic development: A case study of the Pearl River Delta of China, Quan Hou and Qiming Zhou

Ethnicity, cultural disparity and residential mobility: Empirical analysis of Hong Kong, Eddie Chi Man Hui, Si Ming Li, Francis Kwan Wah Wong, Zheng Yi, and Ka Hung Yu

Housing inequalities under market deepening: The case of Guangzhou, China, Si-Ming Li


Consumer perceptions of smart grid development: Results of a Hong Kong survey and policy implications, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah, Johannes Marinus van der Vleuten, Peter Hills, and Julia Tao


Governing the transition of socio-technical systems: A case study of the development of smart grids in Korea, Daphne Ngar-yin Mah

Early Pleistocene lacustrine sedimentation and diatom stratigraphy at Munya wa Gicheru, southern Kenya Rift Valley, R. Bernhart Owen, Ray K.L. Lee, and Robin Renaut

Impacts of flamingos on saline lake margin and shallow lacustrine sediments in the Kenya Rift Valley, Jennifer J. Scott, Robin W. Renaut, and R. Bernhart Owen

Impediments to community fisheries management: Some findings in Kompong Pou commune, Krakor District in Cambodia's Tonle Sap, Serey Sok, Xiaojiang Yu, and Koon Kwai Wong

The place attachment of residents displaced by urban redevelopment projects in Shanghai, Yu-Ling Song, Nora Lan-Hung Chiang, and Si Ming Li

Recreation conflict perception among visitors to Tuen Mun Park, Hong Kong, China: Outgroup evaluation, resource specificity, and lifestyle tolerance, Koon Kwai Wong and Xiaojiang Yu

Perception of neighborhood environments and self-rated health in Hong Kong, T. Wong and Yuk Yee Yan

An integrated spatio-temporal classification method for urban fringe change detection analysis, Yetao Yang, Qiming Zhou, Jianya Gong, and Yi Wang

Cultural attraction, ‘soft power’ and proximity: The popularity of Japanese language in Hong Kong since the 1980s, Xiaojiang Yu, Kazuyuki Takata, and Estelle Dryland

The changing meaning of neighbourhood attachment in Chinese commodity housing estates: Evidence from Guangzhou, Yushu Zhu, Werner Breitung, and Si Ming Li

Submissions from 2011

Millionaire migrants: Trans-Pacific life lines, Adrian John Bailey

Population geographies and climate change, Adrian John Bailey

Heritage conservation and the search for a new governing approach in Hong Kong, Him Chung

Planning for plural groups? villages-in-the-city redevelopment in Guangzhou city, China, Him Chung and Su-Hong Zhou