Submissions from 2011

Integrations, identity and conflicts: A cross-border perspective on residential relocation of Hong Kong citizens to Mainland China, Eddie Chi Man Hui, Francis Kwan Wah Wong, Si Ming Li, and Ka Hung Yu

Life cycle of a geyser discharge apron: Evidence from Waikite Geyser, Whakarewarewa geothermal area, North Island, New Zealand, Brian Jones, Robin W. Renaut, and R. Bernhart Owen

Towards a light‐green society for Hong Kong, China: Citizen perceptions, Wong Koon-Kwai

Late Miocene lacustrine sedimentation in the Mytilinii Basin, Samos Island, Greece, R. Bernhart Owen, Robin W. Renaut, and Michael G. Stamatakis

Geochemical trends through time and lateral variability of diatom floras in the Pleistocene Olorgesailie Formation, southern Kenya Rift Valley, R. B. Owen, R. W. Renaut, R. Potts, and A. K. Behrensmeyer

The geological history of Hong Kong, R. Shaw, D. L. K. Tang, Richard Bernhart Owen, and R. J. Sewell

Built environment diversities and activity–travel behaviour variations in Beijing, China, Donggen Wang, Yanwei Chai, and Fei Li

A two-level multiple discrete-continuous model of time allocation to virtual and physical activities, Donggen Wang and Jiukun Li

Chinese forest policies in the age of ideology (1949–1977), W. Wang and C. O. Delang

Restructuring the cross-border production networks of taiwanese investment in China: Relocation of personal computer firms from pearl river delta to Yangtze river delta, Chun Yang

Environmental performance of foreign direct investment (FDI) companies in the pearl river delta region (PRDR): A case study of Dongguan city, Xiaojiang Yu and Koon Kwai Wong

Generalization of DEM for terrain analysis using a compound method, Qiming Zhou and Yumin Chen

Estimating surface flow paths on a digital elevation model using a triangular facet network, Qiming Zhou, Petter Pilesjö, and Yumin Chen

Submissions from 2010


Changes in energy intensiveness of Hong Kong economy, 1995–2007, Larry C. H. Chow

Building an image of villages-in-the-city: A clarification of China's distinct urban spaces, Him Chung

Migrants, urban villages, and community sentiments: A case of Guangzhou, China, Huimin Du and Si Ming Li

Better city, better life, but for whom?: The hukou and resident card system and the consequential citizenship stratification in Shanghai, Limei Li, Si-ming Li, and Yingfang Chen

Evolving residential and employment locations and patterns of commuting under hyper growth: The case of Guangzhou, China, Si-ming Li

Mortgage loan as a means of home finance in urban China: A comparative study of Guangzhou and Shanghai, Si-Ming Li

Work, home, and market: The social transformation of housing space in Guangzhou, China, Si-Ming Li, Quan Hou, Susu Chen, and Chunshan Zhou

Spatial practice, conceived space and lived space: Hong Kong’s ‘Piers saga’ through the Lefebvrian lens, Mee Kam Ng, Wing Shing Tang, Joanna Lee, and Darwin Leung

Diatomaceous sedimentation in late Neogene lacustrine basins of western Macedonia, Greece, R. B. Owen, R. W. Renaut, and M. G. Stamatakis

Taphonomic controls on animal tracks at saline, alkaline lake bogoria, Kenya rift valley: Impact of salt efflorescence and clay mineralogy, Jennifer J. Scott, Robin W. Renaut, and R. Bernhart Owen

Empirical evidence for taxi customer-search model, R. M N T Sirisoma, S. C. Wong, William H. K. Lam, Donggen Wang, Hai Yang, and Peng Zhang

Towards a sustainable energy future—exploring current barriers and potential solutions in Thailand, Sk Noim Uddin, Ros Taplin, and Xiaojiang Yu

Environmental awareness, governance and public participation: Public perception perspectives, Koon-Kwai Wong

Urban open space system in Northern Kowloon peninsula: An emerging green infrastructure network in Hong Kong, Koon Kwai Kenneth Wong

土地利用景观格局对城市扩张影响研究, Yetao Yang, Jianya Gong, Qiming Zhou, and Ying-ying Wang

Gradient analysis of landscape spatial and temporal pattern changes in Beijing metropolitan area, YeTao Yang, QiMing Zhou, JianYa Gong, and YingYing Wang

Association between daily mortality and weather in Hong Kong, Yuk Yee Yan

Awareness and knowledge of andropause among Chinese males in Hong Kong, Yuk Yee Yan


Online health information seeking behavior in Hong Kong: An exploratory study, Yuk Yee Yan

An overview of legislative and institutional approaches to China's energy development, Xiaojiang Yu

Biodiversity conservation in China: Barriers and future actions, Xiaojiang Yu

China’s environment and natural resource management, Xiaojiang Yu

Analysis of spatio-temporal pattern and driving force of land cover change using multi-temporal remote sensing images, QiMing Zhou and Bo Sun

Submissions from 2009

The planning of ‘villages-in-the-city’ in Shenzhen, China: The significance of the new state-led approach, Him Chung

Spatial pattern of land cover change in China’s semiarid environment, Baolin Li and QiMing Zhou

Reply to the comment on “Diatomaceous sediments and environmental change in the Pleistocene Olorgesailie Formation, southern Kenya Rift Valley” by R.B. Owen, R. Potts, A.K. Behrensmeyer and P. Ditchfield [Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 269 (2008) 17–37], R. Bernhart Owen, Richard Potts, and Anna K. Behrensmeyer

Wetland sedimentation and associated diatoms in the Pleistocene Olorgesailie Basin, southern Kenya Rift Valley, R. Bernhart Owen, Robin W. Renaut, Jennifer J. Scott, Richard Potts, and Anna K. Behrensmeyer

Numerical analysis of the statistical properties of uniform design in stated choice modelling, Li Pengfei and Wang Donggen


Breast cancer: Knowledge and perceptions of Chinese women in Hong Kong, Yuk Yee Yan


Seasonal variations of mortality in Hong Kong, Yuk Yee Yan

Self-rated health of South Asians in Hong Kong: A pilot study, Yuk Yee Yan

Spatial variability of wind chill temperatures in China, Yuk Yee Yan