Submissions from 2018

The party runs the show: How the CCP controls the state and towers over the government, legislature and judiciary, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Submissions from 2017

Changing identities in Taiwan under Ma Ying-jeou, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Submissions from 2016

Relations across the Taiwan strait: Still a major political and security problem, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

The Taiwan strait, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Submissions from 2015

Cross-Strait integration and Taiwan’s new security challenges, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

La Chine en 2014, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC): Its role and its future, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Mehr autonomie wagen. Elektronische portfolios im DaF-Unterricht, Tushar Chaudhuri

Repentance: The Jewish solution to the German problem, Chi Kei Martin Chung

China’s strategy towards the EU: A strategic partner of no strategic significance?, Wai Ting

中國因素的政治論述: 台灣視角, Wai Kwok Wong


Discrimination against the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong’s defense of local identity, Wai-Kwok Benson Wong

Submissions from 2014

Optimizing the benefits of overseas academic sojourns: Pre-Departure training for exchange students, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

La chine en 2013, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan


Integration von eLernumgebungen in der Vorbereitung eines Studienaufenthaltes in Deutschland, Tushar Chaudhuri

Using the Common European Framework of Reference for languages in Asia: Promises and pitfalls, Tushar Chaudhuri

Poland: A nation of the in-between, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski


Education reforms and bureaucratic manipulation in post-colonial Hong Kong, Benson Wai Kwok Wong

The politics of teacher professionalism in Macao, Wai Kwok Wong

Submissions from 2013

Plurilinguisme en Suède: Le modèle revisité, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

Cross-straits relations, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

De la Chine de hu à la Chine de xi: Vers une consolidation du modèle de développement autoritaire ?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

中國崛起的"大戰略"與外交政策, Wai Ting

由做工到當奴: 網絡空間, Wai Kwok Wong

「誰需要身份?」國民教育與身份政治, Wai Kwok Wong

Submissions from 2012

The strategic triangle between Taiwan, China and the USA: A European perspective, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Introduction, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

La Chine, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

L’Asie, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The case of Taiwan: Independence without secession?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The future of Taiwan: Unification or silent normalisation?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The global financial crisis and China's domestic and international political options, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The renaissance of the legal profession in China, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan, Qinglan Li, Ping Sun, and Yves Dolais

China's international strategy and its relationship with India, Wai Ting

Human rights and EU-China relations, Wai Ting

中國性與國際性: 香港應如何看待自己的國際地位, Wai Ting

中國民族主義如何凝聚少數族裔?, Wai Ting

Hong Kong and the world, Wai Ting and Ellen Lai

Submissions from 2011

Chine, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Hong Kong, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Taiwan-China: A case of secession or a divided nation?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Taiwan's political development and US-China relations, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

I learn Deutsch with robots - und du? notizen zur lage in ostasien, Hans-werner Hess and Tushar Chaudhuri

"I learn Deutsch with robots - und du?" Notizen zur Lage in Ostasien, Hans-werner Hess and Tushar Chaudhuri

從政治漫畫分析董建華政權的去治理化, Wai Kwok Wong

Submissions from 2010

Central Asia-China relations and their relative weight in chinese foreign policy, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

China and European security and economic interests: A French perspective, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

European perspectives on China’s rise, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

How China managed to de-isolate itself on the international stage and re-engage the world after Tiananmen, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Introduction: China's new diplomacy: Old wine in a new bottle?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

中共的漸進式民主與中國政治經濟轉型的呼喚—理論、政策、矛盾, Wai Ting

"和諧社會" 的政治邏輯: 解讀港澳特首的施政報告, Wai Kwok Wong

Submissions from 2009

Der kosmopolitische Lerner. Wie und wohin bilden wir aus?, Hans-werner Hess

From diplomatic truce to military confidence-building measures: Strategic imperatives in Taiwan's political considerations during the reconciliation process with Beijing, Wai Ting

Hong Kong and Macao: In between China and the West, Wai Ting

Submissions from 2008


European studies: Electronic 'eurolingua' study paths, H W Hess and Claudia Tamme

Submissions from 2006

Ekonomiczne aspekty brytyjskiej strategii bezpieczeństwa = Economical aspects of British security strategy, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

Submissions from 2004

Jednolity Rynek Usług Wspólnoty - konsekwencje dla Polski = A uniform services market of UE – consequences for Poland, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski and Anna Wróbel