Submissions from 2020


Twenty Years after: Statute of Limitations and the Asymmetric Burdens of Justice in Northern Ireland and Post-war Germany, C. K. Martin Chung


Is Affective Effective? Measuring Affective Learning in Simulations, Martin Holland, Krzysztof Sliwinski, and Nicholas Thomas


Selecting Immigrants in an Unjust World, Kevin K. W. Ip

Submissions from 2019

Hong Kong-China relations over three decades of change: From apprehension to integration to clashes, Wing Chung Ho and Emilie Tran

Submissions from 2018


A Study of Foreign Policy Analysis Framework in Germany’s Energy Policy of the Post-Cold War Era, Sliwinski Krzysztof and Stratos Pourzitakis


European politics and the Neoliberal paradigm, Krzysztof Feliks SLIWINSKI


European Energy Security through Foreign Policy Analysis: Nord Stream 1 and its Consequences, Krzysztof Feliks SLIWINSKI and Stratos Pourzitakis

Submissions from 2017

Beijing’s policy towards president Tsai Ying-wen and the future of cross-strait relations, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

China’s institutional changes in the foreign and security policy realm under Xi Jinping: Power concentration vs. fragmentation without institutionalization, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

The development of grassroots Chinese NGOs following the Wenchuan earthquake of 2008: Three case studies, four Modi Vivendi, Yi Kang

Approaching the hegemonic discourse on youth politics in Hong Kong, Wai-Kwok Benson Wong

Submissions from 2016

Burkina Faso: Between Taiwan's active public diplomacy and China's business attractiveness, Jean-Pierre Cabestan


What Kind of International Order Does China Want? Between Reformism and Revisionism, Jean-Pierre Cabestan


Tanzania’s all-weather friendship with China in the era of multipolarity and globalisation: towards a mild hedging strategy, Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Jean-Raphaël Chaponniere

China’s road to the construction of labor rights, Feng Chen


'A-securitization' of immigration policy-the case of European Union, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

Submissions from 2015

China–Cameroon relations: Fortunes and limits of an old political complicity, Jean-Pierre Cabestan


Security threats and risk management: European and Chinese responses to the climate disruption = Zagrożenia bezpieczeństwa i zarządzanie ryzykiem: europejskie i chińskie odpowiedzi na zakłócenie klimatu, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski and Agata Rakowska

Pure white-light and colour-tuning of Eu3+-Gd3+-containing metallopolymer, Zhao Zhang, Ya-Ni He, Lin Liu, Xing-Qiang Lü, Xun-Jin Zhu, Wai-Kwok Wong, Mei Pan, and Cheng-Yong Su

“Mediate First”: The revival of mediation in labour dispute resolution in China, Wenjia Zhuang and Feng Chen

Submissions from 2014

La mobilité étudiante dans l'enseignement supérieur hongkongais: Réalités et défis, Beatrice Cabau

Language policy/planning and linguistic rights in Sweden, Beatrice Cabau

The ‘Language tournament’ within the Swedish school system (1849-1946), Beatrice Cabau

Minority language education policy and planning in Sweden, Béatrice Cabau

The intercultural approach in a Hong Kong academic setting, Béatrice Cabau

Échos nordiques: l’anglais dans l’enseignement supérieur en Suède, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

Higher education ambitions and societal expectations, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau


Gabon-China relations: towards a more cautious partnership, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Recent changes in Taiwan’s defense policy and Taiwan-USA relations, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Jusqu’où ira la Chine dans son affirmation de puissance?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The fifth domain - national security in private hands? Civilianization of cybersecurity in United Kingdom, Krzysztof Sliwinski

European Union-cyber power in the making, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski


Moving beyond the European Union's weakness as a cyber-security agent, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski


Accounting for pre-conditions for a harmonious community of states: Democratization and the security complex in East and Southeast Asia, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

L’Afrique et l’« ascension de la Chine »: les défis pour l’ordre politique international, Wai Ting

Mainlandization, internet, and local autonomy: The Hong Kong city-state autonomy movement, Benson Wai-Kwok Wong

Submissions from 2013

The Shanghai cooperation organization, central Asia, and the great powers, an introduction: One bed, different dreams?, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Les relations Chine-Afrique: Nouvelles responsabilités et nouveaux défis d’une puissance mondiale en devenir, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

海外公民的保护、主权和不干涉内政, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Labor conflicts in China: Typologies and their implications, Feng Chen and Mengxiao Tang


Counter-terrorism – a comprehensive approach. Social mobilisation and ‘civilianisation’ of security: The case of the United Kingdom, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

China’s naval development and the evolving security dilemma in East Asia, Wai Ting

Submissions from 2012

Évaluation de compétences dans un programme universitaire hongkongais, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

Democratizing Taiwan, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

Inseparable separation: The making of China's Taiwan policy, Jean-Pierre Cabestan

China and Ethiopia: Authoritarian affinities and economic cooperation, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Is Xi Jinping the reformist leader China needs?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

L’Asie est-elle «sino-centrée»? = Is Asia “sino-centric?”, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

US no. 1, China no. 2, or will it be the other way round?, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

“Active judiciary”: Judicial dismantling of workers’ collective action in China, Feng Chen and Xin Xu


Polish national security dilemmas: The US missile defense complex and its role in Polish foreign policy, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

L’identité nationale et la conception de nation-building en Chine: Comment la Chine peut-elle réunir ces nombreuses minorités ethniques ?, Wai Ting


Myths of the competitiveness of Hong Kong university students: A mainstream media perspective, Wai-Kwok Benson Wong

Submissions from 2011

Language policy in Swedish higher education: A contextualised perspective, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

L’Asie centrale vue de Chine = Central Asia Viewed from China, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Designing Web 2.0-telecollaborations for universitystudents. The eExchange Giessen-Hong Kong, Tushar Chaudhuri

Interkulturelle lernaktivitäten im zeitalter des web 2.0. erkenntnisse eines telekollaborativen projektes zwischen der Hong Kong Baptist University und der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen = Intercultural learning activities in the web 2.0 generation - findings of a telecollaborative project between the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Tushar Chaudhuri and Csilla Puskás

EU-China relations in the age of globalization and regionalization = 全球化與區域化時代的歐盟與中國關係, Wai Ting

兩岸構建共同體:理論、政策、矛盾 = Constructing the cross-strait community: Theories, policies, contradictions, Wai Ting

神的道理和人的傳播--人神如何共融 = The reasons of god and the communication of human beings: How is integration achieved between man and god, Wai Ting

Submissions from 2010

La politique internationale de la Chine - Entre intégration et volonté de puissance, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

Commentary on “a modest proposal for a basic agreement on peaceful cross-strait development” by Chang Ya-chung, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

The new détente in the Taiwan strait and its impact on Taiwan’s security and future, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Strategic dialogue between the European Union and Asia: A dritical appraisal, Ka Lok Chan

Images, visibility and the prospects of soft power of the EU in Asia: The case of China, Kenneth Chan

Trade unions and the quadripartite interactions in strike settlement in China, Feng Chen

A primer on governance issues in China and Hong Kong = Introduction aux enjeux de gouvernance qui se posent à la Chine et à Hong Kong, Michael Edison De Golyer

Prinzip vernetzung: Stabilisierung und dynamisierung beim fremdsprachenlernen, Hans-werner Hess and Tushar Chaudhuri

Submissions from 2009


Language‐in‐education issues: Sweden as a case study, Beatrice Cabau

The irresistible rise and hegemony of a linguistic fortress: English teaching in Sweden, Beatrice Elizabeth Cabau

China’s foreign- and security-policy decision-making processes under Hu Jintao, Jean-Pierre Aurelien Cabestan

Union power in China source, operation, and constraints, Feng Chen

国家、制度与工人阶级的形成——西方文献及其对中国劳工问题研究的意义, Feng Chen


British nuclear strategy at the threshold of the 21st century, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski


European supranationalism: The battle of spirit of Jean Monnet and vision of General de Gaulle, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

Submissions from 2005

Ewolucja brytyjskiej strategii odstraszania = Evolution of British strategy of deterrent, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

Review: John Dickie, the new mandarins: How British foreign policy works, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski

Submissions from 2002

Ewolucja strategii bezpieczeństwa w stosunkach międzynarodowych = Evolution of security strategy in international relations, Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski