Submissions from 2017


The Catholic Church in China in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: The Establishment of Zhendan University and Furen University, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Submissions from 2015

Finance and Politics in Guangdong, 1912-16, Po Yin Chung

Law and its impact on diasporic philanthropic institutions: The practices of Sinchew and the Waqf in the Straits settlements, Po Yin Chung

光緒丙戌科進士新會譚國恩生平初探, Ka Chai Tam

The HGIS experience of drawing sub-county unit boundaries in the Jiangnan region of late imperial China, Ka Chai Tam and Kee-long Billy So

The YSL’s Morrisonian challenge, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2014

Understanding ‘Chinese customs’: Sinchew rulings in the Straits Settlements, 1830s-1870s, Po Yin Chung

Transcending borders: The story of the Arab community in Singapore, 1820–1980s, Po Yin Stephanie Chung

盧梭「 革命觀」之東傳: 中江兆民漢譯《民約論》及其上海重印本的解讀, Guangxin Fan

Collections of birthday greetings and bereavement messages published in honor of women in late imperial and republican China, Wing Chung Clara Ho

Working on the history of Chinese women: My story, Wing Chung Clara Ho

YUAN Shikai, Chi Man Kwong

2004年廈村鄉太平清醮考察紀錄, Wing Sing Lui and Guangxin Fan

黃飛鴻 Icon 的本土再造: 以劉家良和徐克的電影為中心, King Sang Mak

晚明判牍与小说资料所示的刑讯原则及效用争议, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2013

香港聖公會: 從教區到教省, Kai Wing Chow

余仁生家族的创业、传承与应变, Po Yin Chung

潮語電影與海外的潮僑網絡 = Chaozhou-dialect Film and the Chaozhou Diaspora, Po Yin Chung

Natural history as compilation. travel accounts in the epistemic process of an empirical discipline, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Women in Chinese history, Wing Chung Clara Ho

前半生学记, Wing Chung Clara Ho

Conditions and risks of water transport in the late Ming Songjiang region as seen in the cases collected in Maoyilu's Yunjian Yanlüe, Ka Chai Tam

进退两难——从晚明沿岸搁浅船只的遭遇看东亚海洋活动的风险, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2012

Eu Tong Sen, Po Yin Chung

Eu Tong Sen, Po Yin Chung

Loke Wan Tho, Po Yin Chung

Loke Yew, Po Yin Chung

從「家族經營」到「上市公司」: 邵氏企業的蛻變, Po Yin Chung

閩僑的海外網絡與廈語電影業 = The overseas network of Fujian emigrants and the amoy-dialect film industry, Po Yin Chung

An investigation into the sources for women’s history in the Sibu: In Lieu of an introduction, Wing Chung Clara Ho

性别视野中的中国史学史新貌, Wing Chung Clara Ho

从军事角度重看1925年郭松龄反奉 = Revisiting the Guo-Zhang war of 1925: From military perspective, Chi Man Kwong

China's seaport development 1978-2002, Adolf K. Y. Ng and Ka Chai Tam

明清大松江地区棉业市镇格局与人口分布: 一个HGIS的观察, Ka Chai Tam and Kee Long So

The stories of urban Christian women in nineteenth-century South China: With special reference to missionary-related sources, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2011

志絜行芳報國恩: 丁日昌與何紹基交遊和創建絜園經過, Kai Wing Chow

Chinese enterprises across cultures: The Hong Kong business experience in the early twentieth century, Po Yin Chung

新聯故事: 政治、文藝和粵語影業, Po Yin Chung

连接上海、香港和新加坡: 邵氏兄弟的故事(1920年代-1950年代), Po Yin Chung

拘留される「外国人」の待遇と心理状態: 日本占領時期の香港スタンレー強制収容所, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

The idea of modernity in world history studies in contemporary China, King Sang Mak

改革時代的務實主義者: 論丁日昌的政治性格和文化取向, King Sang Mak

Submissions from 2010

新世紀教育潮流: 陶行知研究的進展與前瞻, Kai Wing Chow

朱希祖与北京大学史学系, Kai Wing Chow

梁啟超家族的清華因緣, Kai Wing Chow

評江明淵著《民初陶行知、晏陽初教育理論與民間文學之關係研究》, Kai Wing Chow

Die Ästhetik der Naturgeschichte. Das Sammeln von Muscheln im Paris des 18. Jahrhunderts, Bettina Barbara Dietz

目录系于史学: 论胡文楷编纂女性著作目录之贡献, Wing Chung Clara Ho

The geohistory of the frontier regions in eighteenth century China and the evolution of the Chinese weltanschauung, King Sang Mak

1977 年英國文化協會高等教育代表團訪華及其歷史意義, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2009

Migration and enterprise: The Eu Yan Sang firm and the Eu Kong-pui family in Foshan, Penang and Hong Kong, Po Yin Chung

The Maryknoll sisters since 1945, Yik Yi Cindy Chu, Miriam Xavier Mug, and Betty Ann Maheu

The Maryknoll sisters, their ministries and educational work, 1921 to the present, Yik Yi Cindy Chu, Miriam Xavier Mug, and Betty Ann Maheu

The German intellectual tradition, Cai Yuanpei and the founding of Peking university, King Sang Mak

Biculturality as modernity: A hypothesis about the origins of modern Hong Kong, Man Kong Wong

Higher education and research culture in Hong Kong: With special reference to medical education, research and professionalism, 1880s-1980s, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2008

Die Naturgeschichte und ihre prekären Objekte, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Submissions from 2007

Phrenologie des Fremden. Das Bild(nis) der Ozeanier, 1780-1840, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Submissions from 2005

Chinese nouveau riche in Southeast Asia as Movie Moguls in Hong Kong-the Stories of Run Run Shaw & Loke Wen Tho, Po Yin Chung

Submissions from 2003

Hong Kong Merchants in New China, 1900-11, Po Yin Chung

Submissions from 2002

Doing Business in Southeast Asia and Southern China-Booms and Busts of the Eu Yan Sang Business Conglomerates, 1876-1941., Po Yin Chung

Submissions from 1999

Mobilization Politics: The Siyi Businessmen in South China, Po Yin Chung