Submissions from 2015

The sisters of the precious blood in Hong Kong until 1929, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

Inwardness, modernity, and cultural reconstruction: The cultural vision of Zong Baihua (1897-1986) and Feng Zhi (1905-1993), King Sang Mak

Submissions from 2014

Land dedicated to Allah – Arab community and Waqf land in Singapore, 1860s -2010, Po Yin Chung

The early encounter with modernity: An inquiry into Zong Baihua’s works in the 1920s, King Sang Mak

Submissions from 2013

At the crossroads of East and West - Arab merchants in Singapore, 1819 - 1980s, Po Yin Chung

The “Sinchew Case” (1830-1860s) and the transplantation of the English rule against perpetuities into the straits settlements, Po Yin Chung

China and the vatican, 1979 to the present, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

The glocalization of the Catholic church in China: 1979 to the present, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

Reconsidering several major questions of the battle of the yellow sea: With reference to two reports of Constantin von Hanneken (1854-1925), King Sang Mak

Beriberi and politics: Public health in Hong Kong, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2012

The House of the Alsagoffs- an Arab Merchant Family in colonial and post-colonial Singapore, Po Yin Chung

History of contemporary China with particular references to the post-1978 period, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

The Catholic church in China during the republican period, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

Elephants are killed for their ivory: Shenyang arsenal and its subsidiaries, 1919-1931, Chi Man Kwong

Interwar Hong Kong defence policy revisited: In the context of inter-service rivalry in Britain, 1920-1939, Chi Man Kwong

The transnational Chinese business network in the early twentieth century and its economic and cultural impact: A case study of the Zhongshan business community, King Sang Mak and Michael Wing-Hin Kam

贪与灭盗: 张居正对嘉靖隆庆时期地方治安问题的理解及相关的解决方案, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2011

日本人與香港報業, Kai Wing Chow

香港聖公會: 從教區到教省, Kai Wing Chow

馮自由與辛亥革命, Kai Wing Chow

The Arab Community in Singapore – the story of Alkaff and Alsagoff families and their Waqf properties (1820s-1990s), Po Yin Chung

The Chinese and Muslim merchants in Penang, 1800-1950s, Po Yin Chung

The Catholic church in China, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

1911年漢口、漢陽戰役中的北洋軍, Chi Man Kwong

1912年前孫中山先生思想的幾條線索, King Sang Mak

The emergence of the transnational Chinese political community at the turn of the 20th century = 20世紀初跨國華人政治群體的出現, King Sang Mak

晚明小說《警世通言》所載司法事件的法制史解讀, Ka Chai Tam

進退兩難: 從十七世紀中國沿岸擱淺船隻之遭遇看東亞海洋貿易的風險, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2010

清末洋幕员的权力分配和斗争: 以德璀林和汉纳根的关系为例, King Sang Mak

Colonialism and the politics of translation in early Hong Kong, Man Kong Wong

The contexts and the texts of pupils’ sample scripts from the Morrison School, Man Kong Wong