Submissions from 2018

Creating ‘Family’ Networks across Time and Space: The Alsagoffs in Singapore, 1824–2009, Po Yin Chung

Submissions from 2017

Furen University: A Catholic University in Turbulent Times 1930s and 1940s, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Submissions from 2016

Catholic Universities on Chinese Soil: Precedents from Mainland China and the Prospects for Hong Kong, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

The search for spiritual inwardness in modern society: Zong baihua's (1897-1986) Aesthetic vision in the 1920s and 1930s, King Sang Ricardo MAK

Submissions from 2015

From ancestral Tong to joint-stock company: The transformation of the Yip Kwong Tai Tong in South China, 1830s-1960s, Stephanie Po-Yin Chung

超越暴力革命: 梁启超有关卢梭论述对自由和权利的探讨, Guangxin Fan

Nineteenth century missionary-scholars at work a critical review of English translations of the Daodejing by John Chalmers and James Legge, Wong Man Kong

永遠枷號: 清代刑部相關文獻所見禁制天主教下跌中國信徒實況, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2014

Linnaeus' restless system: Translation as textual engineering in eighteenth-century botany, Bettina Dietz

Finance and the Northern Expedition: From the Northeast Asian Perspective, 1925–1928, Chi Man Kwong

Cruise terminals site selection process: An institutional analysis of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong, Yui-Yip Lau, Ka-Chai Tam, Adolf K.Y. Ng, and Athanasios A. Pallis

Port geography at the crossroads with human geography: Between flows and spaces, Adolf K.Y. Ng, César Ducruet, Wouter Jacobs, Jason Monios, Theo Notteboom, Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Brian Slack, Ka-chai Tam, and Gordon Wilmsmeier

A critical review of the evolution of the Maritime Code in the People's Republic of China, Owen Tang, Yui Yip Lau, Ka-chai Tam, and Adolf K. Y. Ng

Submissions from 2013

Challenges of multi-source and bilingual data curation for the research of tribute during the Qing dynasty = 中國清朝貢品交換制度研究: 多資源及雙語數據管理之案例, Loretta Eumie Kim

Saints for shamans? culture, religion and borderland politics in Amuria from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, Loretta Eumie Kim

Uncovering a minor Arcanum: A sequential translation of a Manchu-language document, Loretta Eumie Kim

Western advisers and late Qing Chinese military modernization: A case study of constantin von Hanneken (1854-1925), King Sang Mak

Icons, culture and collective identity of postwar Hong Kong, King Sang Mak and Catherine S. Chan

The transnational Chinese business network in the early twentieth century and its economic and cultural impact: A case study of the Zhongshan business community, King Sang Mak and Michael Wing-Hin Kam

《盟水齋存牘》所反映的晚明廣東獄政缺憾及司法問題, Ka Chai Tam

Submissions from 2012

「淘金十年」走進考驗時刻, Po Yin Chung

Contribution and co-production: The collaborative culture of Linnaean botany, Bettina Dietz

A quintessential invention: Genesis of a cultural orthodoxy in East Asian tea appreciation, Loretta Eumie Kim and Lawreance Zhang

Reconstructing the early history of the gin drinker’s line from archival sources, Chi Man Kwong

从军事角度重看1925年郭松龄反奉 = Revisiting the Guo-Zhang war of 1925: From military perspective, Chi Man Kwong

郭松齡事件新探 = The Guo Songling incident of 1925 revisited, Chi Man Kwong

Historical studies in diseases and public health in Asian ports, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2011

Human trafficking and smuggling in Asia, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

Human trafficking and smuggling in China, Yik Yi Cindy Chu

The Long History of United Front Activity in Hong Kong, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

The 18 March incident of 1926 revisited: Looking at the wider context, Chi Man Kwong

待罪廣李: 顏俊彥生平及《盟水齋存牘》成書的糾謬與新證 = Fearfully assuming the duties of prefectural judge of Guangzhou: Revisiting some basic factsconcerning the life of Yan Junyan and his casebook Mengshui Zhai Cundu, Ka Chai Tam

明末清初松江府及其周边地区人口损失与历史人口估算 = Historical depopulation and demographic estimation of the SongJiang prefecture and its adjacent counties during the Ming-Qing transition, Ka Chai Tam and Kee Long So

Submissions from 2010

从播种到回馈: 陶行知与香港文教界的因缘, Kai Wing Chow

光影流逝:香港电影走进“大中华时代”, Po Yin Chung

Chinese Tong as British trust: Institutional collisions and legal disputes in urban Hong Kong, 1860s–1980s, Stephanie Po-Yin Chung

History matters: Christian studies in China since 1949, Man Kong Wong

History matters: Christian studies in China since 1949 = 歷史的視野: 1949 年以來中國基督教史研究, Man Kong Wong

The legacy of Carl Thurman Smith, Man Kong Wong

国际关系·商贸机会·科技转移: 对1975年中英"斯贝202"发动机专利合同及其时代意义的解读, Man Kong Wong

Submissions from 2009

The Chinese Movie Mogul and the Transformation of his Movie Empire – Loke Wan Tho Family and the Cathay Organisation in Southern China and Southeast Asia (1915-2000), Po Yin Chung

Aufklärung als Praxis. Naturgeschichte im 18. Jahrhundert, Bettina Dietz

Submissions from 2008

豈惟女儀,志士之師:尹會一母李氏之生命歷程 = An Exemplar for Women and a Teacher of the Scholar-officials: The Life of Yin Huiyi's Mother, Wing-chung Clara HO

清代女性課子書舉要, Wing-chung Clara HO and 王 建. 生

Submissions from 2007

Moguls of the Chinese Cinema: The Story of the Shaw Brothers in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, 1924–2002, Po Yin Chung

香港电影业的兴衰变幻(1997—2007), Po Yin Chung

Submissions from 2006

Fushi: The Second Sex and the Third Sex in Traditional China, Wing-chung Clara HO

留德科技精英、兵工署和南京政府的军事现代化, Mak King Sang Ricardo 麥勁生 and 董艿斌

Submissions from 2005

Changes and Continuities. Evolution of a Chinese Family Business (1876-2004), Po Yin Chung

The Transformation of an Overseas Chinese Family: Three Generations of the Eu Tong Sen Family 1822-1941, Po Yin Chung

Collections curieuses: The aesthetics of curiosity and elite lifestyle in eighteenth-century Paris, Bettina Barbara Dietz and Thomas Nutz

Naturgeschichte des Menschen als Wissensformation des späten 18. Jahrhunderts. Orte, Objekte, Verfahren, Bettina Barbara Dietz and Thomas Nutz

Submissions from 2004

香港高中世界史课程呈现的世界观, Mak King Sang Ricardo 麥勁生

Submissions from 2003

Western Law vs. Asian Customs Legal Disputes on Business Practices in India, British Malaya and Hong Kong, 1850s-1930s, Po Yin Chung

Back to the Masses: The Historiography of Hong Kong's Recent Political Developments and the Prospects of Future Scholarship, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Utopie und Policey: Frühneuzeitliche Konzeptionen eines idealen Ordnungsstaates, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Vom Giganten zum Elefanten: Kontroversen über Fossilien, 1610-1820, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Submissions from 2002

Surviving Economic Crises in Southeast Asia and Southern China: The History of Eu Yan Sang Business Conglomerates in Penang, Singapore and Hong Kong, Po Yin Chung

From the Pursuit of Converts to the Relief of Refugees: The Maryknoll Sisters in Twentieth-Century Hong Kong, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Submissions from 2000

The Failure of the United Front Policy: The Involvement of Business in the Drafting of Hong Kong's Basic Law, 1985-1990, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Der Reisebericht als Redeform: Zur Rekonstruktion der historischen Kommunikationssituation in Frankreich, 1650–1720, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Submissions from 1999

Toward a Redefinition of the Content of Chinese Women's History: Reflections On Eight Recent Bibliographies, Wing-chung Clara HO

Submissions from 1998

德國漢学家的清代社會研究的演變, King Sang Ricardo MAK

Submissions from 1996

Business Investment in Politics: Overseas Returned Chinese, Hong Kong Compradores and the Canton Government, 1911-1924, Po Yin Chung

中英貿易與18世纪政治經濟學者的自由貿易論争, King Sang Ricardo MAK

Submissions from 1995

On the Compilation of 'Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, Wing-chung Clara HO

The Cultivation of Female Talent: Views on Women's Education in China during the Early and High Qing Periods, Wing-chung Clara HO

Submissions from 1994

Conventionality versus Dissent: Designation of the Titles of Women's Collected Works in Qing China, Wing-chung Clara HO