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With the advent of mobile technological enhancement, teaching and learning can now be brought beyond the four walls of the classroom. Mobile technologies are transforming the educational landscape so much so that teaching and learning can take place anywhere, everywhere and anytime, thereby creating a new innovation in the learning process known as ubiquitous learning. By identifying the potential of mobile applications to address pedagogical difficulties, the Resource Centre for Ubiquitous Learning & Integrated Pedagogy (ULIP) was established with funding from the University Grants Committee (UGC) of Hong Kong. ULIP offers app development solutions to solve specific pedagogical problems, acting as an agent of today's education-technology movement to serve as an enabler of accelerated mobile learning. The “access anywhere” nature of the mobile app solutions allows for the user-participation in the dissemination of knowledge in new and creative ways. This then allows for more time in the classroom for optimized communication, interaction and connectedness, more fully engaging both students and faculty. Partnering with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the Centre develops user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing mobile apps for a range of courses to complement teaching through lectures. By continually exploring and evaluating innovative ways to use mobile apps and new pedagogies to engage students, the Centre is able to create apps that bridge the classroom with real world applications for expanded learning outside of the classroom.

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e-Learning excellence awards: An anthology of case histories 2016


Remenyi, Dan

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