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Conference Paper


Department of Computer Science; Language Centre


A pilot study on the impact of the web-based essay critiquing system on writing at the tertiary level




As English is widely used worldwide, it is the preferred second language in Hong Kong. Many students find essay writing stressful because they do not have sufficient ideas to fully cover the topic of the essay. To alleviate the aforementioned learning barriers, a web-based essay critiquing system was developed using Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), an automatic text analysis technique, for providing just-in-time feedback to students. The feedback takes two forms: new sub-themes suggested to be included, and the visualization of the existing sub-themes’ organization. In this paper, we present our findings on students’ performance and their perception of the usefulness of this system.


Essay Writing, Latent Semantic Analysis, Critiquing System

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Proceedings of the 2007 International Joint Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, and e-Education

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Hong Kong, China

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