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The making of Poetic Stones - Sunny Wang


The Poetic Stones installation is based on Chinese ancient poems Ten Ox Herding Pictures. The installation is analogous to the rhythms/tones from the structure of the poems, and simplifies them into calligraphic lines and circles to compose the meaning abstractly.

As the gesture of calligraphy cannot ever be repeated, the act of glass-blowing cannot be reversed. The glass installation invites the viewer to be totally present and in the moment. As in her other installation works, Sunny Wang hopes to offer to viewers a tranquil time-space, an opening toward inner peace and harmony.


Glass Art, calligraphy and glass making

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Sunny Wang's works are spiritual metaphors in glass. The installation was part of the artist's Doctor of Philosophy research on the concept of Be/coming, which explores the simultaneous process of being (existence) and becoming (continuity of being) through her practice of Buddhism and art making. Moreover Wang's research draws on the aesthetics and spirituality of Chinese calligraphy. The concept of Be/coming is realized and manifested through the artworks made during this research as well as the artist's life experience during the making.

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