Submissions from 2010

Fe3O4-in-silica super crystal of defined interstices for single protein molecules entrapment under magnetic flux, Lin Ye, Chih Hao Yu, Pengju Jiang, Lin Qiu, Olivia T.W. Ng, Ken K.L. Yung, Heyong He, and Shik Chi Tsang

Chiral C1-symmetric 2,2':6',2"-terpyridine ligands: synthesis, characterization, complexation with copper(II), rhodium(III) and ruthenium(II) ions and use of the complexes in catalytic cyclopropanation of styrene, Chi-Tung Yeung, Wing-Sze Lee, Chui-Shan Tsang, Shek-Man Yiu, Wing-Tak Wong, Wai-Yeung Wong, and Hoi-Lun Kwong

Danny Yung in search of hybrid matter and mind: His experimental Xiqu for Zuni Icosahedron, Jessica Yeung

剧院与银幕: 20世纪早期京剧两种新的"感触结构", Wai Yee Jessica Yeung

Experimental and theoretical studies on the magnetic property of carbon-doped ZnO, X. J. Ye, C. S. Liu, W. Zhong, H. A. Song, C. T. Au, and Y. W. Du

Screening of Chinese herbal medicines for antityrosinase activity in a cell free system and B16 cells, Yan Ye, Gui-Xin Chou, Dan-Dan Mu, Hui Wang, Jian-Hong Chu, Alexander Kai-Man Leung, Wang-fun Fong, and Zhi-Ling Yu

Flavonoids, apigenin and icariin exert potent melanogenic activities in murine B16 melanoma cells, Yan Ye, Gui-Xin Chou, Hui Wang, Jian-Hong Chu, and Zhi-Ling Yu

Involvement of p38 MAPK signaling pathway in the anti-melanogenic effect of San-bai-tang, a Chinese herbal formula, in B16 cells, Yan Ye, Jian-Hong Chu, Hui Wang, Hong Xu, Gui-Xin Chou, Alexander Kai-Man Leung, Wang-Fun Fong, and Zhi-Ling Yu

Social responsibility climate as a double-edged sword: How employee-perceived social responsibility climate shapes the meaning of their voluntary work?, Hong Kit Yim and Kwong Yin Henry Fock

Effect of the oxidation state of gold on the complete oxidation of isobutane on Au/CeO2 catalysts, Fang Yinga, Shuiju Wang, Chak Tong Au, and Suk Yin Lai

The emergence of androgynous women in a doll's house and the lady from the sea, Siu Han Terry Yip

Women’s self-identity and gender relations in twentieth-century Chinese fiction, Siu Han Terry Yip

Comparison of the chemical profiles and anti-platelet aggregation effects of two "Dragon’s blood" drugs used in traditional chinese medicine, Tao Yi, Hubiao Chen, Zhongzhen Zhao, and Jing Liu


Comparison of the anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive effects of three medicinal plants known as “Snow Lotus” herb in traditional Uighur and Tibetan medicines, Tao Yi, Zhong-Zhen Zhao, Zhi-Ling Yu, and Hu-Biao Chen

Comparative study of the morphological and chemical changes of MiantouXuelianhua (Saussurea laniceps Hand.-Mazz.) before and after decoction, T. Yi, H. W. Lo, Z. Z. Zhao, and Hubiao Chen

Comparative analysis of main constituents in WuZhiMaoTao (radix of ficus hirta vahl.) from different sources, T. Yi, S. W. So, Z. Z. Zhao, and Hubiao Chen

Lenovo’s purchase of IBM’s PC division, Michael Norman Young

China’s geely motors, Michael Norman Young and Yuan Yi Chen

A blind watermarking scheme using new nontensor product wavelet filter banks, Xinge You, Liang Du, Yiu-Ming Cheung, and Qiuhui Chen

Enhancing life skills development: Chinese adolescents’ perceptions, Mantak Yuen, Raymond M. C. Chan, Norman C. Gysbers, Patrick S. Y. Lau, Queenie Lee, Peter M. K. Shea, Ricci W. Fong, and Y. B. Chung

全方位輔導計劃在香港的推行: 高中教師的觀感 = Implementing the comprehensive guidance andcounseling program in Hong Kong: High school teachers’ perspectives, Man Tak Yuen, Tsz Hong Chan, Siu Ying Lau, Lu Yu, Mow Chiu Raymond Chan, Norman C. Gysbers, and Man Kee Shea

Talent development, work habits, and career exploration of Chinese middle‐school adolescents: development of the Career and Talent Development Self‐Efficacy Scale, Mantak Yuen, Norman C. Gysbers, Raymond M.C. Chan, Patrick S.Y. Lau, and Peter M.K. Shea

A simplified method for quantifying cell migration/ wound healing in 96-well plates., Patrick Y. K. Yue, Emily P. Y. Leung, N. K. Mak, and Ricky N. S. Wong

黄芪种植产地与生态环境及饮片规格的调查研究 = Ecological environment of cultivated Astragali Radix and market specification of prepared slices, Kunzi Yu, Jing Liu, Hao Hong, Baolin Guo, Shaoqing Cai, and Hubiao Chen

Separation and quantification of monosaccharide compositions of astragalus polysaccharide by precolumn derivation hplc, S. Yung, J. Liu, Z. Zhao, Y. Tao, and Hubiao Chen

香港退休保障策略对社会福利发展的启示, Wai Kam Yu and Chi Yin Chung

An overview of legislative and institutional approaches to China's energy development, Xiaojiang Yu

Biodiversity conservation in China: Barriers and future actions, Xiaojiang Yu

China’s environment and natural resource management, Xiaojiang Yu

Anticancer effects and mechanisms of sesquiterpene compounds isolated from Atractylodes Macrocephala in B16 melanoma cells, Zhiling Yu

Anti-hepatosteatotic effect and mechanism of schisandrin β in steatotic cell models, Zhiling Yu

Proteomic analysis of free fatty acids-induced steatotic L-02 cells identifies GRP58 as a potential pathogenic factor of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, Zhiling Yu

Comments on "Envelope models for parsimonious and efficient multivariate linear regression" by Cook, D. and Li, B. and Chiaromonte, Zhou Yu and Lixing Zhu

Cortical hubs form a module for multisensory integration on top of the hierarchy of cortical networks, Gorka Zamora-López, Changsong Zhou, and Jürgen Kurths

Coauthor network topic models with application to expert finding, Jia Zeng, William K. Cheung, Chun-Hung Li, and Jiming Liu

Performance analysis of data management in sensor data storage via stochastic petri nets, Rongfei Zeng, Chuang Lin, Yixin Jiang, Xiaowen Chu, and Fangqin Liu

Alternating minimization method for total variation based wavelet shrinkage model, Tieyong Zeng, Xiaolong Li, and Michael Ng

On the total variation dictionary model, Tieyong Zeng and Michael K. Ng

Effect of blend layer morphology on performance of ZnPc:C60-based photovoltaic cells, Wenjin Zeng, Kian Soon Yong, Zhi Ming Kam, Fu Rong Zhu, and Yuning Li

Crisis, value at risk, and conditional extreme value theory via Garch-jump model, Yau Man Ze-To

Darnings management and accruals anomaly, business cycles and market states: Evidences from U.S. and Indian stock markets, Yau Man Ze-To

Earnings management and accruals anomaly, business cycles and market states: Evidences from U.S. and Indian stock markets, Yau Man Ze-To

Spectral study on the inclusion complex of cryptophane-E and CHCl3, Caihong Zhang, Weili Shen, Ruying Fan, Guomei Zhang, Shaomin Shuang, Chuan Dong, and Martin M.F. Choi

Two samples tests for functional data, Chongqi Zhang, Heng Peng, and Jin-Ting Zhang

Community, the common good, and public healthcare—Confucianism and its relevance to contemporary China, Ellen Zhang

Bai, Tongdong 白彤東, new mission of an old state: classical confucian political philosophy in a contemporary and comparative context 舊邦新命: 古今中西參考下的古典儒家政治哲學, Ellen Ying Zhang

What is personhood? Kant and Huayan Buddhism, Ellen Ying Zhang

墨家思想对当代中国医改的启示, Ellen Ying Zhang

Hub nodes inhibit the outbreak of epidemic under voluntary vaccination, Haifeng Zhang, Jie Zhang, Changsong Zhou, Michael Small, and Binghong Wang

Spatially quantifying the leadership effectiveness in collective behavior, Hai-Tao Zhang, Ning Wang, Michael Z. Q. Chen, Ri-Qi Su, Tao Zhou, and Changsong Zhou

A novel ranking algorithm for service matching based on agent association graphs, Hao Lan Zhang, Clement H.C. Leung, Gitesh K. Raikundalia, and Jing He

An optimised design for agent capability reuse, Hao Lan Zhang, Clement H.C. Leung, Xinghuo Yu, and Jing He

Forcing matching numbers of fullerene graphs, Heping Zhang, Dong Ye, and Wai Chee Shiu

Electroacupuncture is better than cox-2 inhibitor celecoxib for neuropathic pain in rat, Hong Qi Zhang, W. K. Lau, Y. M. Lau, S. C. Wong, and T. P. Yip

Potential mechanism for Chinese scorpion relieving neuropathic hypersensitivity, Hong Qi Zhang, S. Wong, and S. Zhang

创作的厚度与时代的选择: 王沂孙词的后世接受与评价思路, Hongsheng Zhang

創作的厚度與時代的選擇: 王沂孫詞的後世接受與評價思路, Hongsheng Zhang

宏观把握与微观示范: 从评点看朱彝尊的词学成就, Hongsheng Zhang

统序观与明清词学的递嬗: 从《古今词统》到《词综》, Hongsheng Zhang

Are acupoints specific for diseases? A systematic review of the randomized controlled trials with sham acupuncture controls, Hongwei Zhang, Zhaoxiang Bian, and Zhixiu Lin


Bridging Workshop on Practical Skills for Year-one Biology Students, Jianhua Zhang

Mapping from structure to dynamics: A unified view of dynamical processes on networks, Jie Zhang, Changsong Zhou, Xiaoke Xu, and Michael Small

Employee orientation and performance: An exploration of the mediating role of customer orientation, Junfeng Zhang

Exploring the moderating effect of information inconsistency in a trust-based online shopping model, Kem Z.K. Zhang, Matthew K.O. Lee, Christy M.K. Cheung, Aaron X.L. Shen, Xiao-Ling Jin, and Huaping Chen

Fast algorithms for the generalized foley–sammon discriminant analysis, Lei-Hong Zhang, Li-Zhi Liao, and Michael K. Ng

Magnolol attenuates the colonic smooth muscle contraction by decreasing the activities of MLCK/myosin light chain 20 in colonic smooth muscle, M. Zhang, Y. Huang, Zhaoxiang Bian, H. X. Xu, and J. J. Y. Sung

Magnolol regulates the colonic motility dysfunction through inhibiting L-type calcium channels in colonic smooth muscle in neonatal maternal separation rats, M. Zhang, Y. Huang, Zhaoxiang Bian, H. X. Xu, and J. J. Y. Sung

Up-regulation of L-type calcium channels in colonic smooth muscle cells is involved in colonic motility dysfunction induced by NMS, M. Zhang, F. P. Leung, Y. Huang, and Zhaoxiang Bian

Increased colonic motility in a rat model of irritable bowel syndrome is associated with up-regulation of L-type calcium channels in colonic smooth muscle cells, M. Zhang, F. P. Leung, Y. Huang, and Z. X. Bian

Inhibitory effect of magnolol on colonic motility is mediated through down-regulation of voltage-dependent L type Ca2+ channels of colonic smooth muscle cells in rats, M. Zhang, J. L. Luo, F. P. Leung, Y. Huang, Zhaoxiang Bian, H. X. Xu, and J. J. Y. Sung

Clinical trials of acupuncture in pain management: The state of play, Shi Ping Zhang

Experimental studies of auricular acupuncture in treatment of inflammatory pain, Shi Ping Zhang, Y. Zhan, and H. Zhang


Solution processable donor-acceptor oligothiophenes for bulk-heterojunction solar cells, Weifeng Zhang, Shing Chi Tse, Jianping Lu, Ye Tao, and Man Shing Wong

Solution processable donor–acceptor oligothiophenes for bulk-heterojunction solar cells, Weifeng Zhang, Shing Chi Tse, Jianping Lu, Ye Tao, and Man Shing Wong

Simultaneous confidence band and hypothesis test in generalised varying-coefficient models, Wenyang Zhang and Heng Peng

A game theoretic approach for sensitive information sharing in supply chain, Xiaofeng Zhang, Kwok Wai Cheung, ZongWei Luo, and Frank Tong

Empowering leadership and team creativity: The roles of team learning behavior, team creative efficacy, and team task complexity, Xiaomeng Zhang, Yuanyi Chen, and Ho Kwong Kwan


Air-stable hypervalent organobismuth(III) tetrafluoroborate as effective and reusable catalyst for the allylation of aldehyde with tetraallyltin, Xiaowen Zhang, Renhua Qiu, Nianyuan Tan, Shuangfeng Yin, Jun Xia, Shenglian Luo, and Chak-Tong Au

Proteomic profiling of spinal cord and dorsal root ganglia: Altered protein regulation following inflammatory bowel diseases induced by trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid, X. J. Zhang, H. Wang, C. C. Lee, H. F. Kung, W. W. L. Hsiao, S. Tan, H. X. Xu, and Zhaoxiang Bian

Simulating two-phase viscoelastic flows using moving finite element methods, Yubo Zhang, Heyu Wang, and Tao Tang

NAC-capped quantum dot as nuclear staining agent for living cells via an In Vivo steering strategy, Dan Zhao, Zhike He, Pui Shan Chan, Ricky N. S. Wong, Nai Ki Mak, Albert W. M. Lee, and Wing Hong Chan

GPUMP: A multiple-precision integer library for GPUs, Kaiyong Zhao and Xiaowen Chu

Complexity versus modularity and heterogeneity in oscillatory networks: Combining segregation and integration in neural systems, Ming Zhao, Changsong Zhou, Yuhan Chen, Bambi Hu, and Bing-Hong Wang

Quality evaluation of mycelial Antrodia camphorata using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled with diode array detector and mass spectrometry (DAD-MS), Sandy S. Zhao and Kelvin S. Leung

Analysis of Gene Expression Data Using RPEM Algorithm in Normal Mixture Model with Dynamic Adjustment of Learning Rate, Xing-Ming Zhao, Yiu-Ming Cheung, and De-Shuang Huang

Reconsidering Baron and Kenny: Myths and truths about mediation analysis, Xinshu Zhao, John G. Lynch, and Qimei Chen

Rapid Biodegradation of benzo[a]pyrene by Bacillus subtilis BUM under Thermophilic Condition, Zhenyong Zhao and Jonathan Woon-Chung Wong

台灣中醫藥尋寶之旅(一), Zhongzhen Zhao

台灣中醫藥尋寶之旅(二), Zhongzhen Zhao

從香港中藥中毒事件所想到的, Zhongzhen Zhao

百藥炮制 = Bai yao pao zhi, Zhongzhen Zhao

中药材鉴定图典, Zhongzhen Zhao and Hubiao Chen

常用中藥材鑑別圖典 = Chang yong Zhong yao cai jian bie tu dian, Zhongzhen Zhao and Hubiao Chen

A unique issue in the standardization of Chinese Materia Medica: Processing, Zhongzhen Zhao, Zhitao Liang, Kelvin Chan, Guanghua Lu, Eko Lai Mei Lee, Hubiao Chen, and Lin Li

Preparation of gold nanoparticles on eggshell membrane and their biosensing application, Baozhan Zheng, Lei Qian, Hongyan Yuan, Dan Xiao, Xiupei Yang, Man Chin Paau, and Martin M.F. Choi

Fast microwave synthesis of Fe3O4 and Fe3O4/Ag magnetic nanoparticles using Fe2+ as precursor, Baozhan Zheng, Minghui Zhang, Dan Xiao, Yong Jin, and Martin M. F. Choi

Penalized preimage learning in kernel principal component analysis, Wei-Shi Zheng, Jianhuang Lai, and Pong C. Yuen

Poly(phenylenediamine) film for the construction of glucose biosensors based on platinized glassy carbon electrode, Dong-Mei Zhou, Yi-Qing Dai, and Kwok-Keung Shiu

Electrophosphorescent heterobimetallic oligometallaynes and their applications in solution-processed organic light-emitting devices, Guijiang Zhou, Yue He, Bing Yao, Jingshuang Dang, Wai-Yeung Wong, Zhiyuan Xie, Xiang Zhao, and Lixiang Wang

Metallophosphors of platinum with distinct main-group elements: a versatile approach towards color tuning and white-light emission with superior efficiency/color quality/brightness trade-offs, Guijiang Zhou, Qi Wang, Xingzhu Wang, Cheuk-Lam Ho, Wai-Yeung Wong, Dongge Ma, Lixiang Wang, and Zhenyang Lin