Submissions from 2009

Salvianolic acid B and cryptotanshinone decrease β-Amyloid generation by modulating amyloid precursor protein processing, Siva Sundara Kumar Durairajan, Min Li, Jia-Hong Lu, Yan Wang, Li-Xia Xie, Wan-Fung Kum, Irene Koo, Masahi Asai, Kei Maruyama, and Jian-Dong Huang

On some covariance inequalities for monotonic and non-monotonic functions, Martin Egozcue, Luis Fuentes Garcia, and Wing Keung Wong

Syntheses, structures, two-photon absorption cross-sections and computed second hyperpolarisabilities of quadrupolar A–π–A systems containing E-dimesitylborylethenyl acceptors, Christopher D. Entwistle, Jonathan C. Collings, Andreas Steffen, Lars-Olof Pålsson, Andrew Beeby, David Albesa-Jové, Jacquelyn M. Burke, Andrei S. Batsanov, Judith A. K. Howard, Jackie A. Mosely, Suk-Yue Poon, Wai-Yeung Wong, Fatima Ibersiene, Sofiane Fathallah, Abdou Boucekkine, Jean-Franois Halet, and Todd B. Marder

Simultaneous quantification of five major constituents in stems of Dracaena plants and related medicinal preparations from China and Vietnam by HPLC–DAD, Lan-Lan Fan, Peng-Fei Tu, Hu-Biao Chen, and Shao-Qing Cai

Identification of the botanical source of stemonae radix based on polymerase chain reaction with specific primers and polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism, Lan-Lan Fan, Shu Zhu, Hu-Biao Chen, Dong-Hui Yang, Shao-Qing Cai, and Katsuko Komatsu

Molecular analysis of stemona plants in China based on sequences of four chloroplast DNA regions, Lan-Lan Fan, Shu Zhu, Hu-Biao Chen, Dong-Hui Yang, Shao-Qing Cai, and Katsuko Komatsu

Fluorene-based π-conjugated oligomers for efficient three-photon excited photoluminescence and lasing, Xin Jiang Feng, Po Lam Wu, Hoi Lam Tam, King Fai Li, Man Shing Ricky Wong, and Kok Wai Cheah

Analysis of aristolochic acids by CE-MS with carboxymethyl chitosan-coated capillary, Xiaofang Fu, Yi Liu, Wei Li, Nannan Pang, Honggang Nie, Huwei Liu, and Zongwei Cai

New host containing bipolar carrier transport moiety for high-efficiency electrophosphorescence at low voltages, Zhi Qiang Gao, Meiming Luo, Xiao Hua Sun, Hoi Lam Tam, Man Shing Ricky Wong, Bao Xiu Mi, Ping Fang Xia, Kok Wai Cheah, and Chin Hsin Chen

p-Doped p-phenylenediamine-substituted fluorenes for organic electroluminescent devices, Zhi Qiang Gao, Ping Fan Xia, Pik Kwan Lo, Bao Xiu Mi, Hoi Lam Tam, Man Shing Ricky Wong, Kok Wai Cheah, and Chin H. Chen

由《銀元時代生活史》看傳記文學的歷史建構, Liang Ge

路过尘世, Liang Ge

A fast l1-TV algorithm for image restoration, Xiaoxia Guo, Fang Li, and Kwok Po Ng

Numerical soliton solutions for a discrete sine-gordon system, Houde Han, Jiwei Zhang, and Hermann Brunner

1-(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)indolin-2-one, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Rafiq, Muhammad Saleem, Ghulam Qadeer, and Wai-Yeung Wong

4-Benzyloxy-3-methoxybenzonitrile, Muhammad Hanif, Muhammad Rafiq, Muhammad Saleem, Ghulam Qadeer, and Wai-Yeung Wong

Phyllanthus urinaria extract attenuates acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity: Involvement of cytochrome P450 CYP2E1, Desmond Kwok Po Hau, Roberto Gambari, Raymond Siu Ming Wong, Marcus Chun Wah Yuen, Gregory Yin Ming Cheng, Cindy Sze Wai Tong, Guo Yuan Zhu, Alexander Kai Man Leung, Paul Bo San Lai, Fung Yi Lau, Andrew Kit Wah Chan, Wai Yeung Wong, Stanton Hon Lung Kok, Chor Hing Cheng, Chi Wai Kan, Albert Sun Chi Chan, Chung Hin Chui, Johnny Cheuk On Tang, and David Wang Fun Fong

Investor protection, ownership concentration, and mimicking repurchases around the world, In-Mu Haw, Simon S. M. Ho, Bingbing Hu, and Xu Zhang

The impact of industry concentration on the market’s ability to anticipate future earnings: International evidence, In-Mu Haw, Bingbing Hu, Jay Junghun Lee, and Woody Wu


Metal free oxidation of alkyl substituted aromatics with aqueous tert-butyl hydroperoxide under microwave irradiation, Hao He, Bao-Jian Pei, and Albert W. M. Lee

Der kosmopolitische Lerner. Wie und wohin bilden wir aus?, Hans-werner Hess

Bilinear Bäcklund transformation and Lax pair for a coupled Ramani equation, Yi He and Hon-Wah Tam

Efficient electrophosphorescence from a platinum metallopolyyne featuring a 2,7-carbazole chromophore, Cheuk-Lam Ho, Chung-Hin Chui, Wai-Yeung Wong, Shawkat M. Aly, Daniel Fortin, Pierre D. Harvey, Bing Yao, Zhiyuan Xie, and Lixiang Wang

Phosphorescence color tuning by ligand, and substituent effects of multifunctional iridium(III) cyclometalates with 9-arylcarbazole moieties, Cheuk Lam Ho, Qi Wang, Ching-Shan Lam, Wai Yeung Wong, Dongge Ma, Lixiang Wang, Zhi-Qiang Gao, Chin-Hsin Chen, Kok Wai Cheah, and Zhenyang Lin

Synthesis, characterization and photoluminescent properties of new platinum-containing poly(fluorenyleneethynylene) anchored with carbazole pendants, Cheuk-Lam Ho and Wai-Yeung Wong

Synthesis, characterization, photophysics and electrophosphorescent applications of phosphorescent platinum cyclometalated complexes with 9-arylcarbazole moieties, Cheuk-Lam Ho, Wai-Yeung Wong, Bing Yao, Zhiyuen Xie, Lixiang Wang, and Zhenyang Lin

An empirical study of international transfer pricing by multinationals in the People's Republic of China, Hoi Ki Ho

A study of Hong Kong tax compliance ethics, Hoi Ki Ho and Brossa Wong

Corpus-driven approaches to sense prediction, Jia Fei Hong, Sue Jin Ker, Chu Ren Huang, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens, and Guan Xun Li

传统工艺的承传与发展: 与何兆基的对谈, Siu Kee Ho

A Study of Hong Kong students' music participation in and out of school, Wai Chung Ho

The interplay of globalization and localization of school music education in Hong Kong and Taiwan: A sociological critique, Wai Chung Ho

The perception of music learning among parents and students in Hong Kong, Wai Chung Ho

The role of multimedia technology in a Hong Kong higher education music program, Wai Chung Ho

香港青少年學生的音樂參與: 對家長參與和支持之研究 = Parental involvement and support to musical participation: A study of Hong Kong students, Wai Chung Ho

Gender differences in instrumental learning among secondary school students in Hong Kong, Wai-Chung Ho

Social developments and school music education: The struggles in Hong Kong, Wai-Chung Ho

Sociopolitical culture and school music education in Hong Kong, Wai Chung Ho and Wing-Wah Law

The struggle between globalisation, nationalism and music education in Hong Kong, Wai-Chung Ho and Wing-Wah Law

Dynamics of social change in school music education: In search of social harmony and historical memory in Mainland China, Wai Chung Ho and W. W. Law

Windows on the Chinese world : reflections by five historians, Wing-chung Clara HO

Plasma proteomic analysis for potential chemopreventative anti-obesity effect of total saponins of Gynostemma pentaphyllum in high fat diet induced obesity in ICR mice, Wen-luan Wendy Hsiao

Evidence that mitotic exit is a better cancer therapeutic target than spindle assembly, Hsiao-Chuun Huang, Jue Shi, James D. Orth, and Timothy J. Mitchison

The first year in university: Loss, confusion, and puzzlement, Jing Huang

教師身份、教師能動、教師自主: 二十年從教經歷的反思, Jing Huang

Types and dimensions of organization–public relationships in greater China, Chun-ju Flora Hung-Baesecke and Yi Ru Regina Chen

Advertising research and findings in China: An eventful decade, Hing Kun Kineta Hung, Caleb Hin-Yan Tse, and David K. Tse

愿做"忠心天使", Suet Lin Hung

Mining, modeling, and evaluation of subnetworks from large biomolecular networks and its comparison study, Xiaohua Hu, Michael Ng, Fang-Xiang Wu, and Bahrad A. Sokhansanj

Attitudes towards the use of masculine and feminine Japanese among foreign professionals: what can learners learn from professionals?, Hiroko Itakura

Gender and professional communication: The role of feminine style in multilingual workplaces, Hiroko Itakura

Testing the adequacy of GARCH-type models in time series, Wu Jianhong and Zhu Lixing

Catalytic growth of clusters of wurtzite ZnS nanorods through co-deposition of ZnS and Zn on Au film, Changqing Jin, Yingchun Cheng, Xin Zhang, Wei Zhong, Yu Deng, Chaktong Au, Xinglong Wu, and Youwei Du

Synthesis and wavelength-tunable luminescence property of wurtzite ZnxCd1−xS nanostructures, Changqing Jin, Wei Zhong, Xin Zhang, Yu Deng, Chaktong Au, and Youwei Du

SMART: A subspace clustering algorithm that automatically identifies the appropriate number of clusters, Liping Jing, Junjie Li, Michael K. Ng, Yiu-Ming Cheung, and Joshua Huang

How to keep members using the information in a computer-supported social network, Xiao-Ling Jin, Christy M.K. Cheung, Matthew K.O. Lee, and Hua-Ping Chen

Numerical simulation of two-dimensional combustion using mesh-free methods, Edward J. Kansa, Ralph C. Aldredge, and Leevan Ling

Synthesis, crystal structure and photophysical properties of novel monophthalocyaninato lanthanide complexes stabilized by an organometallic tripodal ligand, Hanzhong Ke, Rick Wai Kwok Wong, Wai Yeung Wong, Hoi Lam Tam, Chun-Ting Poon, and Fenglei Jiang


The need for a shared approach to Advertising Education: The role of Academic Associations, Industry Associations and related stakeholders in an evolving advertising environment, Gayle Kerr and Kara Chan

Improvisational aspects of image and gesture sonification, Christopher Jay Keyes

Diabolical evil and "The Black Cat.", Wing Chi Ki

Othello and the master-servant dialectic, Wing Chi Ki

The s(ub)lime symptom and O'Neill's Long day's journey into night, Wing Chi Ki

The protective action of radix Astragalus membranaceus against hapten-induced colitis through modulation of cytokines, Joshua Ka-Shun Ko and Cecilia Wai-Shan Chik

Interactions of professional, institutional and business discourses in academic settings, Chak Chung Kong

Media discourse, Chak Chung Kong

Pragmatics, Chak Chung Kong

A comparison of the linguistic and interactional features of language learning websites and textbooks, Kenneth Kong

The Controlled Formation and Cleavage of an Intramolecular d(8)-d(8) Pt-Pt Interaction in a Dinuclear Cycloplatinated Molecular "Pivot-Hinge", Chi-Kin Koo, Ka-Leung Wong, Kai-Cheung Lau, Wai-Yeung Wong, and Michael Hon-Wah Lam

Two-Photon Plasma Membrane Imaging in Live Cells by an Amphiphilic, Water-Soluble Cyctometalated Platinum(II) Complex, Chi-Kin Koo, Ka-Leung Wong, Cornelia Wing-Yin Man, Hoi-Lam Tam, Sai-Wah Tsao, Kok-Wai Cheah, and Michael Hon-Wah Lam

Targeted inhibition of the EGFR pathways enhances Zn-BC-AM PDT-induced apoptosis in well-differentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells, Ho-Kee Koon, Pui-Shan Chan, Ricky Ngok-Shun Wong, Zhen-Guo Wu, Maria Li Lung, Chi-Kwong Chang, and Nai-Ki Mak

Risk factors in development of motor complications in Chinese patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease, Wan Fung Kum, Jing Gao, Siva Sundara Kumar Durairajan, Sui Cheung Man, Li Xia Xie, Jia Hong Lu, Wai Leuk Fong, and Min Li


Profitability of technical analysis in the Singapore stock market: Before and after the Asian financial crisis, James J Kung and Wing Keung Wong

The argument from religious experience, Kai Man Kwan

人權的基礎是經驗嗎?: 評德蕭維奇(Alan Dershowitz)的人權論 = Are human rights based on human experience?: An evaluation of Alan Dershowitz's theory of human rights, Kai Man Kwan

作道成肉身式的門徒: 歷史的基礎(司道生)(附: 關啟文之回應文章), Kai Man Kwan

Pragmatic cooperation revisitied: Resistance and non-cooperation as a discursive strategy in asymmetrical discourses, Hans J. Ladegaard

Politeness, power and control: The use of humour in cross-cultural telecommunications, Hans Jorgen Ladegaard

A mechanistic study on the photodegradation of Irgarol-1051 in natural seawater, Ka-Ho Lam, Ngai-Yu Lei, Vic Wing-Hang Tsang, Zongwei Cai, Kenneth M.Y. Leung, and Michael Hon-Wah Lam

Intermediate financial reporting: An IFRS perspective, Nelson Chi Yuen Lam and Tze Yiu Peter Lau

On distance two labelling of unit interval graphs, Peter Che Bor Lam, Tao-Ming Wang, Wai Chee Shiu, and Guohua Gu

Cancer patients' attitudes towards Chinese medicine: A Hong Kong survey, Yuen-Chi Lam, Chung-Wah Cheng, Heng Peng, Chun-Key Law, Xianzhang Huang, and Zhaoxiang Bian

Immigration and nationality anomalies of colonial Hong Kong: Carry on the anomalies, Kun Luen Alex Lau

In search of Chinese jurisprudence: Does Chinese legal tradition have a place in China's future?, Kun Luen Alex Lau and Angus Young

The 2008 declaration of independence by the Hong Kong court and anomalies in the Hong Kong company law, Kun Luen Alex Lau and Angus Young

Minimally destructive and multi-element analysis of steel alloys by argon fluoride laser-induced plume emissions, S. K. Lau and Nai Ho Harris Cheung

Auditing and assurance in Hong Kong, Tze Yiu Peter Lau and Nelson Chi Yuen Lam

The role of physical activity in the treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression in children: An overview, Wing Chung Lau and Erica Y. Y. Lau

Investigation of physical education teachers’ attitude towards overweight students when contrasting with general population in Chinese community, Wing Chung Lau and Beeto W. C. Leung

Advanced considerations in strength training: Stretching, concurrent training, and monitoring of training load, Wing Chung Lau, Del Pui-Lam Wong, Anis Chaouachi, Aaron Coutts, Karim Chamari, and Tze Chung Luk

Development and feasibility of using SMS to promote physical activity in Chinese adolescents, Y. Y. Lau, Wing Chung Lau, and Pak Kwong Chung

Evaluation of web-based vs. web-based plus email reminder physical activity intervention in Hong Kong Chinese adolescents, Y. Y. Lau, Wing Chung Lau, and Pak Kwong Chung

White OLED with a single-component europium complex, Ga-Lai Law, Ka-Laung Wong, Hoi-Lam Tam, Kok-Wai Cheah, and Wing-Tak Wong

Parental involvement in and support for musical participation: A study of young Hong Kong students, Wing-Wah Law and Wai Chung Ho

Globalization, values education, and school music education in China, Wing-Wah Law and Wai-Chung Ho

Study of investors' preference on spot and futures markets, Hooi Hooi Lean, Kin Lam, and Wing Keung Wong


On convergent numerical algorithms for unsymmetric collocation, Cheng-Feng Lee, L. Ling, and Robert Schaback

Putting Blaise Pascal and Søren Kierkegaard together: On rationality, existentiality and religiosity, Chung Kee Lee

The Pascalian heart and the Kierkegaardian passion: On faith and subjectivity, Chung Kee Lee

The submission of reason in faith in Pascal and Kierkegaard = 帕斯卡與祈克果的理性降服, Chung Kee Lee