Submissions from 2001

Some k-fold edge-graceful labelings of (p; p ¡ 1)-graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, S. M. Lee, and K. Schaffer

九龍城, 趙雨樂 and Chung Po Yin 鍾寶賢

Submissions from 2000


Environmental consideration in purchase decisions of Hong Kong consumers, Kara Chan


Hong Kong children's understanding of television advertising, Kara Chan


Market segmentation of green consumers in Hong Kong, Kara Chan


Use of environmental teaching kits in Hong Kong, Kara Chan

A home on the web: Presentations of self on personal homepages, Chi Wai Cheung

Trust in Internet Shopping: A Proposed Model and Measurement Instrument, Christy M.K. Cheung and Matthew K.O. Lee

Mining customer preference ratings for product recommendation using the support vector machine and the latent class model, K. W. Cheung, J. T. Kwok, and K. C. Tsui


The time of completion of a linear birth-growth model, S. N. Chiu


Nonparametric and parametric estimation for a linear germination-growth model, S. N. Chiu, M. P. Quine, and M. Stewart

Theoretical studies of AlGaAs-GaAs multiple-quantum-well single-channel waveguide defined by ion-implantation-induced intermixing, Hon Fai Chu and Wai Chee Shiu

The Failure of the United Front Policy: The Involvement of Business in the Drafting of Hong Kong's Basic Law, 1985-1990, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

The United States and China, 1937-1949 : a survey of a critical period, Yik Yi Cindy CHU

Der Reisebericht als Redeform: Zur Rekonstruktion der historischen Kommunikationssituation in Frankreich, 1650–1720, Bettina Barbara Dietz

Platelet surface P-selectin molecules increased after exposing platelet to a high shear flow, S. Goto, N. Ichikawa, Min Li, M. Goto, H. Sakai, J. J. Kim, M. Yoshida, M. Handa, Y. Ikeda, and S. Handa

Political impact on curriculum content and musical meaning: Hong Kong secondary music education, 1949-1997, Wai Chung Ho

The political meaning of Hong Kong popular music: A review of sociopolitical relations between Hong Kong and the people's republic of China since the 1980s, Wai Chung Ho

当归芍药散治疗一例急性丘脑性痴呆 = Powder of Angelicae sinensis and paeoniae treated a clinical case of acute thalamic dementia, Y. Izumi and Min Li

Edge-face total chromatic number of 3-regular Halin graph, Che Bor Peter Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and Wai Hong Chan


Orthogonal (g, f)-factorizations in networks, Peter Che Bor Lam, Guizhen Liu, Guojun Li, and Wai Chee Shiu

Contemporary feminist body theories and Mencius’s ideas of body and mind, Eva Kit Wah Man

Female bodily aesthetics, politics, and feminine ideals of beauty in China, Eva Kit Wah Man

全球化下的身分認同與迷失, Eva Kit Wah Man

未止的心靈 = Ceaseless mind, Eva Kit Wah Man

當代藝術家的社會角色: 文化先知‧社會英雄抑或巫師?, Eva Kit Wah Man

自主的族羣: 十位香港新一代女性視覺藝術工作者, Eva Kit Wah Man


Smoothing techniques and estimation methods for nonstationary Boolean models with applications to coverage processes, I. S. Molchanov and S. N. Chiu


Design of inhomogeneous materials with given structural properties, I. S. Molchanov, S. N. Chiu, and S. A. Zuyev

Income inequality and economic growth, Pak Hung Mo

Tanshinone II-A inhibits low density lipoprotein oxidation in vitro, Xi-Lin Niu, Kohji Ichimori, Xia Yang, Yuki Hirota, Kiyotaka Hoshiai, Min Li, and Hiroe Nakazawa


Philosophy of religion after Kant and Kierkegaard, Stephen Richard Palmquist

Mediating word, sentence, and scope without violence: James Legge's understanding of "Classical Confucian" hermeneutics, Lauren Pfister

王韜與理雅各對新儒家憂患意識的回應, Lauren Pfister


Conflict processes in China's international export trading: Impact of the Chinese culture and the trading culture, Vivian C. Sheer

Supermagic labeling of an s-duplicate of Kn,n, Wai Chee Shiu, P. C. B. Lam, and H. L. Cheng

Measurement of body fat using bio-impedance method in children, Yn Tz Rita Sung, Wing Chung Lau, Chung Wah Yu, and K. W. Lam


The electro-optic properties of interdiffused InGaAs/InP quantum well structures, Bernard L. Weiss, Y. Chan, Wai Chee Shiu, and E. Herbert


Robust estimation in Capital Asset Pricing Model, Wing Keung Wong and Guorui Bian

龍城樂善 : 早期九龍城與樂善堂硏究, 趙雨樂 and Chung Po Yin 鍾寶賢

近代史學與史學方法, Mak King Sang Ricardo 麥勁生

Submissions from 1999

China recaptures Hong Kong: A study of change for music education, Manny Brand and Wai Chung Ho


Cultural values in Hong Kong's print advertising, 1946–96, Kara Chan

The media and envrionmental issues in Hong Kong 1983-95, Kara Chan

A unified statistical framework for recommender systems, K. W. Cheung and K. C. Tsui


An unbiased estimator for the survival function of censored data, S.N. Chiu

Mobilization Politics: The Siyi Businessmen in South China, Po Yin Chung


Uniform designs based on Latin squares, Kai-Tai Fang, Wai Chee Shiu, and Jian-Xin Pan

Hong Kong secondary music education: Political transition and civic education, Wai Chung Ho

The sociopolitical transformations and Hong Kong secondary music education: Politicization, culturalization, and marketization, Wai Chung Ho

Toward a Redefinition of the Content of Chinese Women's History: Reflections On Eight Recent Bibliographies, Wing-chung Clara HO

Biographical dictionary of Chinese women : the Qing Period, 1644-1911, Wing Chung Clara Ho, Xiao Hong Lily Lee, A.D Stefanowska, and Wiles Sue

Knight's tour on hexagonal nets, P. C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and H. L. Cheng

Some suffcient conditions for a planar graph to be class 1, P. C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and J. Wu

Edge game coloring of graphs, P. C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and B. Xu


On independent domination number of regular graphs, Peter Che Bor Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and Liang Sun

教育、體育運動與社會教材, Wing Chung Lau


Extension of stochastic dominance theory to random variables, Chi Kwong Li and Wing Keung Wong

The future of the non-Western World in the social sciences of 19th century England, King Sang Ricardo MAK

从朱光潜的主客观统: 说到中国现代美学体系, Eva Kit Wah Man

「移風易俗, 莫善於樂」: 從西方現代藝術處境再思孔子樂教的智慧, Eva Kit Wah Man

A transmitter but not a creator: Ho Tsun-Sheen (1817-1871), the first modern Chinese Protestant theologian, Lauren Pfister

Discovering monotheistic metaphysics: The exegetical reflections of James Legge (1815-1897) and Lo Chung-fan (d. circa 1850), Lauren Pfister

Edge-magic index set of (p; p)-graphs, Wai Chee Shiu, P. C. B. Lam, and Sin-Min Lee

Physiological characteristics of universiade female swimmers, Heung San Wong and Wing Chung Lau


A note on convex stochastic dominance, Wing Keung Wong and Chi Kwong Li

香港老照片, Sai Man Joseph Yau, Kit Tao, Eva Kit Wah Man, and Tin Chi Lau

Submissions from 1998


Chinese consumers' medical decision and attitudes toward pharmaceutical advertising, Kara Chan

Mass communication and pro environmental behaviour: Waste recycling in Hong Kong, Kara Chan

Mass media and environmental knowledge of secondary school students in Hong Kong, Kara Chan

Chinese Business Groups in Hong Kong and Political Changes in South China, Po Yin Chung

中國古代育兒 = Child-rearing in Ancient China, Wing-chung Clara HO

德.才.色.權 : 論中國古代女性, Wing-chung Clara HO

Sport identity and participation in school children, Wing Chung Lau and Kenneth Fox

哲學淺說新編, Sze Kwang Lo and Kit Wah Eva Man

德國漢学家的清代社會研究的演變, King Sang Ricardo MAK

Kissing in China, Eva Kit Wah Man

朱光潛美感教育論與當代中國美學研究, Eva Kit Wah Man

甲蟲西西弗斯, Eva Kit Wah Man

途上的彩虹, Eva Kit Wah Man

閱讀生活: 細味愛情, 藝術與生, Eva Kit Wah Man

朱光濳與當代中國美學, Kit Wah Eva Man

Effects of interdiffusion-induced strain in Ga0.51In0.49P-GaAs intermixed quantum wells, Joseph Micallef, Andrea Brincat, and Wai-Chee Shiu

Contract responsibility systems and productive efficiency: A case study on state-owned enterprises in China, Pak Hung Mo and Sung-ko Li


Philosophers' views on the use of non-essay assessment methods: Discussion of an e-mail survey, Stephen R. Palmquist

Edge-magicness of the composition of a cycle with a null graph, Wai Chee Shiu, P. C. B. Lam, and Z. Zhang


Testing for a unit root in an ar(1) model using three and four moment approximations: symmetric distributions, Moti L Tiku and Wing Keung Wong

Submissions from 1997


Creating advertising that appeals to Chinese women, Kara Chan


A central limit theorem for linear Kolmogorov's birth-growth models, S.N. Chiu


Central limit theory for the number of seeds in a growth model in Rd with inhomogeneous poisson arrivals, S. N. Chiu and M. P. Quine

On bandwidth and cyclic bandwidth of graphs, P. C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and W. H. Chan

Duality in the bandwidth problem, P. C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, and Y. X. Lam

On the bandwidth of convex triangulation meshes, Peter C. B. Lam, Wai Chee Shiu, W. H. Chan, and Y. Lin

An investigation of social factors for sport participation of school children, Wing Chung Lau

Experimental painting and painting theories in colonial Hong Kong (1940-1980): Reflection on cultural identity, Eva Kit Wah Man

The social status of women in China, Eva Kit Wah Man

從對康德「判斷力批判」之批判到道家「智的直覺」——牟宗三論審美經驗的起源, Eva Kit Wah Man

西方女性主义美学: 发展与批评, Eva Kit Wah Man

西方女性主義美學: 發展與批評, Eva Kit Wah Man

誰說女人都是一樣, Eva Kit Wah Man