Submissions from 2017


What does comparative philosophy mean to the social existence of a female Chinese scholar?, Eva Kit Wah Man


Teaching Chinese-language creative writing in Hong Kong: Three case studies, James Shea

Submissions from 2016

Introduction: At home in Asia? Place-making, belonging and citizenship in the Asian century, Yiu Fai Chow, Sonja van Wichelen, and Jeroen de Kloet


Heroes of the open (third) world: Killing as pleasure in Ubisoft’s Far Cry series, Christopher B. Patterson

Submissions from 2015

Faces versus words: Interdisciplinary possibilities in the “Ghosts” of Sunset Boulevard (1950), Wai Sum Amy Lee


A cross-cultural reflection on Shusterman’s suggestion of the “Transactional” body, Eva Kit Wah Man


Metaphysics, corporeality and visuality: A developmental and comparative review of the discourses on Chinese ink painting, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2014


Driving the city: Taxi drivers and the tactics of everyday life in Beijing, Pak Lei Gladys Chong

Creative industries, showbiz, and sexualized young women: The Hong Kong book fair, Yiu Fai Chow

The inevitable III: Screens on screens, an artistic attempt, Yiu Fai Chow

The spectre of Europe: Knowledge, cultural studies and the ‘rise of Asia’, Yiu Fai Chow and Jeroen de Kloet

Introduction: Locating desires--screens and urban culture in Asia: Notes on the special issue, John Nguyet Erni

Desiring T, desiring self: “T-style” pop singers and lesbian culture in China, Lucetta Y. L. Kam

Vogue and the possibility of cosmopolitics: race, health and cosmopolitan engagement in the global beauty industry, Giselinde Kuipers, Yiu Fai Chow, and Elise van der Laan

Narrative freedom and magic in its many forms: Multiple entrances to a historical experience, Wai Sum Amy Lee

What should I become? proposing a Chinese female identity from a study of selected contemporary Chinese self-help literature, Wai Sum Amy Lee


Rethinking Asianism and method, Kwai-Cheung Lo

Submissions from 2013

Flânerie and acrophilia in the postmetropolis: Rooftops in Hong Kong cinema, Yiu Fai Chow and Jeroen Kloet De

Cultural studies meets rights criticism, John Nguyet Erni

Legitimating transphobia: The legal disavowal of transgender rights in prison, John Nguyet Erni

Cultural clusters and cultural industries in China, Anthony Y. H. Fung and John Nguyet Erni

Is the cyborg vampire the future? fusing the historical and the new in the humanities, Wai Sum Amy Lee

Influence of global aesthetics on Chinese aesthetics: The adaptation of moxie and the case of Dafen Cun, Eva Kit Wah Man

What is an author? A comparative study of Søren Kierkegaard and Liu Xie on the meanings of writing, Eva Kit Wah Man

"充餘之美": 唐君毅先生論中國藝術精神 = "The beauty of abundance": Tang Zunyi’s discourses on the spirit of Chinese aesthetics, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2012

The ghostly presence of the Hong Kong subject in Rey Chow’s postcolonial critique, Kwai Cheung Lo

Contemporary philosophical aesthetics in China: The relation between subject and object, Eva Kit Wah man

Sex and emotion: Change of the related discourses among some Chinese female sex workers and their representations in the cosmopolitan context, Eva Kit Wah Man

Cassirer on the syntax of being, Kwok Kui Wong

Submissions from 2011

Hope against hopes: Diana Zhu and the transnational politics of Chinese popular music, Yiu Fai Chow

Searching for the witch in the blood: The autobiographical trend in Salem fiction, Wai Sum Amy Lee

Sinicizing žižek? The ideology of inherent self-negation in contemporary China, Kwai-Cheung Lo

The view of nature in eco-feminism and Chinese philosophy, Eva Kit Wah Man

腕不虛畫非是:筆畫哲學和中國新水墨繪畫的存與變, Eva Kit Wah Man

Hegel’s criticism of Laozi and its implications, Kwok Kui Wong

Submissions from 2010

Narratives as tools for interpretation: Hong Kong life through the lens of 1970s’ cinema, Amy Lee

"Earnest-ness" in the 21st century: The graphic diary, tattoo, and lie in oliver Parker’s 2002 film, Wai Sum Amy Lee

Spicing up the classics: Teaching “earnest-ness” with frivolity in modern film adaptations, Wai Sum Amy Lee

Historical tensions in East Asian popular culture and the roles of the state, Kwai Cheung Lo

When China encounters Asia again: Rethinking ethnic excess in some recent films from the PRC, Kwai Cheung Lo

A museum of hybridity: The history of the display of art in the public museum of Hong Kong, and its implications for cultural identities, Eva Kit Wah Man

Some reflections on Confucian aesthetics and its feminist modalities, Eva Kit Wah Man

Schelling’s criticism of Kant’s theory of time, Kwok Kui Wong

Submissions from 2009

Onmyoji’s enchanted reality: Crossing boundaries of culture, discipline and medium using Kapanese popular culture, Wai Sum Amy Lee

The charmed realm in the 21st century: Onmyoji, the “nightmare-eater”, and humanities education, Wai Sum Amy Lee

The “I”, “Tituba” and the “Black Witch” in Maryse Condé's postcolonial-feminist-fictional- auto/biographical song, Wai Sum Amy Lee

Japanese Manga, Hong Kong films and the “unity” of Asia = 日本の漫画、香港映画、そして〈アジアの一体化〉, Kwai Cheung Lo

Two moments of ethnic representation in Tian Zhuangzhuang's minority films, Kwai Cheung Lo

The web marriage game, the gendered self, and Chinese modernity, Kwai-Cheung Lo

芭特勒对萨特身体观的阅读探析 = Judith Butler's reading of the sartrian bodies and the cartesian ghosts, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2008

Further reflections on some feminist perspectives in epistemology, Eva Kit Wah Man

對認識論中女性主義視角的進一步反思 = Further Reflections on Some Feminist Perspectives in Epistemology, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2007

Rethinking art and values: A comparative revelation of the origin of aesthetic experience (from the Neo-Confucian perspectives), Eva Kit Wah Man

美感经验的完结? 当代英美美学的基源问题与儒学的诠释, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2006

中國傳統儒家知識論之當代意蘊, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2004

Reclaiming the Body: Francis Bacon's fugitive bodies and Confucian aesthetics on bodily expression, Eva Kit Wah Man

潘光旦論馮小青之影戀性心理 = An Analysis of Feng Xiao Qing's Narcissistic Psychology by Pun Guang Dan, Eva Kit Wah Man

身體的回歸:法蘭西斯‧培根隱晦的身體與儒家身體美學, Eva Kit Wah Man and 胡笳( 翻译)

Submissions from 2003

A Confucian reflection on the future prospects of the humanities education, Eva Kit Wah Man

我們的都市, 我們的英雄, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2001

A critical reflection on a suggested return to aesthetic experience in socialist China, Eva Kit Wah Man

The view of nature in eco-feminism and Chinese philosophy, Eva Kit Wah Man

從西方現代藝術處境再思孔子樂教的功能 = The wisdom in Confucius's theory of music and a critical reflection of western contemporary art, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 2000

Contemporary feminist body theories and Mencius’s ideas of body and mind, Eva Kit Wah Man

Submissions from 1997

Experimental painting and painting theories in colonial Hong Kong (1940-1980): Reflection on cultural identity, Eva Kit Wah Man

The social status of women in China, Eva Kit Wah Man

西方女性主义美学: 发展与批评, Eva Kit Wah Man

西方女性主義美學: 發展與批評, Eva Kit Wah Man

論中國大陸「現代美學體系」中的「審美感興」觀, Man, Kit-wah

Submissions from 1996

Chinese philosophy and the suggestion of a new aesthetics, Eva Kit Wah Man