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Si Xiao

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In this response essay, Xiaosi, the author of [Philosophy of Family], made five points in response to Ni Peimin’s article, “The Way of the Family and the Gongfu of Regulating the Family.”

1. Gongfu is indeed a philosophically significant concept that uniquely reflects the features of the Chinese Philosophical tradition. Ni’s recent works that advocate this concept provide a valuable contribution to philosophy.

2. In his additional notes on Gongfu, Xiaosi points out that a sense of “enduring” or “lasting” and a sense of spending time in an accumulative fashion are two indispensible elements for an appropriate understanding of Gongfu.

3. Greek philosophy does not seem to be included in this concept, which is unfortunate.

4. Gongfu and familization may well be connected, each facilitating understanding of the other.

5. Xiaosi also made two criticisms against Ni Peimin’s article.