Abstract 摘要

Practicing in deeds is historically one of the basic ideas of Chinese medicine. Benevolence entertained at heart and practiced in deeds is even more at present the expectance of today’s socialized medical treatment system. Yet, benevolence entertained at heart and practiced in deeds can not merely be a good will, it has to present itself on the treatment of practical acts. The key point of medical practice exists in the synthesis of viewing the two dimensions of examining the objectively presenting physiological and pathological diseases and interpreting the subjectively perceiving illnesses of an individual patient – a person, that is. The diagnosis and treatment by a doctor are also based on the achievement by this synthesis. Furthermore, in the situations of socialized medical treatment today, the dependence on medicine of the whole society is not only to relieve symptoms of a disease, but also to reach the judgment of values that is reduced to the diagnosis of medical professionals. Some of the thorny problems that people will face, especially the psychological and psychiatric ones, belong to the judgments of medical professionals. The burden of social responsibility is added to the medical professions when one thinks carefully and clearly about public interests. Hence, it is not difficult for us to feel that what we need is the medicine and medical treatments of a society which is life-revering, life-loving and people-caring, not a solely medically-treated society. We hope the doctor we visit is a caring and amiable medical professional, not merely a professional technician with exceptional skills.

“醫乃仁術”為中國歷來醫學之理念,“仁心仁術”更是當今醫療化之社會的期望﹔只是“仁心仁術”不能僅為一份善意,必要表顯於實際行動的對待,而醫療實踐的關鍵即在於生理、病理客觀呈現之“疾病”(disease) 的查察與個體 (individual) 或作為一位格實在之個人 (person) 主觀感受之病痛 (illness) 觀照此二面相 (dimension) 的綜合,而醫師的診斷或診療也就在此一綜合上的成就。另一方面,在當今醫療社會化的處境下, 整個社會對醫學的倚賴已不僅是個人之病症的解除,而且及於價值判斷的化約為醫師專業的診斷,某些一般人所面對的棘手問題(尤其是心理、精神方面的問題)都歸到了醫學的專業判斷上!這更是加重了醫學專業明辨的社會責任與對公共利益的觀護之承擔。由之,我們不難感受到,我們需要的是一個敬畏生命、熱愛生命、具人性關懷的醫學與社會醫療, 而不僅是一個醫療化的社會!我們希望面對的醫者是一個活生生、有熱度的人,而不僅是一名技術高起的專業工匠罷了!