Kezhou Ji

Abstract 摘要

Daoism was one of the major philosophical traditions of ancient China, based on the teachings of Laozi and Zhuangzi. This essay focuses on the Daoist view of human life and its relation to the environment, and argues that the ethical dimension of Daoism is still relevant to life today. Given the many ecological and bioethical crises we are now confronting, it is important that we re-evaluate Daoism, especially its view on the unity between humans and nature.

This essay deals with human health in terms of physical health, mental health and environmental health. These aspects correspond to the three dimensions of the Daoist concept of “harmony”: harmony with oneself, harmony with other people, and harmony with the environment. Uncovering the traditional roots of Daoism will help us to reconstruct a moral philosophy that values life, especially in a world that has become dominated by capitalism and consumerism.