Submissions from 2020


The Scourge of Disinformation-Assisted Hate Propaganda, Cherian George

Submissions from 2017


Academic interests, Cherian George


Calibrated coercion, Cherian George

Dealing with demagoguery and hate propaganda in an age of unreason, Cherian George


Dreaded defamation, Cherian George


Holding the press, Cherian George


Justice and equality, Cherian George

Neoliberal “Good Governance” in lieu of rights: Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore experiment, Cherian George


Reputational risk, Cherian George


The fog of fear, Cherian George


The LKY legacy, Cherian George


The power of symbols, Cherian George

Submissions from 2015

Asia: Media systems, Cherian George

Hate speech law and policy, Cherian George

Legal landmines and OB markers: Survival strategies of alternative media, Cherian George

知識社會: 從「傳媒教育」到「傳媒資訊教育」 = Knowledge society: From media education to media and information literacy education, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Resurrecting the imperial dimension in international communication, Chin-Chuan Lee

Decoding the Chinese media in flux: American correspondents as an interpretive community, Yunya Song

China, soft power and imperialism, Colin Stuart Sparks

How coherent is the BRICS grouping?, Colin Stuart Sparks

Submissions from 2014

21st century competencies: Essential literacy for networked lives, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Hong Kong media education in the Web 2.0 era: Engaging with the net generation, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Moving from ML to MIL: Comparison between the Hong Kong and Mainland China experiences, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

媒介素养向前看:与“信息素养”和“信息及传播科技”整合: The foresight of media literacy, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

媒介素养研究的发展动向 = The development trend of media literacy research, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Technological innovation and social change, Colin Stuart Sparks

传媒业的生态变迁和新闻传播教育改革的路径重构 = The future of press and journalism education, Colin Stuart Sparks

What is the ‘digital divide’ and why is it important?, Colin Stuart Sparks and H. Nieminen

Submissions from 2013

Policy process, policy learning, and the role of provincial media in China, Yik Chan Chin

Hong Kong, Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Submissions from 2012

The interplay of politics and economics in transitional societies, Colin Stuart Sparks

Submissions from 2011

Communist movement media, 1950s–1960s (Hong Kong), Alice Yuet Lin Lee

Submissions from 2010

Through barbed wires: Context, content, and constraints for journalism education in China, Zhongshi Guo


Enhancing the teaching of web based journalism - Setting up a pioneering online news station, Yu Huang, Timothy F Hamlett, Yiu Ming To, and Judith L Clarke

Submissions from 2007

Hong Kong: The crown jewel of broadband for China with the second highest broadband penetration in the world, Alice Yuet Lin Lee and Clement Y. K. So