Submissions from 2015

Semantic processing: Access, ambiguity, and metaphor, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Submissions from 2013

Writing for children and young adults, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens and Sophia Lee

Submissions from 2011

Examining conceptual metaphor models through lexical frequency patterns: A case study of U.S. presidential speeches, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Picturebooks: Where literature appreciation begins, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens and Sophia Lee

Submissions from 2010

Mapping principles for conceptual metaphors, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens and Sophia Lee


Preparing students for the challenges of the academic study, Elizabeth A Bankowski, Elsie C H Chan, Carol M H Lam, and Patricia Warren

Deployment of a web based critiquing system for essay writing in hybrid learning environment, Fion S.L. Lee, Kelvin C.K. Wong, William K.W. Cheung, and Cynthia F.K. Lee

Submissions from 2009

Analysing conceptual metaphors in political language, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

概念隱喻 = Conceptual metaphors (in Chinese), Kathleen Virginia Ahrens

Gender versus politics: When conceptual models collide in the U.S. senate, Kathleen Virginia Ahrens and Sophia Lee

動詞情狀分類及分類中的問題, Suying Yang and Yue Yuan Huang

Submissions from 2008


The development of authentic and localised instructional materials for the teaching of business English to Year I BBA (Honours) students at Hong Kong Baptist University, Kheng Suan Chew


Creating an interactive homepage to enhance language teaching and learning, Carol M H Lam


Spoken communication in Chinese medicine, Cissy Y X Li